aam taur par teen prakaar ke RFID taig hote hain: sakriya RFID taig, jismein ek baitari hoti hai aur ye sanketon ko svatantr roop se sanchaarit kar sakte hain, nishkriya RFID taig, jismein baitari naheen hoti aur sanket sancharan prerit karne ke liye ek baahari srot ki jaroorat hoti hai aur baitari samarthit nishkriya (BAP) jise jaagane ke liye baahari srot ki aavashyakta hai lekin ismein mahatvapoorn uchch fauravard link kshamata hai jo atyadhik pathan seema pradaan karta hai.

Born on 20 October 1923 to Sankaran and Accamma in Alappuzha, Travancore (part of present-day Kerala state, India), he lost his mother when he was four years old and subsequently lost his father at age 11. This forced him to quit his studies after finishing 7th standard in school and college[9] He started working by helping his elder brother in a village tailoring shop. Later he took up the job of meshing coir to make ropes at a coir factory.[10][11]
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ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.
purushon mein mahilaaon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki lat paanch guna adhik hoti hain,[13] haalaanki chhote aayu varg mein is laingik antar mein giraavat aati hai.[14][15] viksit deshon mein purushon mein dhoomrapaan apne charam par pahunch chuka hai aur usamein giraavat aani shuroo ho gayi hai haalaanki mahilaaon ke maamale mein vruddhi barkaraar hai.[53]
V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.