INS Sarvekshak is equipped with a range of surveying, navigational, and communication systems. The next-generation surveying systems provided onboard include multi-beam swath echo sounding system, differential global positioning system, motion sensors, sea gravimeter, magnetometer, oceanographic sensors, side scan sonars and an automated data logging system as well as state-of-the-art Digital Survey and Processing System, sound velocity profiling system among others. These systems allow the ship to meet the stringent international/ISO 9002 digital survey accuracy standards required for the production of electronic navigation charts and publications as laid down by the International Hydrographic Organisation.[4]
pustakaalayon mein RFID ko lekar jis chinta ka prasaar hua hai vah gopaneeyata ka mudda hai. choonki RFID traansameetar aur reedar ke anusaar, RFID taig ko 350 feet ya 100 meter se padha aur scan kiya ja sakta hai (udaaharan ke smart lebal RFID) aur choonki RFID, freekveinsi ke vargeekaran ka istemaal karta hai (donon, taig ke prakaar par nirbhar karta hai), chinta ka vishay yeh hai ki kya samvedansheel jaankaari ko ek anichhuk srot se ekatr kiya ja sakta hai. haalaanki, pustakaalaya ke RFID taig mein koi sanrakshak jaankaari shaamil naheen hoti,[33] aur adhikaansh pustakaalayon mein prayukt taig jis freekveinsi ka prayog karte hain vah keval lagbhag das foot se pathaneeya hai.[28] saath hi, pustakaalayon ko hamesha yeh record rakhana hai ki kisne kab kya liya hai, to us maayane mein koi nai baat naheen hai. haalaanki, kai pustakaalaya in record ko saamagri ke ek baar vaapas aa jaane ke baad nasht kar dete hain. RFID, paathakon ki gopaneeyata ke is sammaan ko jatil ya samaapt kar degi. iske alaava, ek anya gair-pustakaalaya agency sambhaavit roop se pustakaalaya vyavasthaapak ki jaankaari ya sahamati ke bina pustakaalaya se nikalne vaale pratyek vyakti ke RFID taig ko record kar sakti hai. ek aasaan vikalp hai ki pustak ko ek code sanchaarit karne diya jaae jiska mahatva sirf laaibreri ke daataabes ke saath sanyojan ke roop mein ho. ek aur kadam yeh hai ki kitaab ko jab bhi lautaaya jaae to use ek naya code diya jaae. aur agar bhavishya mein reedar sarvavyaapak ho jaae to (aur sanbhavat: jude hue), chori gayi kitaabon ko laaibreri ke baahar bhi pata lagaaya ja sakta hai. taig ko hataane ko mushkil banaaya ja sakta hai agar taig itna chhota ho ki use ek (yaadruchhik) prushth ke andar adrushya roop se lagaaya ja sake, sanbhavat: prakaashak dvaara vahaan daal diya jaae.
baithakon aur sammelanon mein bhi upasthiti baij mein RFID praudyogiki laagoo ki ja rahi hai taaki sammelanon mein logon ko track kiya ja sake. isse jo aankada upalabdh hota hai usase pata chalta hai ki logon ne din ke samay kis kamre mein pravesh kiya aur baahar gaye.[51] yeh data aayojakon ko dikhaane ke liye upalabdh hota hai taaki sammelan ki saamagri aur dijaain mein sudhaar karne mein unki madad ki ja sake. pradarshaniyon mein pradarshakon ke liye netrutv bahaali prakriya mein sudhaar karne ke liye bhi RFID ka upayog kiya ja raha hai.
In a gap of about two years he contested the by-election to Narsapuram Assembly constituency which arose as the sitting MLA got elected to Lok Sabha in the 1996 general elections. That by-election was a closely fought election and Parakala lost it narrowly. Inner party squabbles and bickerings led to Parakala's exit from Congress Party. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in late 1997. BJP hardly had a presence in the state and especially in West Godavari District. He contested the ensuing 1998 Lok Sabha election from Narasapur Lok Sabha constituency, and not surprisingly, lost. He played an active role in the party affairs, became a spokesperson of the state unit, and went on to become a member of the BJP's national economic cell that guided the party's economic policy. He was also made a member of a task force of the Planning Commission of India that formulated the Xth Fiver Year Plan.

