Screenster is able to: 1. Create a visual baseline: it opens target URL in a selected browser, captures each user input and takes a screenshot; 2. Detect minor UI changes: during a playback, a new screenshot is captured at each step and is compared to an initial screenshot; all differences are marked with red; 3. Make test maintenance easy: you can modify actions in each step, delete and add new steps, override tests with new parameters, ignore selected CSS elements from comparison etc. Codeless, screenshot-based test automation tool making web UI/CSS testing & tests maintenance easy. Available in the cloud for free!
VULOG, PME française, leader européen des technologies d’autopartage, propose sa technologie embarquée et sa plateforme logicielle modulaire permettant aux opérateurs de mobilité de mettre en place tous types d’autopartage (ville, entreprise, etc.). L'utilisation des véhicules peut se faire en boucle, en trace directe ou en libre-service intégral, et cela...
TimeShiftX is a date and time shift simulation testing software that lets you time travel test software into the future or past to temporal test or time shift test all date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, leap year, billing, rates, policies, etc. TimeShiftX enables time travel (inside Active Directory / Kerberos) without code changes, manual work, or server isolation in order to perform your forward date testing or back date testing. Time travel software to the future or past to date and time shift test or temporal test all date and time sensitive code.