sansthaan ki ye sahaayak khaata bahiyaaain hai. deya khaata bahi mein sansthaan ke sabhi deya khaate tatha praapya khaata bahi mein uske sabhi praapya khaate ankit rahate hain. yadi khaaton ki sankhya adhik hui to ek se adhik khaata bahiyaaain varnaanukram ya bhaugolik aadhaar par suvidhaanusaar bhi ye bahiyaaain rakhi jaati hai. sansthaan ke samaanya khaate mein bhi deya tatha praapya dhan ka aalekh rahata hai. in khaata bahiyon ki alag vyavastha shramavibhaajan ke sahaj laabh ke kaaran ki jaati hai kyonki iske dvaara vitt vibhaag ko baaaint kar tatha alag svatantr roop se bhi kaam karne mein sahaayata milti hai. saath hi shram aur samay ki bachat hoti hai. hisaab kitaab ke Milan mein bhi isse sahaayata milti hai kyonki sansthaan ke saamaanya khaate se in bahiyon ke khaate ka santulan samay samay par hota rahata hai jisse bhool chook ki chhaanabeen bhi aasaani se ho jaati hai. bade vyaapaarik sansthaanon mein in sahaayak bahiyon ka upayog vyaapak paimaane par kiya jaata hai.
On 12 May 2013, three of his personal staffs VK Sasidharan (additional private secretary), A Suresh (personal assistant) and K Balakrishnan (press secretary) were ousted by the Politburo, which was entrusted by the CPI(M) central committee to decide on the action to be taken against them. They were expelled on charges of leaking information to media, according to CPIM.[18] With the decision, Achuthanandan's arch-rival and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appears to have won. The state committee of the party where Vijayan has a huge majority also wanted Achuthanandan to be removed from the post of leader of opposition but this was not done. "This is a clipping of the wings of Achuthanandan", said K.M. Shahjahan.[19]

He entered politics through trade union activities and joined State Congress in 1938. In 1940, he became a member of the Communist Party of India (CPI). During his 40 years as a politician he was imprisoned for five years and six months and was in hiding for four and half years. He was a state secretariat member of the CPI in 1957.[14] He is the only living Keralite among the 32 members who left the CPI National Council in 1964 to form the CPI(M). He was Secretary of the Kerala State Committee between 1980 and 1992. Since 1985 he is the member of the CPI(M) Polit Bureau until he was removed as a party disciplinary action. He is the senior most leader of CPI(M) in India.

udaaharan ke liye baitari sanchaalit selyular telephone aksar ek kam shakti ke enaalaug agrasira ke istemaal se base station se radio signal badhaane aur sangati bithaane ke liye karti hai. haalaanki ek base station ke paas grid ki shakti hoti hai aur apekshit vidyut ka prayog kar sakti hai, lekin bahut lacheele software radio mein. is tarah ke base stationon ke liye aasaani se nae selular maanakon mein prayukt sanket prakriya ko aasaani se riprograam kiya ja sakta hai.
Parakala was appointed to the NSUI central committee as All India Vice President in 1984. It was almost like a token of appreciation by the Congress High Command of his performance as President of the JNU unit and his contribution to the establishment of the organisation in the citadel of left wing student politics. As an office bearer of the central committee of NSUI, he toured several states and universities to organise the activities of the students' wing of the Congress Party. He took up a massive campaign against drug abuse in the university campuses all over the country. With his departure for United Kingdom in October 1986 to pursue his higher studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), there was a break to his political activity. On his return to India in May 1991 he resumed political activity in his native place Narasapuram in West Godavari District. Tragic political events in the country resulted in dramatic political developments. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in the midst of the election campaign and P V Narasimha Rao was elected to lead the Congress Party. After the elections, Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister at the head of a minority government. Parakala family was closely associated with P V Narasimha Rao for a long time, Parakala Seshavataram, Prabhakar's father, being a close political associate of Rao. Narasimha Rao assigned the task of conceiving, designing and building a grand institution to perpetuate the memory of Rajiv Gandhi. He made Parakala as Officer on Special Duty to oversee the implementation of the project 'Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD). It is conceived as an institution to train the youth of India and impart to them skills that are necessary to them to play a vital role in building a modern nation in the 21st century, a theme that was dear to the heart of Rajiv Gandhi. Parakala went around the country to study various institutions, their constitutions, structures, course content etc., and designed the Institute which is functional now under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Around this time Parakala was nominated by the Congress High Command to represent the Congress Party at the French Communist Party's Plenary in Paris.

