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Xero Beautiful Accounting Software is a cloud-based accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses. It's product are based on the software as a service (SaaS) model and sold by subscription , based on the type and number of company entities managed by the subscriber. Xero accounting software is accessible from any computer or mobile device , making for a smarter , easier accounting process.
saan Diego, California, metropolitan traanjit system (MTS), north County traanjit distrikt (NCTD) aur the sain Diego asosiyeshan of gavarmeint (SANDAG) ek ri-raaitebal RFID smart card ka upayog karti hai jise sthaaneeya taur par kampaas card ke roop mein nirdisht kiya jaata hai aur bason aur railgaadiyon ki yaatra aasaan banaane ke liye dainik, saaptaahik ya maasik paas ya nakad moolya ke roop mein upayog kiya ja sakta hai.
soochana ka bhandaaran enaalaug ki tulana mein digital pranaali mein aasaani se kar sakte hain. digital system ka shor pratirksha vightan ke bina deta ko sangraheet aur pun: praapt karne ki anumati deta hai. ek enaalaug system mein, puraane aur chheejan se shor sangruheet soochana ko nasht karta hai. ek digital pranaali mein jab tak kul shoragul ek nishchit star se neeche hai, jaankaari ko poori tarah se pun: praapt kiya ja sakta hai.
He initiated the Munnar eviction mission. Massive portions of land allegedly grabbed over the years by resort owners and multinational companies like Tata Tea Limited. Later, the demolition team landed in the city of Kochi, and other cities in Kerala and recovered huge parts of land. Then the mission stalled when it caught CPI(M) and even the team which led it was orphaned. The District Collector Raju Narayana Swamy, Inspector General of Police and the Person in charge were replaced. As the opponents claim, this may cause to have lost some credibility of the government. Meanwhile, Achuthanandan said that the Munnar mission would continue vigorously and extended to other areas[25][26][27]
While he was the chief minister of the state, he had to frequently face struggle with Pinarayi Vijayan, the powerful head of the party which led the ruling coalition. Both of them headed for showdowns, which often prevented Achuthanandan from taking strong decisions. This power struggle often turned worse as both attacking each other. As a result, this group fight created two set of party leaders and even the ministers in the government, the name called the VS group and the Pinarayi group.[28][29]
Parakala resigned his RGNIYD assignment in 1994 in order to contest the Legislative Assembly elections from the constituency which was earlier represented by both his father and mother. That election saw the return of N T Ramarao to power with a landslide victory.Congress party was decimated in the state. Parakala lost the election with over 20,000 votes margin. Although unsuccessful, his imaginative campaign was admired and talked about throughout the state. Perhaps for the first time a constituency-level manifesto was released for Narasapuram. A short campaign video specially shot for the election was released and exhibited throughout the constituency by moving television sets and video cassette players manually from place to place. Audio cassettes of Parakala's public speeches were widely circulated in the constituency. Such campaign techniques were quite rare, although not completely unknown, during those days when even the television penetration was very low.
Singapore mein, saarvajanik parivhan ki bason aur trainon mein nishkriya RFID ko laagoo kiya gaya hai jise EZ-Link card ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. bheed bhare shahar ke aatanrik kshetron mein yaataayaat ko char tol dvaara niyantrit kiya jaata hai jise stord vailyoo card (kaishakaard ke roop mein gyaat) ke upayog ko ek sakriya taiging pranaali ke saath upayog dvaara laagoo kiya jaata hai.
vipanak (adhikatar) yah jaanakar prasann honge ki sampoorn maanav-vishisht kaaryon ke svachaalan ko saksham karane vaalee unnat takaneek ke saath 2017 mein svachaalan ek bada aadhaar ban jaega. hamaare paas kuchh varshon ke lie prachalan mein robot patrakaar the, aur mujhe ummeed hai ki ve adhik vyaavahaarik prakaar ke lekhon mein ek aur chhalaang lagaane se pahale lambe samay tak nahin rahenge. aisa hone kee sambhaavana hai ki ham kaee prakaar kee shvet-kolar prakaar kee naukariyon mein utpaadakata badhana shuroo kar denge- aur ham kuchh naukariyon ko pooree tarah se gaayab hone se dekhana shuroo karenge. jab otomeshan masheen seekhane ke saath joda jaata hai, to sab kuchh bhee tez ho sakata hai, isalie 2017 mein vaastav mein ek meel ka patthar varsh hone kee sambhaavana hai.