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In 2017 Sarvekshak became the 1st ship of Indian Navy ever to deploy solar power. It has innovatively deployed the zero-maintenance solar power system, capable of generating 5.4 kW electricity and replacing the ship’s traditional 4.4 kW emergency diesel alternator.[12] The installation cost was around Rs. 19 lakh and the generation cost is Rs. 12 per kv per hour. The estimated savings for a lifespan of about 15 years is around Rs. 1 crore. The current diesel generator consumes a litre of diesel to produce five units of electricity. Captain Rajesh Bargoti, the commanding officer of the ship, said It took about six months to put the entire system in place. We are now using solar energy for lights and a couple of air conditioners.'[13] The estimated profit generated in a ship service life of 25 years is Rs 2.7 crore in this small project alone. "Even if the system is used for 25 days in one year, the system can repay its cost in less than 10 years while protecting the nature," the Navy said.
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hamane pahale se hee sanvardhit vaastavikata (eaar) aur aabhaasee vaastavikata (veeaar) praudyogikee ke lie 2016 mein kuchh pramukh kadamon ko dekha hai. okulas ripht ko sakaaraatmak risepshan ke lie jaaree kiya gaya tha, aur hajaaron veeaar aips aur gems ka paalan kiya gaya tha. hamane piksamon go bhee dekha, eaar gem, 100 miliyan se adhik daunalod ke saath visphot kiya. baajaar eaar aur veeaar ke lie taiyaar hai, aur in epleekeshans ke lie hamaare paas pahale se shuruaatee stareey upakaran aur tek mil chuke hain, lekin isase pahale ki ham cheejen sachamuch le jaenge, agale saal hone ja rahe hain. ek baar ve karate hain, aapako vyaavahaarik roop se har cheej ke eaar aur veeaar sanskaranon ke lie taiyaar rahana hoga- aur paalan karane ke lie paryaapt vipanan avasaron ka paalan karana hoga.
Parakala resigned his RGNIYD assignment in 1994 in order to contest the Legislative Assembly elections from the constituency which was earlier represented by both his father and mother. That election saw the return of N T Ramarao to power with a landslide victory.Congress party was decimated in the state. Parakala lost the election with over 20,000 votes margin. Although unsuccessful, his imaginative campaign was admired and talked about throughout the state. Perhaps for the first time a constituency-level manifesto was released for Narasapuram. A short campaign video specially shot for the election was released and exhibited throughout the constituency by moving television sets and video cassette players manually from place to place. Audio cassettes of Parakala's public speeches were widely circulated in the constituency. Such campaign techniques were quite rare, although not completely unknown, during those days when even the television penetration was very low.
usi samay, nae ekeekrut paripth (ICs) eliyn, impinj aur NXP (poorv mein Philips) dvaara shuroo kiye gaye jisne behtar pradarshan dikhaaya aur IT parisanpatti nigraani anuprayog mein visfot hua. aaj ki taareekh mein isko bruhat paimaane par apnaane vaale bank of America aur vels faarago prateet hote hain - pratyek ki ek darjan se adhik deta kendron mein 100,000 se adhik parisanpatti hai.[16]
tambaakoo ek krushi utpaad hai jo nikoteeniya prajaati ke paudhon ki taaja pattiyon ka prasanskaran hai. is prajaati mein kai upajaatiyaan hain, haalaanki nikoteeniya tabaakum (Nicotiana tabacum) saamaanyat: ugaaya jaata hai. nikoteeaana rastika (Nicotiana rustica) nikoteen ki uchch saandrata ke maamale mein doosare number par hai. in pattiyon ki kheti hoti hai aur dheeme okseekaran ki suvidha aur tambaakoo ke patte mein kairoteenauyad ko kam hone diya jaata hai taaki vah svasth ho jaaye. isse tambaakoo ke patton mein kuchh yaugik taiyaar hote hain jo meethi ghaas, chai, tel gulaab ya fal jaisa khushaboodaar jaayaka paida karte hain. paikejing se pehle tambaakoo aksar nashe ki shakti badhaane ke liye anya yogaj ke saath sanyukt roop se rakha jaata hai taaki utpaad ka peeech (pH) badal jaaye ya dhoomrapaan ka prabhaav ya svaad behtar ho jaaye. sanyukt raajya America mein in yojakon mein 599 padaarthon ka niyman kiya gaya hai.[8] is utpaad ko uske baad prasanskrut aur paik kar upabhokta baajaar ke liye bhej diya jaata hai. khapat ke saadhan ke taur par sakriya tatvon ke saath kam gaun-utpaad ko naye tareeke ke roop mein sammilit kar is kshetr mein vyaapak sambhaavnaaon ka vistaar kiya gaya hai.