Parakala since the beginning was against the idea of dividing the state of Andhra Pradesh. Towards the end of 2009, when the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the centre announced their intent to divide the state into two and granting statehood to Telangana, there was a political upheaval in Andhra Pradesh. Parakala along with a few likeminded people launched Visalandhra Mahasabgha, a forum to keep the state of Andhra Pradesh united. The forum held meetings, produced booklets and literature and argued for the unity of the state. It questioned the rationale and arguments of those who advocated statehood for Telangana. Parakala led the movement as the organisation's General Secretary. He toured the length and breadth of coastal and Rayalaseema regions. He was prevented form entering the Telangana districts by the separatist agitators, particularly the Telangana Rashtra Samiti activists. He was physically attacked, his house was stoned and the book he published was burnt in public view in the meeting hall where it was released. His publication 'Refuting an Agitation' listed the arguments of the separatists and refuted one after another with facts and figures and historical evidence. The agitators were unable provide a counter argument to the powerful critique of the agitation launched by Visalandhra Mahasabha. But the forum was not a mass body. It was only a platform of intellectuals and the mass parties have all either remained neutral or supported the demand for separate statehood for Telangana. Visalandhra Mahasabha could not muster mass support to sustain the agitation. The political class did not back the Mahasabha wholeheartedly. Even those who opposed the division of the state hardly took any initiative for mass mobilisation. The state was divided and the Visalandhra Mahasabha remained a mute spectator to the bifurcation of the first linguistic state in the country.
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tambaakoo ke sevan ka sabse aam tareeka dhoomrapaan hai aur tambaakoo dhoomrapaan kiya jaane wala sabse aam padaarth hai. krushi utpaad ko aksar doosare yogaj ke saath milaaya jaata hai[8] aur fir sulagaaya jaata hai. parinaamasvaroop bhaap ko saans ke jariye andar kheencha jaata hai fir sakriya padaarth ko fefadon ke maadhyam se koshikaaon se avashoshit kar liya jaata hai.[9] sakriya padaarth tantrika ant mein raasaayanik pratikriyaaon ko shuroo karti hai jisse hrudaya gati, smruti aur satarkata[10] aur pratikriya ki avadhi badh jaati hai.[11] dopaamaain (Dopamine) aur baad mein endorfin(endorphin) ka risaav hota hai jo aksar aanand se jude hue hain.[12] 2000 mein dhoomrapaan ka sevan kuchh 1.22 billion log karte the. purushon mein mahilaaon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki sambhaavana adhik hoti hain[13] tathaapi chhote aayu varg mein is laingik antar mein giraavat aati hai.[14][15] gareebon mein ameeron ki tulana mein aur viksit deshon ke logon mein ameer deshon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki sambhaavana adhik hoti hai.[7]
INS Sarvekshak had previously visited Mauritius in February 2006 and March 2007 to undertake hydrographic surveys. The survey work by INS Sarvekshak was of immense help to Mauritius with regards to fishing, ecosystem preservation and management, establishment of artificial reefs, delimitation of the Continental Shelf of Mauritius and safe navigation of ships and crafts.[8] In 2007 the ship surveyed Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, which was last surveyed 133 years ago.[9] In 2011 the ship was also deployed in Seychelles to carry out hydrographic surveys off the atoll of Aldabra, Picard Island, Polyminie and part of Malabar Island and Grande-Terre island on the request of Government of Seychelles as the last survey of the area was done back in 1960s.[10] As part of goodwill tour 20 students from Jammu and Kashmir also toured the ship in 2011.[11]
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency ne baarakod taig ke liye ek sthaanaapann ke roop mein RFID taig ka prayog shuroo kiya. taig ki aavashyakta gojaateeya jhund ke mool ki pehchaan karne ke liye hoti hai aur iska prayog yeh pata lagaane ke liye kiya jaata hai kab ek paiking plant ek shav ko khaarij karta hai. vartamaan mein CCIA taig ka istemaal, ek svaichhik aadhaar par viskaunsin mein aur America ke kisaanon dvaara kiya ja raha hai. USDA vartamaan mein apna swayam ka kaaryakram viksit kar raha hai.
