Parakala since the beginning was against the idea of dividing the state of Andhra Pradesh. Towards the end of 2009, when the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the centre announced their intent to divide the state into two and granting statehood to Telangana, there was a political upheaval in Andhra Pradesh. Parakala along with a few likeminded people launched Visalandhra Mahasabgha, a forum to keep the state of Andhra Pradesh united. The forum held meetings, produced booklets and literature and argued for the unity of the state. It questioned the rationale and arguments of those who advocated statehood for Telangana. Parakala led the movement as the organisation's General Secretary. He toured the length and breadth of coastal and Rayalaseema regions. He was prevented form entering the Telangana districts by the separatist agitators, particularly the Telangana Rashtra Samiti activists. He was physically attacked, his house was stoned and the book he published was burnt in public view in the meeting hall where it was released. His publication 'Refuting an Agitation' listed the arguments of the separatists and refuted one after another with facts and figures and historical evidence. The agitators were unable provide a counter argument to the powerful critique of the agitation launched by Visalandhra Mahasabha. But the forum was not a mass body. It was only a platform of intellectuals and the mass parties have all either remained neutral or supported the demand for separate statehood for Telangana. Visalandhra Mahasabha could not muster mass support to sustain the agitation. The political class did not back the Mahasabha wholeheartedly. Even those who opposed the division of the state hardly took any initiative for mass mobilisation. The state was divided and the Visalandhra Mahasabha remained a mute spectator to the bifurcation of the first linguistic state in the country.
khudara vikretaaon ke maadhyam se bikne vaale utpaadon ke nirmaata khudara vikreta ko beche gaye apne utpaadon ko badhaava dene ke liye ek seemit avadhi ke liye is ummeed ke saath chhoot deta hai, ki khudara vikreta bachat ko apne graahakon tak pahunchaaega. haalaanki, khudara vikreta aamtaur par forward baaing mein vyast ho jaate hain aur chhoot avadhi ke dauraan adhik utpaad khareedne lagte hain jitna ki ve prachaar avadhi ke dauraan bechne ka iraada naheen rakhate. kuchh khudara vikreta ek prakaar ke antarapanan mein sanlagn ho jaate hain aur riyaayati utpaad ko anya khudara vikretaaon ko bechne lag jaate hain, is abhyaas ko daaivarting ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. is abhyaas ka mukaabala karne ke liye, nirmaata, prachaarit maal par RFID taig ke prayog ki sambhaavanaaon ko talaash rahe hain taaki ve track kar sakein ki vaastav mein kaun sa utpaad poori tarah se riyaayati keematon par aapoorti shrrunkhala ke maadhyam se becha gaya hai.[27]
ek aadhunik svachaalit pehchaan praudyogiki jaise radio freekveinsi pehchaan (RFID) praudyogiki par aadhaarit auto-ID laibs pranaali mein vastusoochi pranaali ke liye mahatvapoorn upayog hai. vishesh roop se, yeh praudyogiki maujooda soochi ka sahi gyaan pradaan karti hai. Wall-Mart par kiye gaye ek academic adhyayan mein[22], 0.1 aur 15 ikaai ke beech bikne vaale utpaadon ke liye RFID ne out-of-stock mein 30 pratishat ki kami kar di. RFID upayog karne ke anya laabh mein shaamil hai shram laagat mein kami, vyaapaar prakriyaaon ka saraleekaran aur taalika trutiyon mein kami.
Parakala took his Ph.D from renowned London School of Economics. He submitted a thesis "Security Doctrines and Foreign Policy Behaviour: A Study of Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia". He worked for his thesis in the International Relations Department under the supervision of Dr Christopher Coker. Before joining the LSE, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University (School of International Studies) for his MA and MPhil degrees. He did his graduation from Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. First year of his Intermediate was from Hyderabad and for the second year of the course he went back to his native town Narasapuram. In Hyderabad he attended Nampally Junior College and in Narasapuram he went to Sri YN College. His schooling was also in two places. His primary and secondary education was in Narasapuram. He went to Lakshminarasamamba Municipal school for his primary education. He went to Mission High School for his High School. He did his tenth partly in Narasapuram and partly in Peoples' High School in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.
shalya chikitsa, yahaan tak ki ek chhote paimaane par bhi, apne jokhim saath laati hai. RFID chip pratyaaropan bhi koi apavaad naheen hai. "yoojing radio freekveinsi aaidenteefikeshan (RFID) teknolaaji in hyumans in the United states for total control,"[12] ke lekhak David bi smith ke anusaar, smith svaasthya jokhimon ka udaaharan dete hain jaise "... pratikool ootak pratikriya, pratyaaropit traansapondar ka pravaas, samjhauta soochana suraksha, pratyaaropit traansapondar ki vifalta, pratyaaropan ki vifalta, electronic skainar ki vifalta, vidyut chumbakeeya hastakshep bijli ke khatre, chunbakeeya anunaad imejing asangati aur needal stick"(38). is tarah ke jokhim kisi ko bhi ho sakte hain.