isi tarah, 7-Eleven, ek nae sampark-mukt bhugataan pranaali ko badhaava dene ke liye MasterCard ke saath kaam kar raha hai. pareekshan mein shaamil hone vaalon ko ek maanaarth nokiya 3220 selafon diya jaata hai - sakriykaran ke baad, ise ek RFID saksham maastarkaard kredit card ke roop mein, duniya bhar ki 7-Eleven ki kisi bhi shrrunkhala mein istemaal kiya ja sakta hai.[12]
puraani duniya mein parichit hone ke baad se hi tambaakoo ki raajya aur dharmik netaaon dvaara lagaataar aalochna hui. otoman saamraajya 1623-40 ke sultaan muraad IV (chaturth) logon ki naitikta aur svaasthya ke liye dhoomrapaan ko khatra bataakar us par pratibandh lagaane ki koshish karne vaale pehle logon mein se the. cheeni samraat chongajhen ne apni maut ke do saal pehle fatwe jaari kar dhoomrapaan par pratibandh laga diya tha aur ming raajavansh ko apadasth kar diya tha. baad mein mool roop se khaanaabadosh ashv yoddha King raajavansh ke maanchoo ne dhoomrapaan ke khilaaf prachaar kiya ki vah teerandaaji ki upeksha karne se bhi adhik jaghanya aparaadh hai. Japan mein ido avadhi mein shuruaat mein tambaakoo baagaanon kotaanaashaahi dvaara ghruna ki nigaah se dekha gaya kyonki moolyavaan kheton ko khaadyaann fasalon ke liye istemaal karne ke bajaay manoranjak maadak padaarth ka istemaal kar nasht karne ko sainya arthavyavastha ke liye khatre ke taur par dekha gaya.[26]
1945 mein lion theremin ne soviyt sangh ke liye ek jaasoosi upakaran ka aavishkaar kiya jo shravya jaankaari ke saath ghatna radio tarangon ko pun: sanchaarit karta tha. dhvani tarangein ek daayafraam ko hilaati thi jo rejonetar ke aakaar ko thoda badal deti thi, jo pratibinbit radio aavrutti ko modyulet kar deti thi. yadyapi yeh upakaran ek gupt shravya upakaran tha, na ki ek pehchaan taig, ise RFID praudyogiki ka ek poorvavarti maana jaata hai, kyonki yeh bhi vaise hi nishkriya tha, jo ek baahya srot se vidyutachumbakeeya tarangon dvaara shaktishaali aur sakriya ho jaata tha.[1]
On 12 May 2013, three of his personal staffs VK Sasidharan (additional private secretary), A Suresh (personal assistant) and K Balakrishnan (press secretary) were ousted by the Politburo, which was entrusted by the CPI(M) central committee to decide on the action to be taken against them. They were expelled on charges of leaking information to media, according to CPIM.[18] With the decision, Achuthanandan's arch-rival and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appears to have won. The state committee of the party where Vijayan has a huge majority also wanted Achuthanandan to be removed from the post of leader of opposition but this was not done. "This is a clipping of the wings of Achuthanandan", said K.M. Shahjahan.[19]
Mrs. Pakravan confirms the well-known story that her husband saved Ayatollah Khomeini's life in 1963. He was condemned to death and General Pakravan was upset by that. Pakravan felt that Khomeini's execution would anger the common people of Iran. He knew that the population of the country is not its elite. He presented his argument to the shah. Once he had convinced the shah to allow him to find a way out, he called on Ayatollah Mohammad-Kazem Shariatmadari, one of the senior religious leaders of Iran, and asked for his help. Ayatollah Shariatmadari suggested that Khomeini be made a grand ayatollah. So, they made a religious decree which was taken by General Pakravan and Seyyed Jalal Tehrani to the Shah.