sitmbar 2008 ko, Alcatel-Lucent demo faul 2008 par pehli upabhokta RFID seva pesh ki: touchatag. yeh USB ke maadhyam se PC (Windows ya Mac) se judta hai aur jab yeh ek RFID taig se lais vastu ka pata lagaata hai, to malteemeediya ke tamaam prakaar ke anuprayog prakshepit karta hai. unke paas ek anuprayog vikaas kaaryakram aur vyaapaar samaadhaan bhi hai (udaaharan, pingaping-Belgium ke saath sahayog aur Accor Services ke liye ek vaanijyik pilot.[54]
Singapore mein, saarvajanik parivhan ki bason aur trainon mein nishkriya RFID ko laagoo kiya gaya hai jise EZ-Link card ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. bheed bhare shahar ke aatanrik kshetron mein yaataayaat ko char tol dvaara niyantrit kiya jaata hai jise stord vailyoo card (kaishakaard ke roop mein gyaat) ke upayog ko ek sakriya taiging pranaali ke saath upayog dvaara laagoo kiya jaata hai.
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Hongkong mein, jan paaragaman, RFID praudyogiki ke upayog ke maadhyam se lagbhag vishesh roop se bhugataan kiya jaata hai, jise oktopas card kaha jaata hai. moolat: ise sitmbar 1997 mein vishesh roop se paaragaman kiraaya vasooli ke liye shuroo kiya gaya tha, lekin yeh ek cash card ke samaan ho gaya hai aur ise abhi bhi vyaapaarik machine, fast food restaurant aur suparamaarket mein istemaal kiya ja sakta hai. is card ko aid-vailyoo masheenon ya dukaanon mein nakadi se reechaarj kiya ja sakta hai aur paathak se kai seinteemeetar door se padha ja sakta hai. Delhi metro, Bhaarat ki rajdhani nai Delhi mein raipid traanjit system mein bhi yahi laagoo hai.
gharon mein aam taur par vidyut company, telephone company, kebal teleevijn ya upagrah dish seva, akhbaar ka chanda aur anya aisi niyamit sevaaen dendaari lekhe hain. gruhasth log saamaanyat: check ya kredit card ka upayog karte hue, hastachaalit tareeke se maasik aadhaar par inka dhyaan rakhate aur bhugataan karte hain. vyaapaar mein, aam taur par A/P faail mein vyaapak sevaaen shaamil hoti hain aur saamaanya roop se lekhaakaar ya bahi-khaata likhnevaale, jab unhein beejak milta hai to is dendaari khaate mein aane vaale dhan aur jab ve bhugataan karte hain, to is khaate se jaane vaale dhan ke pravaah ki khoj-khabar ke liye lekhaankan software ka prayog karte hain. badi companiyaan ek sangathan ke beejakon ke sansaadhan mein prayukt kaagj aur hastachaalit tatvon ko svachaalit karne ke liye teji se vishesh dendaari lekhon ke svachaalan ka prayog kar rahi hain.
Gen2 EPC inlej ki sabse kam laagat smaartakod dvaara 100 million ya adhik ke khand mein pratyek tukade ke liye $0.05 ki hai$[61]. fir bhi, aagaami roopaantaran (atirikt lebal stock ya inkaipsooleshan prasanskaran/pravishti aur ek suvidha ya DC ke liye maal dhulaai laagat sahit) aur upayogi RFID lebal mein inlej se aur maujooda Gen 2 protokaul maanak ka design, kul antim laagat mein badhotri karega, vishesh roop se RFID aapoorti shrrunkhala vastu-stareeya taiging ke liye atirikt suraksha upaayon ke vistaar ke saath.
baithakon aur sammelanon mein bhi upasthiti baij mein RFID praudyogiki laagoo ki ja rahi hai taaki sammelanon mein logon ko track kiya ja sake. isse jo aankada upalabdh hota hai usase pata chalta hai ki logon ne din ke samay kis kamre mein pravesh kiya aur baahar gaye.[51] yeh data aayojakon ko dikhaane ke liye upalabdh hota hai taaki sammelan ki saamagri aur dijaain mein sudhaar karne mein unki madad ki ja sake. pradarshaniyon mein pradarshakon ke liye netrutv bahaali prakriya mein sudhaar karne ke liye bhi RFID ka upayog kiya ja raha hai.
Place 2 cups of Basmati Rice, 3/4 cup of hulled Mung Beans (Dal), 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon Cumin seeds and salt in a pot, covered with three times the amount of water. Allow to simmer until it is tender. Mix in 1 dessert spoon of butter or clarified butter per serve. This food has the effect of providing a protective film on the intestinal tract and for this reason, as much as possible should be eaten. Do not drink for 2 hours after eating this meal.
2009 ki garmiyon ke baad se, do kredit card companiyaan vishesh maaicroSD card ke vikaas ke liye dalaas, Texas aadhaarit divaaisafideliti ke saath kaam kar rahi hain. jab ise ek mobile phone mein daala jaaega to yeh microSD card, ek nishkriya taig aur ek RFID reedar, donon ho sakta hai.[11] microSD daalne ke baad, ek upayogakarta ka phone bank khaate se jud jaaega aur usaka upayog mobile bhugataan mein kiya jaaega.

