The primary task of INS Sarvekshak includes Hydrographic Surveys, Nautical Chart preparation & Cartography & Training. The ship is also equipped with ROV, AUV & USV.[5] As part of protocol the ship also took part in International Defence Exhibition 2009 held at Abu Dhabi [6] In 2015 Sarvekshak, was deployed in Mauritius for 5 weeks to help in Survey Operations.[7] INS Sarvekshak was also deployed in 2011 to Mauritius as part of survey operations to execute the following tasks in 3 phases.

Achuthanandan was heavily criticized for his allegedly insensitive comments in regards to the family of the late NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who was slain while defending the city of Mumbai during the 2008 terrorist attacks. Under public criticism for not visiting the mourning family, the CM finally decided to visit them. But allegedly agitated by the perceived insult and insensitivity in sending police dogs to check in a house in mourning as well as Achuthanandan's not offering condolences in a timely manner, Sandeep's father requested that the minister not visit. When Achuthanandan attempted to enter the house, he was evicted by the father on live TV.[32][33] Smarting from the snub, Achuthanandan stated during a TV interview that "Is there any rule that both the Karnataka Chief Minister and Kerala Chief Minister should go together to his (Sandeep's) home? If it were not that it was Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have gone there."(translated to English from his reply in Malayalam).[34] Faced by heavy public criticism and furor over this, Achuthanandan eventually offered a public apology, which was accepted by Sandeep's father, bringing an end to the controversy.[35]

digital sarkit ka doosra roop lukaap table se nirmit hota hai ("prograamebal laujik divaais" ke roop mein anek beche ja chuka hain, haalaanki PLD ke anya prakaar vidyamaan hain). lukaap taalika, masheenon par aadhaarit laujik geton ki tarah hi kaarya kar sakti hain lekin aasaani se taaron ko badle bina hi reeprograam kar sakti hain. iska arth yeh hai ki designer, aksar taaron ki vyavastha ko badle bina hi design trutiyon ki marammat kar sakte hain. isliye chhoti maatra mein utpaad prograamebal laujik divaais aksar adhimaanya samaadhaan kar rahe hain. ve aam taur par injeeniyron dvaara electronic design svachaalan software ka upayog kar design kiya jaata hai (adhik jaankaari ke liye neeche dekhein).

Germany mein dhoomrapaan virodhi samooh aksar sharaab virodhi samoohon ke saath jud gaye,[30] tambaakoo ke sevan ke khilaaf der taibakajejaner Der Tabakgegner (tambaakoo pratidvandvi) patrika mein 1912 aur 1932 mein prakaashit lekh mein pehli baar vakaalat ki gayi. san 1929 mein Germany ke dresaden ke fritj likint ne ek lekh prakaashit kiya jismein fefadon ke Cancer-tobaiko link ka aupachaarik saankhyikeeya saboot tha. edaulf hitlar ne ghanaghor avasaad ke dauraan dhoomrapaan karne ki lat ko paise ki barabaadi kehkar ninda ki thi aur baad mein usane drudh vaktavya diye.[31] yeh aandolan aage chalakar naaji prajanan neeti ke kaaran aur majboot hua jismein mahilaaon ke dhoomrapaan ko ek jarman parivaar mein patniyon aur maataaon ke liye anupayukt maana gaya.[32]
baajaar mein aise kai utpaad upalabdh hain jo RFID saksham card ya passport ke sambandhit vaahak ko apne deta ke parirkshan ki anumati deinge. balki ab to, sanyukt raajya America ki sarkaar ne apne nae karmachaari ID card ke liye ek anumodit parirkshan aasteen ya lifaafe ke saath use bhejana aavashyak kar diya hai.[68] is baat ko lekar virodhaabhaasi vichaar vyaapt hain ki kya elyoominiym RFID chip ke padhne ko rok sakta hai. kuchh logon ka daava hai ki elyoominiym parirkshan, jo moolat: ek fairaade pinjare ka nirmaan karta hai, bilkul kaam karta hai.[69] doosaron ka daava hai ki elyoomeeniym panni mein ek RFID card ko sirf lapetne se keval prasaaran mein aur adhik baadha aati hai, isliye poori tarah se ise rokane mein kaaragar naheen hai.[70]
kuchh companiyaan nae vikretaaon ko jodne aur vaauchar pravisht karne ke kaarya ko bhi alag karti hain. isse kisi karmachaari ke liye asambhav ho jaata hai ki vah khud ko vikreta ke roop mein jode aur fir kisi anya karmachaari ke saath bina saanth-gaanth ke apne naam check kaatein. yeh faail master veindar faail ke roop mein nirdisht hai. yeh company ke aapoortikrtaaon ke baare mein sabhi mahatvapoorn jaankaari ka bhandaar hai. jahaan beejak ke bhugataan ka maamala hai, yeh dendaari lekhon ka sandarbh bindu hai.[5]
Mrs. Pakravan confirms the well-known story that her husband saved Ayatollah Khomeini's life in 1963. He was condemned to death and General Pakravan was upset by that. Pakravan felt that Khomeini's execution would anger the common people of Iran. He knew that the population of the country is not its elite. He presented his argument to the shah. Once he had convinced the shah to allow him to find a way out, he called on Ayatollah Mohammad-Kazem Shariatmadari, one of the senior religious leaders of Iran, and asked for his help. Ayatollah Shariatmadari suggested that Khomeini be made a grand ayatollah. So, they made a religious decree which was taken by General Pakravan and Seyyed Jalal Tehrani to the Shah.
