aam taur par teen prakaar ke RFID taig hote hain: sakriya RFID taig, jismein ek baitari hoti hai aur ye sanketon ko svatantr roop se sanchaarit kar sakte hain, nishkriya RFID taig, jismein baitari naheen hoti aur sanket sancharan prerit karne ke liye ek baahari srot ki jaroorat hoti hai aur baitari samarthit nishkriya (BAP) jise jaagane ke liye baahari srot ki aavashyakta hai lekin ismein mahatvapoorn uchch fauravard link kshamata hai jo atyadhik pathan seema pradaan karta hai.
Amazed with the clarity of thoughts and the anecdotes she uses to convince the audience and take the...m to accept her view points on any topic. Yet to read her book but watched some of her vedios available online. I can't agree more with her, if one can forgive, love unconditionally and feel humble & gratitude for all blessings, life will be more peaceful and contented! Wishing her all the best to grow and reach the global stage of motivational speakers ! See More
I Am Rahul Sankhala Founder of HAMARA VYAPAR this company part of Sankhala Services, which started in 2010. Income tax, SALES tax, service tax and all type business registration and all kinds of advice as a small firm in my life It was given in the firm and today even this work continues in this firm. In the beginning I have to face big difficulties in this work because people Due to being a new firm and not having my CA, my firm was afraid to work At that time, there was a little disappointment, but did not give up on the condition that today the condition of the smallest firm started with the help of the services, it has raised its rank very high..
prativedan ke liye engineer digital system ke prakaaron par vichaar karte hain. adhikaansh digital system "sanyojan system" aur "anukramik system" mein vibhaajit ho jaate hain. sanyojan pranaali mein hamesha jo input diya jaata hai vahi aautaput vah deta hai. yeh mool roop se laujik prakriya ke set ka pratinidhitv karta hai aur jiski charcha pehle hi ki ja chuki hai.