dhoomrapaan ke alaava dava ke roop mein bhi tambaakoo ka upayog hota hai. ek dard nivaarak ke taur par yeh kaan ke dard aur daant ke dard aur kabhi-kabhi ek pralep ke roop mein bhi istemaal kiya jaata hai. registaan mein rahane vaale bhaarateeya kehte hain ki dhoomrapaan karne se jukaam theek ho jaata hai, khaaskar yadi tambaakoo mein tejapaat ke chhote patte tejapaat ki dori ya bhaarateeya gulameinhadi ya khaansi mool Leptotaenia multifida mila diye jaayein, jo iske atirikt asthama aur tapedik ke liye vishesh roop se achha maana gaya.[20]
July, 2004 mein, America ke khaadya evam aushadhi prashaasan ne ek aadesh jaari kiya jo aavashyak roop se ek antim sameeksha ki prakriya shuroo karta hai jo tay karega ki kya aspataalon mein rogiyon ki pehchaan karne aur/ya sambandhit aspataal ke staaf ko medical record ka upayog karne ki anumati dene ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog kiya ja sakta hai. tab se, America ke kai aspataalon mein mareejon mein ek RFID taig pratyaaropit kiya jaata hai aur aamtaur par kaaryapravaah aur soochi prabandhan ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog shuroo kiya gaya hai.[58] kuchh aise saboot bhi hain ki aspataalon mein RFID pranaali ke kaaryaanvayan ke parinaamasvaroop nurse aur aspataal ke anya karmachaariyon ki gatividhiyon par adhik nigraani rakhi ja sakti hai.[59] IVF kleenik mein shukraanu aur ande ke beech ghaalamel ko rokane ke liye RFID ke istemaal par vichaar kiya ja raha hai. [10]
RFID ko vastu-stareeya khudara upayog ke liye apnaaya ja raha hai. kaaryakushalata aur utpaad upalabdhata laabh ke alaava, yeh pranaali electronic aartikl sarvilaans(EAS) ka ek behatareen roop pradaan karti hai aur upabhoktaaon ke liye ek behtar sv-jaanch prakriya. pehli vaanijyik, saarvajanik vastu-stareeya RFID khudara pranaali ki sthaapana maana jaata hai ki north kairolina, America mein freedom shoping ink dvaara May 2005 mein ki gayi.
Place 2 cups of Basmati Rice, 3/4 cup of hulled Mung Beans (Dal), 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon Cumin seeds and salt in a pot, covered with three times the amount of water. Allow to simmer until it is tender. Mix in 1 dessert spoon of butter or clarified butter per serve. This food has the effect of providing a protective film on the intestinal tract and for this reason, as much as possible should be eaten. Do not drink for 2 hours after eating this meal.

ek safal pilot ke baad, aavaas evam vikaas board (HDB) Singapore ne 2006 mein kaagaj season parking ticket (SPT) ko pratisthaapit karte hue RFID ko laagoo karne ke liye do nividaaon ko jaari kiya. safal nividaakaaron ne March 2007 ke baad se SPT dhaarakon ko RFID taig vitrit kiya.[14] viytanaam mein, futek ke paas is desh mein kai bilding ke liye svachaalit jaanch ticket pranaali laagoo hai.