aam taur par dendaari lekhon ke karmiyon dvaara gban rokane ke liye, durupayog ke khilaaf vividh jaanch maujood hain. kartavyon ka pruthakkaran ek aam niyantran hai. lagbhag sabhi companiyon mein check ke sansaadhan aur mudran ke liye ek junior karmachaari aur check ke punareekshan aur us par hastaakshar karne ke liye ek varishth karmachaari hota hai. aksar, lekhaankan software pratyek karmachaari ko keval unhein saunpe gaye kaarya ko nishpaadit karne tak hi seemit karte hain, taaki aisa koi jriya maujood na ho, jisse koi karmachaari - niyantrak bhi - akele koi bhugataan kar paae.

In her memoirs, Mrs. Pakravan provides the following description of the arrest, imprisonment, and execution of her husband by the Islamic Revolutionary Court. She argues that General Pakravan was taken from his house to an unknown destination. When his son tried to contact him, he was told that the general was not arrested at all but that he was the guest of the Ayatollah. But in fact he was imprisoned shortly after his arrest.
agar system vaanchhit degree ki vishvastata ke pratinidhitv karne ke liye paryaapt digital deta ka bhandaaran karta hai to parimaaneekaran truti ko kam kiya ja sakta hai. ek nirdhaarit enaalaug sanket ko theek-theek prastut karne ke liye kitni digital data ki aavashyakta hoti hai usaki jaankaari naaikvist-shaannon namoona prameya ek mahatvapoorn nirdesh pradaan karta hai.
laujik gate ke haaidrolik, vaayaveeya aur yaantrik sanskaran maujood hain aur aisi sthitiyon mein istemaal kiye jaate hain jahaan bijli ka upayog naheen kiya ja sakta. pehle do prakaar ko fludeeks ke tahat maana jaata hai. fludeek laujik ka ek prayog, sainya haardaveyar mein hai jiske ek vidyut chumbakeeya pals mein ujaagar hone ki sambhaavana hai (parmaanu EMP, ya NEMP) jo bijli ke sarkit ko nasht karta hai.
dhoomrapaan ka itihaas bahut puraana 5000-3000 E.poo. ke pehle se raha hai jab dakshin America mein krushi utpaadon ki kheti shuroo hui thi; usaka baad mein prayog paudhe ke padaarth ko jalaakaar istemaal ya to durghatanaavash shuroo hua ya upabhog ke anya saadhan ki khoj ke iraade se viksit hua.[1] iska upayog jhaad-foonk ke anushthaanon mein apni tarah se hota raha.[16][page needed] kai praacheen sabhyataaon mein jaise kasadiyon, bhaarateeyon aur cheeniyon mein dhoop jalaana ek dhaarmik anushtaan ka ek bhaag hai, jaise isaraailiyon aur baad ke Catholic aur roodhivaadi krishchiyn church jalaate hain. America mein dhoomrapaan ka mool sanbhavat: jhaadfoonk ke samaarohon mein dhoop jalaane se hua hai lekin baad mein aanand ke liye ya fir ek saamaajik upakaran ke roop mein apnaaya gaya.[2] tambaakoo aur vibhinn helusinojenik (hallucinogenic) nasheele padaarthon ka prayog tanmayaavastha aur aatma ki duniya se sampark mein aane ke liye kiya jaata tha.
pipe dhoomrapaan mein aamtaur par tambaakoo ke dahan ke liye ek chhota sa kaksh (katora) aur ek patali nalika (danda) shaamil hai, jo mukhapatr (thoda) mein samaapt hota hai. tambaakoo ke kase tukadon ko kaksh mein rakha aur prajvalit kar diya jaata hai. pipe mein dhoomrapaan ke liye tambaakoo aksar bahut dhyaan dekar istemaal kiya jaata hai aur svaad ki baareekiyon ki mishrit upalabdhata anya tambaakoo utpaadon mein upalabdh naheen hai.
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V.A.Arun Kumar, son of V. S. Achuthanandan, was appointed as Additional Director for the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD), a state owned organization controlling a handful of state owned engineering colleges, technical schools and other institutions. This appointment is alleged to be irregular.[37][38][39][40] It has been alleged that changes were made in the notification for appointing Mr. Arun Kumar and the existing qualifications of additional director were amended to enable V. A. Arun Kumar to apply for the post.[37] This issue in now facing a Lokayukta enquiry as well as a Vigilance[41][42] enquiry. He is facing yet another Lokayuktha enquiry regarding allegations related to the Model Finishing School of (IHRD).[43]

iske vipreet, kuchh gair-vaigyaanik adhyayan hain jismein se ekcheck ganaraajya ke Phillip mauris[72] dvaara aur doosra kaato Institute dvaara kiye gaye hain,[73] jo vipreet sthiti ka samarthan karte hain. adhyayan ki na to saathiyon dvaara sameeksha ki gayi aur na hi kisi vaigyaanik patrika mein prakaashit kiya gaya aur kaato Institute ko ateet mein tambaakoo companiyon se dhan praapt hua tha.[krupaya uddharan jodein] Phillip mauris ne spasht roop se apne poorv ke adhyayan ke liye yeh kehkar maafi maangi hai ki: "is adhyayan ke liye dhan aur saarvajanik vigyapti mein anya baaton ke alaava dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ki samay se pehle hone waali mauton se check ganaraajya ki vistrut kathit laagat bachat ki baat ek ek bhayaanak nishkarsh hai, saath hi saath vah poorn roop se buniyaadi maanaveeya moolyon ki upeksha hai, jo asveekaarya hai. hamaari tambaakoo companiyon mein se ek ne is adhyayan ka kaaryabhaar diya tha, jo ek bhayaanak galati naheen thi, balki vah anuchit tha. Phillip mauris mein ham sabhi, yeh koi maayane naheen rakhata ki ham kahaan kaam karte hain, is kaarya ke liye kshamaapraarthi hain. vaastav mein dhoomrapaan se koi faayda naheen, uske kaaran gambhir aur mahatvapoorn rog hote hain."[72]
baad mein, nirvaat tube ka istemaal kiya gaya. ye bahut tej the, lekin garmi utpann karte the aur filaameints ke jal jaane ke kaaran avishvasaneeya the. fainaaaut aam taur par paanch se saat the, jo tube ke vidyut se heeting dvaara seemit the. 1950 ke dashak mein, filaameint ke saath vishesh "computer tube" viksit kiye gaye jo silikaun ki tarah asthir tatvon ko nikaal dete the. ye kai hajaaron ghante tak chalte hain.
Pakravan began his career at the Tehran Military Academy, where he taught artillery. He then served in a number of military, political, and diplomatic posts including adjutant in the Intelligence Department of the Second Division, military attaché in Pakistan (1949–50), chief of army intelligence (1951–53), military attaché in India (1954–57), deputy chief of the State Intelligence and Security Organization in charge of external affairs (1957–61), deputy prime minister and chief of the State Intelligence and Security Organization (1961–65), minister of information (1965–66), ambassador to Pakistan (1966–69), ambassador to France (1969–73), and senior counselor to the Ministry of Court (1974–79). Pakravan was known for being more compassionate than any of National Security and Information Department's other directors. However, Muhammad Reza Shah replaced Pakravan with his childhood friend Nematollah Nassiri in 1965. He returned to Iran in 1976 and was brought out of retirement in 1978 by the Shah in a last-ditch effort to curb corruption at the Royal Court. Pakravan's supporters noted his aristocratic and impeccable character as well as his intelligence and moral courage to be a source of consolation at the difficult times of 1978–79 when the Iranian Revolution took control of the opposition and eventually seized power.