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INS Sarvekshak is equipped with a range of surveying, navigational, and communication systems. The next-generation surveying systems provided onboard include multi-beam swath echo sounding system, differential global positioning system, motion sensors, sea gravimeter, magnetometer, oceanographic sensors, side scan sonars and an automated data logging system as well as state-of-the-art Digital Survey and Processing System, sound velocity profiling system among others. These systems allow the ship to meet the stringent international/ISO 9002 digital survey accuracy standards required for the production of electronic navigation charts and publications as laid down by the International Hydrographic Organisation.[4]
Parakala was appointed to the NSUI central committee as All India Vice President in 1984. It was almost like a token of appreciation by the Congress High Command of his performance as President of the JNU unit and his contribution to the establishment of the organisation in the citadel of left wing student politics. As an office bearer of the central committee of NSUI, he toured several states and universities to organise the activities of the students' wing of the Congress Party. He took up a massive campaign against drug abuse in the university campuses all over the country. With his departure for United Kingdom in October 1986 to pursue his higher studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), there was a break to his political activity. On his return to India in May 1991 he resumed political activity in his native place Narasapuram in West Godavari District. Tragic political events in the country resulted in dramatic political developments. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in the midst of the election campaign and P V Narasimha Rao was elected to lead the Congress Party. After the elections, Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister at the head of a minority government. Parakala family was closely associated with P V Narasimha Rao for a long time, Parakala Seshavataram, Prabhakar's father, being a close political associate of Rao. Narasimha Rao assigned the task of conceiving, designing and building a grand institution to perpetuate the memory of Rajiv Gandhi. He made Parakala as Officer on Special Duty to oversee the implementation of the project 'Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD). It is conceived as an institution to train the youth of India and impart to them skills that are necessary to them to play a vital role in building a modern nation in the 21st century, a theme that was dear to the heart of Rajiv Gandhi. Parakala went around the country to study various institutions, their constitutions, structures, course content etc., and designed the Institute which is functional now under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Around this time Parakala was nominated by the Congress High Command to represent the Congress Party at the French Communist Party's Plenary in Paris.
suraksha visheshagyon ne pehchaan ki chori ke jokhim ke kaaran logon ke satyaapan ke liye RFID ka upayog karne ke khilaaf chetaavani di hai. udaaharan ke liye ek madhya vyakti hamla ek hamlaavar ko vaastavik samay mein ek vyakti ki pehchaan chori karne mein saksham banaaega. RFID ke sansaadhan kami ke kaaran hamlon ke aise model ke khilaaf suraksha vastut: asambhav hai, kyonki ismein jatil doori-bandhan protokaul ki aavashyakta hoti hai.[43][44][45][46]

kai adhyayanon ne yeh sthaapana ki hai ki cigarette ki bikri aur dhoomrapaan ke upayog ke samay sambandhi dhaanche alag hain. udaaharan ke liye, sanyukt raajya America mein cigarette ki bikri ka dhaancha kaafi had tak mausam se juda hua hai, garmi ke maheene mein iski bikri kaafi badh jaati hai, jabki sardiyon mein iski khapat kam ho jaati hai.[68]

bahirmukhata ek aisi visheshata hai jo jyaadaatar dhoomrapaan se judi hai aur dhoomrapaan karne vaale milnasaar, aavegi, jokhim uthaane vaale aur uttejana ki chaahate rakhane vaale vyakti hote hain.[65] haalaanki vyaktitv aur saamaajik kaarak logon ko dhoomrapaan ke liye prerit kar karte hain, vaastavik aadat prabhaav daalne ki anukoolata ki kriya hai. praarambhik charan ke dauraan dhoomrapaan sukhad anubhootiyaan pradaan karta hai (iske dopaamaain-dopamine pranaali par prabhaav ke kaaran) aur is tarah sakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran ke ek srot ke roop mein kaarya karta hai. ek vyakti dvaara kai varshon tak dhoomrapaan karne ke pashchaat parihaar ke lakshan aur nakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran pramukh utprerak ho jaate hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
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anya desh jo passport mein RFID lagaate hain, unamein shaamil hain Norway (2005)[34], Japan (1 March 2006), Spain Ireland aur Britain sahit Europeeya sangh ke adhikaansh desh (2006 ke aaspaas), Australia aur sanyukt raajya America (2007), Serbia (July 2008), Korea (August 2008), taaivaan (December 2008), albaaniya (January 2009), fileepeens (August 2009).
baad mein, nirvaat tube ka istemaal kiya gaya. ye bahut tej the, lekin garmi utpann karte the aur filaameints ke jal jaane ke kaaran avishvasaneeya the. fainaaaut aam taur par paanch se saat the, jo tube ke vidyut se heeting dvaara seemit the. 1950 ke dashak mein, filaameint ke saath vishesh "computer tube" viksit kiye gaye jo silikaun ki tarah asthir tatvon ko nikaal dete the. ye kai hajaaron ghante tak chalte hain.