isi prakaar ki samaan praudyogiki, jaise United Kingdom mein 1915 mein aavishkaar ki gayi IFF traansapondar, ka dviteeya vishv yuddh mein mitr raashtron dvaara vimaanon ki dost ya dushman ke roop mein pehchaan karne ke liye niyamit roop se istemaal kiya gaya. abhi bhi traansapondar ka, atyadhik shaktishaali vimaan dvaara aaj bhi prayog kiya jaata hai. RFID ki padtaal karta ek anya kaarya, 1948 ka Harry staukaman ka mahatvapoorn pepar hai, jiska sheershak tha "kamyunikeshan baai meens of riflekted power" (IRE ki kaaryavaahi, pp 1196–1204, October 1948). staukaman ne bhavishyavaani ki ki "... riflekted-power sanchaar mein shesh buniyaadi samasyaaon ko hal karne aur upayogi anuprayogon ke kshetr ka pata lagaane se pehle kaafi anusandhaan aur vikaas ka kaam kiya jaana hai."
ek safal pilot ke baad, aavaas evam vikaas board (HDB) Singapore ne 2006 mein kaagaj season parking ticket (SPT) ko pratisthaapit karte hue RFID ko laagoo karne ke liye do nividaaon ko jaari kiya. safal nividaakaaron ne March 2007 ke baad se SPT dhaarakon ko RFID taig vitrit kiya.[14] viytanaam mein, futek ke paas is desh mein kai bilding ke liye svachaalit jaanch ticket pranaali laagoo hai.
gharon mein aam taur par vidyut company, telephone company, kebal teleevijn ya upagrah dish seva, akhbaar ka chanda aur anya aisi niyamit sevaaen dendaari lekhe hain. gruhasth log saamaanyat: check ya kredit card ka upayog karte hue, hastachaalit tareeke se maasik aadhaar par inka dhyaan rakhate aur bhugataan karte hain. vyaapaar mein, aam taur par A/P faail mein vyaapak sevaaen shaamil hoti hain aur saamaanya roop se lekhaakaar ya bahi-khaata likhnevaale, jab unhein beejak milta hai to is dendaari khaate mein aane vaale dhan aur jab ve bhugataan karte hain, to is khaate se jaane vaale dhan ke pravaah ki khoj-khabar ke liye lekhaankan software ka prayog karte hain. badi companiyaan ek sangathan ke beejakon ke sansaadhan mein prayukt kaagj aur hastachaalit tatvon ko svachaalit karne ke liye teji se vishesh dendaari lekhon ke svachaalan ka prayog kar rahi hain.
NADRA ne RFID aadhaarit chaalak license viksit kiya hai jis par license dhaarak ki vyaktigat jaankaari aur yaataayaat ullanghan, jaari kiye gaye ticket aur bakaaya dand ke baare mein data sangrahit hote hain. license card is tarah se dijaain kiye gaye hain ki driving adhikaar ko gambhir ullanghan ke maamale mein electronic tareeke se radd kiya ja sake. [49]
1600 dashak ke madhya mein pratyek pramukh samaaj mein tambaakoo ke dhoomrapaan ka prachalan karaaya gaya aur kai maamalon mein iske upayog ko kai shaasakon dvaara kathor dand ya jurmaana lagaakar samaapt karne prayaason ke baavajood vah mool sanskruti mein pehle hi aatmasaat kiya ja chuka tha. tambaakoo utpaad aur paudha donon pramukh vyaapaar maargon se pramukh bandaragaahon aur baajaaron mein aaya aur fir bheetari pradeshon mein pahuncha. angreji bhaasha mein smoking (smoking) shabd 1700 ke dashak ke paravarti kaal mein gadha gaya, usase pehle use drinking smok (drinking smoke) kaha jaata tha.[3][page needed]
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2004 mein haardaveyar action group ne ek nae protokaul, class 1 janareshan 2 intarafes nirmit kiya jisne kai samasyaaon ko sulajhaaya jiska anubhav class 0 tatha class 1 ke saath kiya gaya tha. EPC Gen2 maanak, December 2004 mein manjoor hua tha aur sambhaavana hai ki yeh aage badhte nishkriya RFID taig maanakon ka aadhaar banega. ise Intermec se ek vivaad ke baad ki is maanak se unke RFID-sambandhit kai peteint ka ullanghan ho sakta hai, manjoori di gayi. yeh faisala kiya gaya ki sirf maanak se unke peteint ka ullanghan naheen ho raha hai, balki yeh ki yadi taig ko ek vishesh tareeke se padhna hai to ho sakta hai ki Intermec ko kuchh rauyalti ka bhugataan karna hoga. EPC Gen2 maanak ko ISO 18000-6C ke roop mein maamooli sanshodhanon ke saath 2006 mein apnaaya gaya.