ZDNet ke anusaar, aalochakon ka maanana hai ki is praudyogiki se kisi vyakti ki har gatividhi par nazar rakha jaaega aur yeh gopaneeyata par ek aakraman hoga. vivaad is baat par hai ki aalochak maanate hain ki sarkaar dvaara iska durupayog hoga. kuchh log aise bhavishya ki avadhaarana pesh karte hain jahaan har gatividhi par sarkaar ki nazar hogi.[86] Cathrine albrekt ke spaaichips: how major korporeshan end gavarnameint plaan tu track yor evri moov vith RFID, se ek vyakti ko "gair-nijta waali duniya ki kalpana" ke liye protsaahit kiya jaata hai. "jahaan aapki har khareed ki nigraani aur ek detaabes mein darj ki jaati hai aur aapki har cheej sankhyaabaddh hai. jiske tahat, kisi anya sudoor raajya ke ya shaayad kisi doosare desh ke vyakti ke paas aapki har khareed ka byaura hoga. aur kya, unka pata lagaaya ja sakta hai aur door se najar rakhi ja sakti hai."[87] seedhe shabdon mein kahein, shadayantrakaareeyon ka tark hai ki RFID chip ke saath sarkaar ek vyakti ko bhaan hue bina hi usaki gopaneeyata bhang kar sakti hai.

kai dhoomrapaan virodhi sangathanon ka daava hai ki kishor apne hamaumr ke saathiyon ke dabaav tatha doston ke pade saanskrutik prabhaav ke kaaran dhoomrapaan shuroo karte hain. haalaanki, ek adhyayan mein paaya gaya hai ki cigarette peene ka pratyaksh dabaav kishoraavastha mein dhoomrapaan mein mahatvapoorn bhoomika naheen nibhaata hai. is adhyayan mein yeh bhi report hai ki kishoraavastha mein cigarette peene ke nirdeshaatmak aur pratyaksh donon tarah ke dabaav kam hote hain.[62] aise hi ek adhyayan se pata chala hai ki koi vyakti dhoomrapaan mein usase adhik sakriya bhoomika nibha sakta hai jiski bhoomika pehle sveekaar ki gayi hai aur saathiyon ke dabaav ki tulana mein anya saamaajik prakriyaaon par bhi dhyaan diye jaane ki aavashyakta hai.[63] ek anya adhyayan ke parinaamon se pata chala hai ki saathiyon ke dabaav mein sabhi aayu aur ling ke dal ke dhoomrapaan vyavahaar mahatvapoorn dhang se jude the, lekin ve antaravaiyaktik kaarak kaafi adhik mahatvapoorn the jo 12-13 varsh ki ladkiyon ki tulana mein usi umr ke ladkon ke dhoomrapaan vyavahaar ko alag karta hai. 14-15 saal ke bheetar ke aayu samooh ke logon mein apne saathiyon ke dhoomrapaan ke dabaav ka prabhaav ladkon ki tulana mein ladkiyon par adhik padna ek mahatvapoorn kaarak ke roop mein ubhara.[64] aksar is baat par bahas hoti hai ki kya saathiyon ke dabaav ya swayam chayan kishoraavastha mein dhoomrapaan ka ek bada kaaran hai. yeh tark ka vishay hai ki saathiyon ke dabaav ka ulta bhi sach hai, jab saathiyon mein se jyaadaatar dhoomrapaan naheen karte hain aur jo aisa karne vaalon ko bahishkrut kar dete hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein]hains aaiseink jaise manovaijnyaaanikon ne vishisht dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ke liye ek vyaktitv vikaas profaail kiya hai.
baithakon aur sammelanon mein bhi upasthiti baij mein RFID praudyogiki laagoo ki ja rahi hai taaki sammelanon mein logon ko track kiya ja sake. isse jo aankada upalabdh hota hai usase pata chalta hai ki logon ne din ke samay kis kamre mein pravesh kiya aur baahar gaye.[51] yeh data aayojakon ko dikhaane ke liye upalabdh hota hai taaki sammelan ki saamagri aur dijaain mein sudhaar karne mein unki madad ki ja sake. pradarshaniyon mein pradarshakon ke liye netrutv bahaali prakriya mein sudhaar karne ke liye bhi RFID ka upayog kiya ja raha hai.
RFID traansapondar chips ko golf geind mein pratyaaropit kiya gaya hai jisse unhein track kiya ja sake. aise traiking ka upayog homing upakaran ka upayog kar, khoi hui geind ko khojane mein aur kampyootareekrut driving range praaroop mein kiya ja sakta hai jo ek khilaadi dvaara maare gaye shot ko track karta hai aur doori aur sateekata par pratikriya deta hai.

