In what can be considered as a near repeat of the 2006 pre-election build-up, the Politbureau of CPI-M impressed upon the state leadership to permit VS Achuthanandan to contest elections for the April 2011 Assembly election in Kerala.[16] VS Achuthanandan contested from the Malampuzha Constituency and won with a margin of around 25,000 votes. It was the VS factor that had created history in the 2011 elections with the Opposition front UDF winning the elections on the margin of 72-68 assembly seats. This is considered as loss for UDF as they were ahead in 100 constituencies during the 2009 Lok Sabha Election. After this election VS has been considered the man behind the Uprising of LDF after the 2009 Parliament and 2010 Municipal election loses.[17]
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In a gap of about two years he contested the by-election to Narsapuram Assembly constituency which arose as the sitting MLA got elected to Lok Sabha in the 1996 general elections. That by-election was a closely fought election and Parakala lost it narrowly. Inner party squabbles and bickerings led to Parakala's exit from Congress Party. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in late 1997. BJP hardly had a presence in the state and especially in West Godavari District. He contested the ensuing 1998 Lok Sabha election from Narasapur Lok Sabha constituency, and not surprisingly, lost. He played an active role in the party affairs, became a spokesperson of the state unit, and went on to become a member of the BJP's national economic cell that guided the party's economic policy. He was also made a member of a task force of the Planning Commission of India that formulated the Xth Fiver Year Plan.
V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.