RFID ke kai pustakaalaya anuprayog hain jo atyadhik laabhakaari ho sakte hain vishesh roop se parisancharan karmachaariyon ke liye. choonki RFID taig ko kisi vastu ke andar se bhi padha ja sakta hai, kisi saamagri ko scan karne ke liye kisi kitaab ke aavaran ya DVD ke khol ko kholne ki jaroorat naheen hai. isse ripteeteev motion injureej ko kam kiya ja sakta hai. jahaan pustakon ke oopar ek baarakod hai, vahaan abhi bhi yeh suvidha hai ki lenevaale ek kitaab ko ek baar mein karne ki bajaae, pustakon ke ek poore dher ko ek baar mein scan kar sakte hain. choonki RFID taig ko gati mein bhi padha ja sakta hai, RFID reedar ka upayog lautaai gayi saamagri ki kanveyar belt par rahate hue jaanch karne se karmachaari samay mein bachat hoti hai. lekin, jaisa ki baarakod ke saath hai, yeh sabhi lenevaalon ke dvaara swayam hi kiya ja sakta hai jiska arth hua ki unhein fir kabhi karmachaariyon ki sahaayata ki jaroorat na ho. ek nishchit sthaan ke in reedar ke alaava portebal reedar bhi hain (laaibreriyn ke liye, lekin bhavishya mein sanbhavat: lenevaalon ke liye bhi, sanbhavat: yahaan tak ki unke swayam ke saamaanya-uddeshya vaale reedar). in sab ke saath, vastusoochi ko kuchh second ke bheetar, saamagri ke ek poore shelf par kiya ja sakega, jiske tahat ek bhi pustak ko aalamaari se hataana naheen padega.[30]. amyo, sveedan mein, RFID ka istemaal netraheenon ke liye shravya pustakein lene ke liye kiya jaata hai.[31] Malaysia mein, malteemeediya university laaibreri, saaibarajaya mein pustakon ka sateek sthaan ingit karne ke liye smart shelvs ka prayog kiya jaata hai.[32] Netherland mein, haath mein pakade jaane vaale reedar ko is uddeshya ke liye shuroo kiya gaya hai.
pashu taiging ke liye dijaain kiye gaye pratyaaropit kiye jaane vaale RFID chip, ab insaanon mein istemaal kiye ja rahe hain. RFID pratyaaropan ke saath ek aaranbhik prayog, saaibaranetiks ke british professor kevin vaaravik dvaara kiya gaya jinhonne 1998 mein apne haath mein ek chip pratyaaropit kiya. 2004 mein kaunaraad ches ne Barcelona aur rautaradaim mein apne naait club mein apne VIP graahakon ki pehchaan ke liye jo iska prayog peya ke bhugataan ke liye karte the, pratyaaropit chips ki peshakash ki[42].
pichhale kuchh saalon mein masheen seekhane ne kuchh bade paimaane par kadam uthae hain, yahaan tak ​​ki googlai ke mukhy khoj injan elgoridam kee sahaayata aur badhaane ke lie bhee ubhar rahe hain. lekin phir, hamane ise keval seemit seemaon mein hee dekha hai 2017 ke dauraan, main ummeed karata hoon ki masheen adhigam apadet bord ke paar ubharakar aa jaega, jo ki kisee bhee prakaar ke upabhokta aavedan ko aap soch sakate hain, jo pahale kee khareed ke itihaas ke aadhaar par behatar anushansit utpaadon kee peshakash karate hue ek enaalitiks aip ke upayogakarta anubhav ko dheere-dheere sudhaarane mein shaamil hain. isase pahale masheen seekhana ek tarah ka “naya saamaany” banane se pahale nahin hoga, logon ko is tarah ke krtrim buddhi kee ummeed hai, kyonki har tarah ke praudyogikee ka ek ghatak hai.