The newly formed government under the leadership of N Chandrababu Naidu took office on June 8, 2018. In about three weeks time Parakala was appointed by the Chief Minister as Communications Advisor to the Government with a Cabinet Rank. Parakala established the communications network for the new state. He created systems and structures that not only communicated the point of view of the government to the people, but also collected dependable feedback from the people and conveyed it to the government leaders. Government schemes and programmes were clearly and creatively explained to the people. New Media, i.e., social media, was introduced into every department of the government. Parakala quit as Advisor to the Government as soon as the leader of the opposition made a critical comment on his continuance in the government in the wake of Telugu Desam braking its alliance with BJP as Parakala's wife happens to be a minister in the NDA government. He wrote in his letter of resignation that he was pained at the Opposition Leaders's comments and did not want any shadow of doubt to be cast on the government and the Chief Ministers fight agains the injustice done to the state by the NDA led union government.

1980 ke dashak mein mile vaigyaanik pramaan ke anusaar tambaakoo companiyaan ne daava kiya hai ki laaparavaahi baratne ka kaaran svaasthya par padne vaale pratikool prabhaav se pehle unka anajaan hona tha ya paryaapt vishvasaneeyata ka abhaav tha. svaasthya adhikaariyon ne 1998 tak in daavon ka saath diya jiske baad unhonne apni sthiti ulat di. tambaakoo pradhaan niptaan samjhauta (the tobaiko master saitalameint egreemeint) mool roop se chaar sabse badi tambaakoo companiyon aur 46 raajyon ke ameriki etorni general ke beech hua. tambaakoo ke kuchh khaas prakaar ke vijnyaaapanon par pratibandh laga diya gaya aur svaasthya muaavaje ke taur par bhugataan ko aavashyak kar diya gaya, jo baad mein sanyukt raajya America ke itihaas mein sabse bade naagrik niptaan ke roop saamane aaya.[36]

raksha ki ek dviteeya shreni, taig kloning ko rokane ke liye kriptograafi ka upayog karti hai. kuchh taig ek prakaar ke "roling code" yojana ka upayog karte hain, jismein taig pahachaanakarta jaankaari pratyek scan ke baad parivrtit ho jaati hai, is tarah dekhi gayi pratikriyaaon ki upayogita ko kam kar deti hai. adhik parishkrut upakaran chunauti-pratikriya pramaaneekaran mein sanlagn hote hain jahaan taig, reedar ke saath soochana ka aadaan pradaan karta hai. in protokaul mein, taig aur reedar ke beech asurakshit sanchaar channel par gupt taig jaankaari naheen bheji jaati hai. balki, reedar taig ke liye ek chunauti jaari karta hai, jo ek parinaam ke saath javaab deta hai jiski ganana kuchh gupt moolya ke saath bandhe kriptograafik sarkit ka upayog karte hue ki jaati hai. aise protokaul, samamit ya saarvajanik kunji kriptograafi par aadhaarit ho sakta hai. koot roop se saksham taig ki aamtaur par keemat naatakeeya roop se uchch hoti hai aur ise saral samakaksh se adhik bijli ki aavashyakta hoti hai aur parinaamasvaroop in taig ki tainaati adhik seemit hai. is laagat/vidyut bandhan ne kuchh nirmaataaon ko kaafi kamjor ya svaamitv waali enkripshan yojanaaon ka upayog karke kootlekhit taig lagaane mein prerit kiya, jo parishkrut hamle ko aavashyak roop se naheen rokate. udaaharan ke liye, eksaun-mobil speedapaas, Texas instroomeints dvaara nirmit ek kootalekh-saksham taig ka upayog karta hai, jise digital signechar traansapondar (DST) kehte hain, jismein kam laagat ke liye ek chunauti-pratikriya protokaul karne ke liye ek kamjor, svaamitv enkripshan yojana shaamil hai.
RFID ko vastu-stareeya khudara upayog ke liye apnaaya ja raha hai. kaaryakushalata aur utpaad upalabdhata laabh ke alaava, yeh pranaali electronic aartikl sarvilaans(EAS) ka ek behatareen roop pradaan karti hai aur upabhoktaaon ke liye ek behtar sv-jaanch prakriya. pehli vaanijyik, saarvajanik vastu-stareeya RFID khudara pranaali ki sthaapana maana jaata hai ki north kairolina, America mein freedom shoping ink dvaara May 2005 mein ki gayi.

