Vyapar solves all these problems very well with ease and helps you be on top of you business accounts. It helps you to see all the business accounts/receivables at one place without going through the ledger. It helps you easily remind your parties by just click of a button through whatsapp, message etc. Now you can send transactions to your parties, see your cashflow status, sale/purchase status, expense status etc in just a click. Not only that, you can create sale and purchase transactions with items which you don’t have to enter again and again as app remembers what you did earlier and reduce typing for you drastically. It has lot of other features that you would need on a day to day basis to run your business smoothly and efficiently.
saare pareekshan ke baad, deta bits jagah par hain, dijaain ko "saamaanya mod" ke liye reekanfigr kiya jaata hai aur ek ya ek se adhik klauk pals ko laagoo kiya jaata hain, taaki dosh ka pata lag sake (jaise stak-ait lo ya stak-ait haai) aur pareekshan ke parinaam ka pragrahan scan shift rajistar mein flip-flop mein aur/ya leches mein kiya jaata hai. ant mein, pareekshan ke parinaam ko block seema mein sthaanaantarit kar diya jaata hai aur poorvaanumaan "gud machine" nateeje ke prati tulana ki jaati hai.
Pakravan began his career at the Tehran Military Academy, where he taught artillery. He then served in a number of military, political, and diplomatic posts including adjutant in the Intelligence Department of the Second Division, military attaché in Pakistan (1949–50), chief of army intelligence (1951–53), military attaché in India (1954–57), deputy chief of the State Intelligence and Security Organization in charge of external affairs (1957–61), deputy prime minister and chief of the State Intelligence and Security Organization (1961–65), minister of information (1965–66), ambassador to Pakistan (1966–69), ambassador to France (1969–73), and senior counselor to the Ministry of Court (1974–79). Pakravan was known for being more compassionate than any of National Security and Information Department's other directors. However, Muhammad Reza Shah replaced Pakravan with his childhood friend Nematollah Nassiri in 1965. He returned to Iran in 1976 and was brought out of retirement in 1978 by the Shah in a last-ditch effort to curb corruption at the Royal Court. Pakravan's supporters noted his aristocratic and impeccable character as well as his intelligence and moral courage to be a source of consolation at the difficult times of 1978–79 when the Iranian Revolution took control of the opposition and eventually seized power.
Vyapar will help a business owner know the exact status of his daily business accounting, receivable/payables and stock/inventory, party ledger. He can send invoices to his parties using whatsapp, sms, email. Track… · More the balances of every party separately and remind them regularly for payment. It has the automatic reminder functionality which helps a business to get paid faster. Helps business owner get the exact status of his stock quantity, get the stock value in hand, share party statement with his parties and a lot of other daily business transactions.
After the Iranian Revolution, Pakravan was among the first of the Shah's officials to be executed. He was not allowed to have access to a lawyer and the charges filed against him were vague. Given the fact that he was retired at the time of the revolution, his execution seemed all the more unjust. Pakravan was a key player in convincing the Shah to commute the death sentence on Khomeini in 1963 and instead sending him to exile. Khomeini was first sent to Turkey, and then to Iraq, where he stayed until his expulsion and relocation to France in 1978.
pipe dhoomrapaan mein aamtaur par tambaakoo ke dahan ke liye ek chhota sa kaksh (katora) aur ek patali nalika (danda) shaamil hai, jo mukhapatr (thoda) mein samaapt hota hai. tambaakoo ke kase tukadon ko kaksh mein rakha aur prajvalit kar diya jaata hai. pipe mein dhoomrapaan ke liye tambaakoo aksar bahut dhyaan dekar istemaal kiya jaata hai aur svaad ki baareekiyon ki mishrit upalabdhata anya tambaakoo utpaadon mein upalabdh naheen hai.
1860 ke dashak mein ameriki naagrik yuddh tak usaka vikaas sthir raha, jab praathamik shram shakti daasata se sthaanaantarit hokar fasalon ka hissedaar bani. yeh, maang mein parivartan ke saath hua aur cigarette ke utpaadan ke saath tambaakoo audyogeekaran ki or badha. 1881 mein ek shilpkaar James bonasaik ne cigarette ke utpaadan ki gati badhaane ke liye ek machine ka utpaadan kiya.[29]
sooparakandaktiviti ki khoj, raipid ekal flaks kvaantam (RSFQ) ke vikaas sarkit praudyogiki ko sambhav kar pai hai joki traanjistar ke bajaay josefasan jankshan ka upayog karta hai. haal hi mein, aise shuddh optikl kanpyooting pranaali ko banaane ka prayaas kiya gaya, joki naunaleeneear optikl tatvon ka prayog karke digital soochana sansaadhit karne mein saksham hai.