Wall-Mart ka ek aur prabhaag, saims club bhi is disha mein aage aaya hai. dinaank 7 January 2008 ko isne apne aapoortikrtaaon ko yeh bataate hue patra bheja ki 31 January 2008, se pratyek poorn ekal-vastu pailet, jise desoto, Texas, ke uske vitran kendron par ya us DC dvaara seva pradatt seedhe uske kisi store par bheja ja raha hai, us par ek EPC Gen 2 RFID taig hona zaroori hai. iska paalan karne mein naakaam rahane vaale aapoortikrta ko seva shulk dena hoga. [24]
tambaakoo aur anya nasheele padaarthon ke istemaal ke beech sambandhon ko achhi tarah se sthaapit kiya gaya hai, lekin is saahacharya ki prakruti aspasht bani hui hai. do mukhya siddhaant fenotaaipik kaaryakaaran sambandh (getave) model aur sahasambaddh daayitv model hain. kaaryakaaran sambandh model ka tark hai ki dhoomrapaan bhavishya mein nasheeli davaaon ke prayog ka ek praathamik prabhaav daalata hai,[102] jabki sahasanbaddh daayitv model ka tark hai ki dhoomrapaan aur anya nasheeli davaaon ke prayog aanuvanshik ya paryaavaraneeya kaarakon se nirdisht hain.[103]
udaaharan ke liye baitari sanchaalit selyular telephone aksar ek kam shakti ke enaalaug agrasira ke istemaal se base station se radio signal badhaane aur sangati bithaane ke liye karti hai. haalaanki ek base station ke paas grid ki shakti hoti hai aur apekshit vidyut ka prayog kar sakti hai, lekin bahut lacheele software radio mein. is tarah ke base stationon ke liye aasaani se nae selular maanakon mein prayukt sanket prakriya ko aasaani se riprograam kiya ja sakta hai.
Place 2 cups of Basmati Rice, 3/4 cup of hulled Mung Beans (Dal), 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon Cumin seeds and salt in a pot, covered with three times the amount of water. Allow to simmer until it is tender. Mix in 1 dessert spoon of butter or clarified butter per serve. This food has the effect of providing a protective film on the intestinal tract and for this reason, as much as possible should be eaten. Do not drink for 2 hours after eating this meal.
poore Europe mein aur vishesh roop se peris mein (pranaali RATP dvaara 1995 mein shuroo ki gayi), lion, bordo, grenobal, nainsi aur maarsile France mein, poore purtagaali raajamaarg vyavastha mein aur kai purtagaali saarvajanik car park mein, Milan, turin, Italy mein nepals aur floreins aur Belgium mein brasels, kailipso antararaashtreeya maanak ke anuroop RFID paas ka saarvajanik parivhan pranaali ke liye upayog kiya jaata hai. unka upayog ab Canada (mauntriyl), maiksiko, isaraail, Columbia mein bogota aur parera, naarve mein stavaangar, laksamabarg, aadi mein bhi kiya jaata hai.