Wall-Mart aur ameriki raksha vibhaag ne un aavashyakataaon ko prakaashit kiya hai jo unke vikretaaon ne aapoorti shrrunkhala prabandhan mein sudhaar ke liye ladaan par RFID taig par lagaaya hai. in do sangathanon ke aakaar ke kaaran, unka RFID adhidesh duniya bhar mein hajaaron companiyon ko prabhaavit karta hai. samay seema ko kai baar badhaaya gaya hai kyonki kai vikreta RFID pranaali ko laagoo karne mein mahatvapoorn kathinaaiyon ka saamana karte hain. vyavahaar mein, vartamaan mein safal pathan dar keval 80% chalti hai, utpaadon aur paikejing ki vajah se hone vaale radio tarang ksheenan ke kaaran. bhavishya mein yeh aasha ki jaati hai ki chhoti companiyaan bhi baahar jaane vaale apne ladaan par RFID taig lagaane mein saksham hongi.

khudara vikretaaon ke maadhyam se bikne vaale utpaadon ke nirmaata khudara vikreta ko beche gaye apne utpaadon ko badhaava dene ke liye ek seemit avadhi ke liye is ummeed ke saath chhoot deta hai, ki khudara vikreta bachat ko apne graahakon tak pahunchaaega. haalaanki, khudara vikreta aamtaur par forward baaing mein vyast ho jaate hain aur chhoot avadhi ke dauraan adhik utpaad khareedne lagte hain jitna ki ve prachaar avadhi ke dauraan bechne ka iraada naheen rakhate. kuchh khudara vikreta ek prakaar ke antarapanan mein sanlagn ho jaate hain aur riyaayati utpaad ko anya khudara vikretaaon ko bechne lag jaate hain, is abhyaas ko daaivarting ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. is abhyaas ka mukaabala karne ke liye, nirmaata, prachaarit maal par RFID taig ke prayog ki sambhaavanaaon ko talaash rahe hain taaki ve track kar sakein ki vaastav mein kaun sa utpaad poori tarah se riyaayati keematon par aapoorti shrrunkhala ke maadhyam se becha gaya hai.[27]

2002 mein bees pratishat yuva kishor (13-15) duniya bhar mein dhoomrapaan karte the. jismein se 80,000 ke 1,00,000 bachchon ne roj dhoomrapaan karna shuroo kiya tha- jinmein se lagbhag aadhe Asia mein rahate hain. jinhonne kishor umr mein dhoomrapaan shuroo kiya tha unamein se aadhe logon ke 15 se 20 saal tak dhoomrapaan jaari rakhane ka anumaan hai.[7]

Born on 20 October 1923 to Sankaran and Accamma in Alappuzha, Travancore (part of present-day Kerala state, India), he lost his mother when he was four years old and subsequently lost his father at age 11. This forced him to quit his studies after finishing 7th standard in school and college[9] He started working by helping his elder brother in a village tailoring shop. Later he took up the job of meshing coir to make ropes at a coir factory.[10][11]

RFID suraksha ko lekar ek praathamik chinta RFID taig ki avaidh traiking hai. taig, jo vaishvik roop se pathaneeya hain, ve niji sthaan gopaneeyata aur kaurporet/sainya suraksha, donon ke liye khatra paida kar rahe hain. is tarah ki chintaaen, ameriki raksha vibhaag dvaara haal mein aapoorti shrrunkhala prabandhan ke liye RFID taig ko apnaane se uthaai gayi hain.[63] aam taur par, gopaneeyata sangathanon ne electronic utpaad code (EPC) RFID taig ko upabhokta utpaadon mein sannihit karne ke chal rahe prayaason ke sandarbh mein chinta vyakt ki hai.
yadi kisi taig yukt vastu ka bhugataan kredit card ya ek lauyalti card ke upayog ke saath sanyojan ke roop mein kiya jaata hai, to paroksh roop se us vastu ki duniya bhar mein adviteeya ID (RFID taig mein samaahit) ko padh kar kreta ki pehchaan ko nikaalna sambhav ho jaaega. aisa tabhi sambhav hai jab dekhne vaale vyakti ke paas agar lauyalti card deta aur kredit card data tak abhigm bhi ho aur upakaran wala vyakti yeh jaanta ho ki aap kahaan jaane vaale hain.
ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.