dhoomrapaan ka itihaas bahut puraana 5000-3000 E.poo. ke pehle se raha hai jab dakshin America mein krushi utpaadon ki kheti shuroo hui thi; usaka baad mein prayog paudhe ke padaarth ko jalaakaar istemaal ya to durghatanaavash shuroo hua ya upabhog ke anya saadhan ki khoj ke iraade se viksit hua.[1] iska upayog jhaad-foonk ke anushthaanon mein apni tarah se hota raha.[16][page needed] kai praacheen sabhyataaon mein jaise kasadiyon, bhaarateeyon aur cheeniyon mein dhoop jalaana ek dhaarmik anushtaan ka ek bhaag hai, jaise isaraailiyon aur baad ke Catholic aur roodhivaadi krishchiyn church jalaate hain. America mein dhoomrapaan ka mool sanbhavat: jhaadfoonk ke samaarohon mein dhoop jalaane se hua hai lekin baad mein aanand ke liye ya fir ek saamaajik upakaran ke roop mein apnaaya gaya.[2] tambaakoo aur vibhinn helusinojenik (hallucinogenic) nasheele padaarthon ka prayog tanmayaavastha aur aatma ki duniya se sampark mein aane ke liye kiya jaata tha.
enbeded software design imyooniti aveyar prograaming ka prayog karta hai, jaise avarodh nirdesh ke saath aprayukt kaaryakram smruti ke roop mein bharne ka prayaas karta hai jo truti ke pun: praapti kaaryakram ki or sanket deta hai. is vifalta ke khilaaf raksha mein madad karta hai jo micro kantrolar anudesh soochak ko bigaad sakte hain, jo anyatha yaadruchhik code ke nishpaadit ka kaaran ban sakte hain.
laujik gate ke haaidrolik, vaayaveeya aur yaantrik sanskaran maujood hain aur aisi sthitiyon mein istemaal kiye jaate hain jahaan bijli ka upayog naheen kiya ja sakta. pehle do prakaar ko fludeeks ke tahat maana jaata hai. fludeek laujik ka ek prayog, sainya haardaveyar mein hai jiske ek vidyut chumbakeeya pals mein ujaagar hone ki sambhaavana hai (parmaanu EMP, ya NEMP) jo bijli ke sarkit ko nasht karta hai.