Hassan Pakravan, son of Fathollah and Emineh, was born in Tehran on August 4, 1911 (13 Mordad 1290 AP). His father held many high government posts, including governor of Khorasan Province and ambassador to Italy. His mother, partly of European descent, was a professor at the University of Tehran. She was awarded the prestigious French Prix Rivarol, which the French government gives to foreign authors who write directly in French. She was related to the Habsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
After four consequent electoral defeats, Parakala withdrew from the electoral arena. He concentrated on public discourse through the current affairs programmes on television and his profession as a policy analyst. But in 2008 some like minded people approached Parakala with an intention to start a new alternative political platform. Popular matinee idol Chiramjivi was to be the face of the party. Parakala lent his support to the idea and worked to establish the party. He was one of the signatories to the application for the registration of the Political Party 'Prajarajyam' and one of its founding General Secretaries and spokespersons. But the experimented turned out to be another disappointment for Parakala. He found that there was no clear agenda and party tickets were given in exchange of money. Several local leaders openly hurled accusations at the party leadership. Parakala held a press conference at the party headquarters and launched a scathing attack on the party leadership for betraying the ideals for which the new platform was to stand for. Terming the party as Poisonous Ivy (Vishavruksham), he announced his resignation. That address to the press was telecast live and thousands viewed it across the state. That spelt the doom for the party. A party that was hoping to have an impressive performance ended up with securing just 18 seats with the charismatic Chiramjivi himself losing one of the two seats he contested from his native place. Many people still question the moral and ethical basis of Parakala holding a press conference at the party headquarters to criticise the party and its leadership. Opinion is still bitterly divided on this. The Prajarajyam seems to have put an end to the party and electoral political career of Parakala.
anukramik system iske atirikt do upashreniyon mein vibhaajit hota hai. jab ek "klauk" signal state ko parivrtit karta hai tab "tulyakaalik" anukramik pranaali ek hi baar mein state ko badal deta hai. jab bhi input badalate hain "atulyakaalik" anukramik pranaali parivartan ko prasaarit karta hai. tulyakaalik anukramik system atulyakaalik sarkit ki visheshata se bana hota hai jaise flip flop, jo klauk jab parivartan karta hai tabhi ye parivartan karta hai aur jismein timing margin ko dhyaan se design kiya jaata hai.
RFID praudyogiki ke upayog ne kaafi vivaad ko janm diya aur yahaan tak ki upabhokta gopaneeyata pairokaaron dvaara utpaad bahishkaar bhi hua. CASPIAN (kanjyoomar ageinst suparamaarket praaivesi invejn end nambaring) ki sah-sansthaapak Cathrine albrekt aur lij maikintaayar is praudyogiki ki do pramukh aalochak hain jo RFID taig ka ullekh "spaaichips" ke roop mein karti hain. RFID sambandhit do mukhya gopaneeyata chintaaen hain:
Parakala had a chequered public life and an unsuccessful electoral career. Born into a political family, he became familiar with electoral politics since his childhood. His debut as a political activist started when he was elected as the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi unit of the Congress Party affiliated students' organisation National Students' Union of India (NSUI). He contested the Students' Union Elections of JNU and lost to the CPI(M) affiliated organisation SFI candidate. However, it was for the fist time that NSUI polled a respectable number of votes for the central panel of candidates and could win a Councillor seat. Parakala's participation in May 1983 students' agitation on the campus agains the highhanded attitude of the university authorities lent political respectability to NSUI on the Campus. till then Congress affiliated NSUI was treated as political untouchable in the left dominated student politics of the university.
lo-freekveinsi (LF: 125-134.2 kHz aur 140-148.5 kHz) (LowFID) taig aur haai-freekveinsi (HF: 13.56 MHz) (HighFID) taig bina ek license ke vishv star par prayog kiya ja sakta. ultra haai-freekveinsi (UHF: 868-928 MHz) (Ultra-HighFID ya UHFID) taig ko duniya bhar mein istemaal naheen kiya ja sakta hai kyonki koi bhi vaishvik maanak naheen hai. uttari America mein, UHF ko 902-928& MHz (915 MHz center freekveinsi se ± 13 MHz) ke liye bina license ke istemaal kiya ja sakta hai, par paareshan adhikaar ke liye pratibandh maujood hain. Europe mein, RFID aur anya kam-kshamata vidyut radio anuprayog, ETSI ki sifaarishon EN 300 220 aur EN 302 208 aur ERO 70 03 sifaarish dvaara viniymit hain, jo RFID ko 865-868 megaahartaj ke kuchh jatil band pratibandhon ke saath sanchaalan ki anumati dete hain. paathakon ko prasaaran se pehle ek channel par najar rakhane ki jaroorat hoti hai ("lisen bifor tauk"); is aavashyakta se pradarshan par thoda pratibandh laga hai, jiska sankalp maujooda shodh ka vishay hai. uttar ameriki UHF maanak, France mein sveekaar naheen kiye jaate hain choonki ye uske sainya band ke saath hastakshep karte hain. cheen aur Japan ke liye, UHF ka upayog karne ke liye koi niyam naheen hai. in deshon mein har UHF ke aavedan ke liye ek site license ki jarurat hai, jiska aavedan sthaaneeya adhikaariyon ke paas kiya jaana chaahiye aur ise radd kiya ja sakta hai. Australia aur New Zealand ke liye 918-926 megaahartaj gair-license vaale hain, lekin sancharan adhikaar ke liye pratibandh maujood hain.