siyol, dakshin Korea aur aaspaas ke shaharon mein, ti-mani card ka prayog saarvajanik paaragaman ke bhugataan ke liye kiya ja sakta hai. dakshin Korea ke kuchh anya shaharon ne is pranaali ko apnaaya hai, jise kuchh dukaanon mein nakadi ke roop mein bhi istemaal kiya ja sakta hai. ti-mani ne yoopaas ki jagah li, jise 1996 mein MIFARE takaneek ka istemaal karte hue pehli baar parivhan bhugataan ke liye pesh kiya gaya tha.
pustakaalayon mein RFID ko lekar jis chinta ka prasaar hua hai vah gopaneeyata ka mudda hai. choonki RFID traansameetar aur reedar ke anusaar, RFID taig ko 350 feet ya 100 meter se padha aur scan kiya ja sakta hai (udaaharan ke smart lebal RFID) aur choonki RFID, freekveinsi ke vargeekaran ka istemaal karta hai (donon, taig ke prakaar par nirbhar karta hai), chinta ka vishay yeh hai ki kya samvedansheel jaankaari ko ek anichhuk srot se ekatr kiya ja sakta hai. haalaanki, pustakaalaya ke RFID taig mein koi sanrakshak jaankaari shaamil naheen hoti,[33] aur adhikaansh pustakaalayon mein prayukt taig jis freekveinsi ka prayog karte hain vah keval lagbhag das foot se pathaneeya hai.[28] saath hi, pustakaalayon ko hamesha yeh record rakhana hai ki kisne kab kya liya hai, to us maayane mein koi nai baat naheen hai. haalaanki, kai pustakaalaya in record ko saamagri ke ek baar vaapas aa jaane ke baad nasht kar dete hain. RFID, paathakon ki gopaneeyata ke is sammaan ko jatil ya samaapt kar degi. iske alaava, ek anya gair-pustakaalaya agency sambhaavit roop se pustakaalaya vyavasthaapak ki jaankaari ya sahamati ke bina pustakaalaya se nikalne vaale pratyek vyakti ke RFID taig ko record kar sakti hai. ek aasaan vikalp hai ki pustak ko ek code sanchaarit karne diya jaae jiska mahatva sirf laaibreri ke daataabes ke saath sanyojan ke roop mein ho. ek aur kadam yeh hai ki kitaab ko jab bhi lautaaya jaae to use ek naya code diya jaae. aur agar bhavishya mein reedar sarvavyaapak ho jaae to (aur sanbhavat: jude hue), chori gayi kitaabon ko laaibreri ke baahar bhi pata lagaaya ja sakta hai. taig ko hataane ko mushkil banaaya ja sakta hai agar taig itna chhota ho ki use ek (yaadruchhik) prushth ke andar adrushya roop se lagaaya ja sake, sanbhavat: prakaashak dvaara vahaan daal diya jaae.
apratyaksh dhoomrapaan tambaakoo ke dhuen ka anaichhik sevan hai. second hand dhoomrapaan (SHS) vah khapat hai jahaan sulagane ka sira maujood hota, paryaavaran tambaakoo dhoomrapaan (ETS) ya thard hand dhoomrapaan vah dhoomrapaan hai jiska upabhog jalne vaale sire ke baad bhi hota rahata hai. iske nakaaraatmak prabhaav ke kaaran upabhog ke is svaroop ne tambaakoo utpaadon ke viniyman mein ek keindreeya bhoomika nibhaai.
Japani shahar osaaka mein school prashaasan ab ek praathamik school mein bachchon ke kapde, back paik aur chhaatr ID mein chip laga raha hai.[38] donkaastar, England mein ek school, chhaatron ki vardi mein radio chips traiking karke ek nigraani pranaali ka parikshan kar raha hai taaki vidyaarthiyon par najar rakhi ja sake. [39] vest London, England, mein sitmbar, 2008 mein shuroo seint Charles siksth firm college mukhya dwaar se baahar jaane aur andar aane ke liye ek RFID card pranaali ka prayog kar raha hai, taaki upasthiti ka khaaka aur anaadhikrut pravesh ko roka ja sake. jaisa ki klekaheetan England, mein vhitklif mount school mein hai jo RFID ka upayog karte hue ek vishesh prakaar se dijaain kiye gaye card ke jariye imaarat ke baahar aur andar maujood vidyaarthiyon aur karmachaariyon ko track karta hai. fileepeens mein, kuchh schoolon mein pustak lene ke liye pehle se hi ID mein RFID ka upayog kiya jaata hai aur us vishesh school mein dwaar par RFID ID skainars lage hain. ye school hain kvijon city ka klairat school, Colegio de San Juan de Letran aur anya niji school.

vipanak (adhikatar) yah jaanakar prasann honge ki sampoorn maanav-vishisht kaaryon ke svachaalan ko saksham karane vaalee unnat takaneek ke saath 2017 mein svachaalan ek bada aadhaar ban jaega. hamaare paas kuchh varshon ke lie prachalan mein robot patrakaar the, aur mujhe ummeed hai ki ve adhik vyaavahaarik prakaar ke lekhon mein ek aur chhalaang lagaane se pahale lambe samay tak nahin rahenge. aisa hone kee sambhaavana hai ki ham kaee prakaar kee shvet-kolar prakaar kee naukariyon mein utpaadakata badhana shuroo kar denge- aur ham kuchh naukariyon ko pooree tarah se gaayab hone se dekhana shuroo karenge. jab otomeshan masheen seekhane ke saath joda jaata hai, to sab kuchh bhee tez ho sakata hai, isalie 2017 mein vaastav mein ek meel ka patthar varsh hone kee sambhaavana hai.