kai deshon mein dhoomrapaan ki umr nirdhaarit hai, sanyukt raajya America sahit kai deshon, Europeeya sangh ke adhikaansh sadasya raajyon, New Zealand, Canada, dakshin Africa, isaraail, Bhaarat, Brazil, chili, kosta rika aur Australia mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko naabaaligon ko bechana avaidh hai aur Netherland, ostriya, Belgium, Denmark aur dakshin Africa mein 16 se kam aayu ke logon ko tambaakoo utpaad bechana avaidh hai. 1 sitmbar 2007 ko Germany mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko khareedne ki nyoonatam aayu badhaakar 16 se 18 kar di gayi aur usi ke saath saath great Britain mein bhi 1 October 2007 se yeh seema 16 se 18 kar di gayi.[98] sanyukt raajya America ke 50 mein se 46 raajyon mein nyoonatam aayu 18 varsh hai, Alabama, alaaska, new jersey ke alaava, yoota aur jahaan kaanooni umr 19 varsh hai (New York ke uttari raajya onondaga County ke saath hi saath New York ke lambe aaisalaind ki County sufafolk aur nassoo mein bhi).[krupaya uddharan jodein] kuchh deshon mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko (arthaat khareedne par) bachchon ko dene aur yahaan tak ki dhoomrapaan karne ke kaarya mein sanlagn bachchon ke khilaaf bhi kaanoon hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein] aise kaanoonon ki antarnihit dhaarana hai ki log tambaakoo ke istemaal ke jokhim ke baare mein jaankaar hi upayog ke sambandh mein nirnaya lein. in kaanoonon mein kuchh deshon aur raajyon ne ek dheela pravartan kiya hai. anya kshetron mein cigarette abhi bhi bachchon ko bech rahe hain kyonki ullanghan ke liye jurmaana kam hain ya tulanaatmak roop se bachchon ko bechana laabhakaarak hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein] haalaanki cheen, Turkey aur kai anya deshon mein aam taur par ek bachche ko tambaakoo utpaadon ko khareedne mein kam mushkil ka saamana karna padta hai kyonki aksar unase apne maata-pita ke liye tambaakoo khareedne ke liye dukaan jaane ko kaha jaata hai.

Through his involvement in social, political issues and continues fight against corruption and sex, land, lottery mafias, he made lot of enemies from politics, religion, caste etc. and his political enemies reacted against him. A Kerala high court verdict undermined this - "Kerala High Court quashed the FIR against him in a land allotment issue, holding that framing a case against him on 'false and frivolous' charges was unworthy of any merit." The court said some features presented in the case were 'too disturbing', that in fact 'gives enough room to generate suspicion that the machinery of vigilance is misused and abused to silence political opponents.'
baithakon aur sammelanon mein bhi upasthiti baij mein RFID praudyogiki laagoo ki ja rahi hai taaki sammelanon mein logon ko track kiya ja sake. isse jo aankada upalabdh hota hai usase pata chalta hai ki logon ne din ke samay kis kamre mein pravesh kiya aur baahar gaye.[51] yeh data aayojakon ko dikhaane ke liye upalabdh hota hai taaki sammelan ki saamagri aur dijaain mein sudhaar karne mein unki madad ki ja sake. pradarshaniyon mein pradarshakon ke liye netrutv bahaali prakriya mein sudhaar karne ke liye bhi RFID ka upayog kiya ja raha hai.
dubai mein, (sanyukt arab ameeraat) shekh jaayad road aur garahaud brij se gujarane vaale driver RFID taig ka upayog karte hue tol bhugataan karte hain jise saleek (pathakar) kaha jaata hai. dubai ne ek saarvajanik parivhan card bhi shuroo kiya hai jiska naam Nol [9] hai (jiska arth arabi mein kiraaya hai) jise metro, bas aur vaatarabas mein istemaal kiya jaata hai, ise dubai metro ke sarkaari prakshepan ke 9 September 2009 ke din seva mein pesh kiya gaya tha.
kaaryaatmak satyaapan data, aam taur par "pareekshan vektar" kahalaate hain. kaaryaatmak pareekshan vektar ko sanrakshit kiya ja sakta hai aur kaarkhaane mein yeh pareekshan karne ke liye istemaal kiya ja sakta hai ki navanirmit laujik sahi dhang se kaam karta hai ya naheen. haalaanki, kaaryaatmak pareekshan paitarn, aam nirmaan galatiyon ki khoj naheen karte. utpaadan pareekshan, aksar software upakaran dvaara design kiye jaate hain jinhein "test paitarn generator" kaha jaata hai. laujik ki sanrachana ki jaanch aur vyavasthit dhang se vishesh dosh ke liye test janit kar, ye pareekshan vektar ko utpann karte hain. is tarah fault coverage kareeb 100% tak pahunch sakta hai, basharte dijaain ko theek tarah se pareekshan yogya banaaya gaya ho (agale anubhaag ko dekhein).