kaaryaatmak satyaapan data, aam taur par "pareekshan vektar" kahalaate hain. kaaryaatmak pareekshan vektar ko sanrakshit kiya ja sakta hai aur kaarkhaane mein yeh pareekshan karne ke liye istemaal kiya ja sakta hai ki navanirmit laujik sahi dhang se kaam karta hai ya naheen. haalaanki, kaaryaatmak pareekshan paitarn, aam nirmaan galatiyon ki khoj naheen karte. utpaadan pareekshan, aksar software upakaran dvaara design kiye jaate hain jinhein "test paitarn generator" kaha jaata hai. laujik ki sanrachana ki jaanch aur vyavasthit dhang se vishesh dosh ke liye test janit kar, ye pareekshan vektar ko utpann karte hain. is tarah fault coverage kareeb 100% tak pahunch sakta hai, basharte dijaain ko theek tarah se pareekshan yogya banaaya gaya ho (agale anubhaag ko dekhein).
anya desh jo passport mein RFID lagaate hain, unamein shaamil hain Norway (2005)[34], Japan (1 March 2006), Spain Ireland aur Britain sahit Europeeya sangh ke adhikaansh desh (2006 ke aaspaas), Australia aur sanyukt raajya America (2007), Serbia (July 2008), Korea (August 2008), taaivaan (December 2008), albaaniya (January 2009), fileepeens (August 2009).
2004 mein, boing ne Boeing 787 dreemalaainar par rakharakhaav aur vastusoochi laagat ko kam karne ke liye RFID praudyogiki ke upayog ko shaamil kiya. vimaan ke kal-purjon ki uchch laagat ke maamale mein, RFID praudyogiki ne Boeing ko anoothe aakaar, svarup aur paryaavaran sambandhi chintaaon ke baavajood vastusoochi ki traiking karne ki anumati di. apanaae jaane ke baad ke chhah maheenon ke dauraan, company, sirf shram ke maamale mein $29,000 bachaane mein saksham rahi.[23]
kendreeya vidyut anusandhaan sansthaan (angreji : central power research Institute, laghu: si.pi.aar.I) jo aamtaur par si pi aar I ke naam se jaana jaata hai, sanprati vighut mantraalaya ke adheen ek svaayatt society hai. Bhaarat sarkaar dvaara 1960 mein iski sthaapana ki gayi tatha 1978 mein svaayatt society ke roop mein usaka punagarthan kiya gaya. sansthaan ka prabandh shaasi nikaaya karta hai jiske sadasya sarkaar, vidyut upayogitaaon, udyogon, shaikshink sansthaaon aadi ka pratinidhitv karte hain. sachiv vidyut mantraalaya, Bhaarat sarkaar shaasi pirshad ke adhyaksh hain. sansthaan ke mukhya adhishaasi mahaanideshak hain, jo shaasi parishd ke sadasya sachiv bhi hein.
gharelu svaasthya dhokhaadhadi ka mukaabala karne ke liye, Medicare end Medicaid sarvises ne haal hi mein gharelu svaasthya dekhbhaal udyog ki jaanch karne ki ghoshana ki. March 2009 mein, New York mein ek tikaaoo chikitsa upakaran aapoortikrta, eleet medical saplaai, chikitsa dhokhaadhadi se ladne ke liye hastaakshar karne vaalon mein pratham tha. unhonne is prakriya ko aage badhaane ke liye CYBRA ke EdgeMagic RFID aur baar code software ka chayan kiya. [11]
V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.