nirpeksh sankhya mein duniya bhar mein, RFID sanyukt raajya America mein sabse adhik istemaal kiya jaata hai (apne 300 million nivaasiyon ke saath), jiske baad United Kingdom aur Japan ka sthaan hai. anumaan hai ki duniya bhar mein 30 million se adhik pustakaalaya saamagriyon par ab RFID taig laga hai jismein rom mein Vatican laaibreri mein kuchh shaamil hain.[29]
digital masheenein, pehli baar upayogi tab bani jab ek svich ke liye MTBF kuchh sau ghante se oopar ho gaya. fir bhi, inmein se kai masheenon mein jatiltaaen theen, achhi tarah se abhyaas ki jaane waali marammat prakriyaaen aur ek tube ke jal jaane ya ek keet ke ek rile mein fans jaane ke kaaran kai ghanton tak kaam naheen karateen thi. aadhunik traanjistar krut ekeekrut paripth laujik gate mein lagbhag ek treeliyn ghante ka MTBFs hai (1 × 1012)),[krupaya uddharan jodein] aur unki jaroorat hai kyonki unke paas bahut saare laujik gate hai.
EPCglobal ke abhiyaanon mein se ek tha 1990 ke dashak mein RFID duniya mein prachalit protokaul ke kolaahal ko saral karna. do taig air intarafes (ek taig aur ek reedar ke beech soochana ka aadaan-pradaan karne ke liye protokaul) ko EPCglobal dvaara 2003 se pehle paribhaashit (lekin pushti naheen) kiya gaya. in protokaul ka, jinhein saamaanyat: class 0 tatha class 1 ke roop mein jaana jaata hai, 2002-2005 mein mahatvapoorn vyaavasaayik kaaryaanvayan hua.
Wall-Mart ka ek aur prabhaag, saims club bhi is disha mein aage aaya hai. dinaank 7 January 2008 ko isne apne aapoortikrtaaon ko yeh bataate hue patra bheja ki 31 January 2008, se pratyek poorn ekal-vastu pailet, jise desoto, Texas, ke uske vitran kendron par ya us DC dvaara seva pradatt seedhe uske kisi store par bheja ja raha hai, us par ek EPC Gen 2 RFID taig hona zaroori hai. iska paalan karne mein naakaam rahane vaale aapoortikrta ko seva shulk dena hoga. [24]

During the CPM state conference held in Kottayam, he was criticized strongly due to his style of functioning by a majority of Pinarayi Vijayan supporters (38/53) known as official faction and they demanded his ouster from Chief Minister. They warned that the party would lose seats if it goes for ahead parliamentary elections under his leadership.[30][31]
lekin, January 2009 mein saims club ne paalan na karne par lagne vaale jurmaane ko kaafi kam kar diya, jise usane prati pailet $2 se ghataakar sirf 12 seint prati pailet kar diya. Wall-Mart ka anumaan hai ki saims ke liye khud taiging karne par prati pailet 12 seint ka kharcha aaega. saims ne yeh bhi ghoshana ki ki pailet-stareeya taiging ko 2010 mein poori shrrunkhala bhar mein shuroo kiye jaane ki ummeed hai, jabki vyaktigat vastu par taiging ki samay seema "vichaaraadheen" hai.
uber (aur “uber ____” hone ke aadhaar par banaaya gaya staartaps ke parinaamasvaroop paagalapan) jaise braandon ke lie dhanyavaad, logon ko phon eplikeshan ke maadhyam se maang par sab kuchh karane ke lie upayog kiya ja raha hai 2017 mein, mujhe ummeed hai ki yah dekhane ke lie ki yah aage bhee vikasit ho. hamaare paas savaaree, bhojan vitaran, aur yahaan tak ​​ki ek ke lie hamaare paas upalabdh hajaaron aip hain
gharelu svaasthya dhokhaadhadi ka mukaabala karne ke liye, Medicare end Medicaid sarvises ne haal hi mein gharelu svaasthya dekhbhaal udyog ki jaanch karne ki ghoshana ki. March 2009 mein, New York mein ek tikaaoo chikitsa upakaran aapoortikrta, eleet medical saplaai, chikitsa dhokhaadhadi se ladne ke liye hastaakshar karne vaalon mein pratham tha. unhonne is prakriya ko aage badhaane ke liye CYBRA ke EdgeMagic RFID aur baar code software ka chayan kiya. [11]
lekin, yatha 2008, yeh takaneek kai chhote pustakaalayon ke liye bahut mahangi hai aur ausat aakaar ke pustakaalaya ke liye roopaantaran avadhi 11 maheene anumaanit hai. 2004 ka ek dach anumaan tha ki ek pustakaalaya jo prati varsh 100,000 kitaabein padaan karta hai use €a50,000 ki laagat par yojana banaani chaahiye (pradaan aur vaapasi station: pratyek 12,500, ditekshan porches pratyek 10,000; taig pratyek 0.36). RFID dvaara karmachaariyon par se ek bada bojh kam kar dene ka matlab hai ki kam karmachaariyon ki jaroorat, jiske parinaamasvaroop unamein se kuchh ko nikaal diya jaaega,[29] lekin aisa abhi tak uttar America mein naheen hua hai jahaan haal ke sarvekshanon ne ek bhi pustakaalaya naheen paaya jahaan RFID ke kaaran karmachaari ko hataaya gaya ho. balki, karmiyon ke liye pustakaalaya bajat kam kiya ja raha hai aur buniyaadi suvidhaaon ke liye badhaaya ja raha hai, jisse pustakaalayon ke liye yeh aavashyak ho gaya hai ki ve karmachaariyon ki kami ko poora karne ke liye svachaalan ko badhaaen. iske alaava, RFID dvaara kiye jaane vaale kaarya mote taur par laaibreriyn ke praathamik kaarya naheen hain. Netherland mein ek khoj yeh hai ki, lenevaale is tathya se khush hain ki ab savaalon ke javaab dene ke liye aur adhik karmachaari upalabdh hain.
He entered politics through trade union activities and joined State Congress in 1938. In 1940, he became a member of the Communist Party of India (CPI). During his 40 years as a politician he was imprisoned for five years and six months and was in hiding for four and half years. He was a state secretariat member of the CPI in 1957.[14] He is the only living Keralite among the 32 members who left the CPI National Council in 1964 to form the CPI(M). He was Secretary of the Kerala State Committee between 1980 and 1992. Since 1985 he is the member of the CPI(M) Polit Bureau until he was removed as a party disciplinary action. He is the senior most leader of CPI(M) in India.
gharon mein aam taur par vidyut company, telephone company, kebal teleevijn ya upagrah dish seva, akhbaar ka chanda aur anya aisi niyamit sevaaen dendaari lekhe hain. gruhasth log saamaanyat: check ya kredit card ka upayog karte hue, hastachaalit tareeke se maasik aadhaar par inka dhyaan rakhate aur bhugataan karte hain. vyaapaar mein, aam taur par A/P faail mein vyaapak sevaaen shaamil hoti hain aur saamaanya roop se lekhaakaar ya bahi-khaata likhnevaale, jab unhein beejak milta hai to is dendaari khaate mein aane vaale dhan aur jab ve bhugataan karte hain, to is khaate se jaane vaale dhan ke pravaah ki khoj-khabar ke liye lekhaankan software ka prayog karte hain. badi companiyaan ek sangathan ke beejakon ke sansaadhan mein prayukt kaagj aur hastachaalit tatvon ko svachaalit karne ke liye teji se vishesh dendaari lekhon ke svachaalan ka prayog kar rahi hain.