veetaakraaft dvaara dijaain, RFIQin, ek svat: khaana pakaane ka upakaran hai, jismein teen bhinn aakaar ke bartan hain, ek portebal indakshan heetar hai aur resipi card hai. pratyek pain mein antarnihit ek RFID taig hai jo bhojan ki pratyek sekend mein 16 baar jaanch karta hai jabki paaen ke haindal mein laga MI taig indakshan heetar ko taapamaan ko samaayojit karne ke liye sanket sanchaarit karta hai.
yeh vyavasaaya aniyamit hai, haalaanki antarraashtreeya maanak sthaapit karne vaale nikaaya maujood hain, jinka ek udaaharan hai sanyukt raajya America, Canada, Britain aur anya deshon mein 5,000 se adhik sadasyon ka ek sangh, antarraashtreeya dendaari lekhon ke peshevar (IAPP).[1] apni vyaavasaayik maanak sanrachana ke ansh ke roop mein,[2] IAPP ne dendaari lekhon ki ek nai paribhaasha sthaapit ki hai:

raksha ki ek dviteeya shreni, taig kloning ko rokane ke liye kriptograafi ka upayog karti hai. kuchh taig ek prakaar ke "roling code" yojana ka upayog karte hain, jismein taig pahachaanakarta jaankaari pratyek scan ke baad parivrtit ho jaati hai, is tarah dekhi gayi pratikriyaaon ki upayogita ko kam kar deti hai. adhik parishkrut upakaran chunauti-pratikriya pramaaneekaran mein sanlagn hote hain jahaan taig, reedar ke saath soochana ka aadaan pradaan karta hai. in protokaul mein, taig aur reedar ke beech asurakshit sanchaar channel par gupt taig jaankaari naheen bheji jaati hai. balki, reedar taig ke liye ek chunauti jaari karta hai, jo ek parinaam ke saath javaab deta hai jiski ganana kuchh gupt moolya ke saath bandhe kriptograafik sarkit ka upayog karte hue ki jaati hai. aise protokaul, samamit ya saarvajanik kunji kriptograafi par aadhaarit ho sakta hai. koot roop se saksham taig ki aamtaur par keemat naatakeeya roop se uchch hoti hai aur ise saral samakaksh se adhik bijli ki aavashyakta hoti hai aur parinaamasvaroop in taig ki tainaati adhik seemit hai. is laagat/vidyut bandhan ne kuchh nirmaataaon ko kaafi kamjor ya svaamitv waali enkripshan yojanaaon ka upayog karke kootlekhit taig lagaane mein prerit kiya, jo parishkrut hamle ko aavashyak roop se naheen rokate. udaaharan ke liye, eksaun-mobil speedapaas, Texas instroomeints dvaara nirmit ek kootalekh-saksham taig ka upayog karta hai, jise digital signechar traansapondar (DST) kehte hain, jismein kam laagat ke liye ek chunauti-pratikriya protokaul karne ke liye ek kamjor, svaamitv enkripshan yojana shaamil hai.
↑ a aa VJ Rock, MPH, A Malarcher, PhD, JW Kahende, PhD, K Asman, MSPH, C Husten, MD, R Caraballo, PhD (2007-11-09). "Cigarette Smoking Among Adults --- United States, 2006". United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. abhigman tithi: 2009-01-01. "In 2006, an estimated 20.8% (45.3 million) of U.S. adults[...]"
lekin, yatha 2008, yeh takaneek kai chhote pustakaalayon ke liye bahut mahangi hai aur ausat aakaar ke pustakaalaya ke liye roopaantaran avadhi 11 maheene anumaanit hai. 2004 ka ek dach anumaan tha ki ek pustakaalaya jo prati varsh 100,000 kitaabein padaan karta hai use €a50,000 ki laagat par yojana banaani chaahiye (pradaan aur vaapasi station: pratyek 12,500, ditekshan porches pratyek 10,000; taig pratyek 0.36). RFID dvaara karmachaariyon par se ek bada bojh kam kar dene ka matlab hai ki kam karmachaariyon ki jaroorat, jiske parinaamasvaroop unamein se kuchh ko nikaal diya jaaega,[29] lekin aisa abhi tak uttar America mein naheen hua hai jahaan haal ke sarvekshanon ne ek bhi pustakaalaya naheen paaya jahaan RFID ke kaaran karmachaari ko hataaya gaya ho. balki, karmiyon ke liye pustakaalaya bajat kam kiya ja raha hai aur buniyaadi suvidhaaon ke liye badhaaya ja raha hai, jisse pustakaalayon ke liye yeh aavashyak ho gaya hai ki ve karmachaariyon ki kami ko poora karne ke liye svachaalan ko badhaaen. iske alaava, RFID dvaara kiye jaane vaale kaarya mote taur par laaibreriyn ke praathamik kaarya naheen hain. Netherland mein ek khoj yeh hai ki, lenevaale is tathya se khush hain ki ab savaalon ke javaab dene ke liye aur adhik karmachaari upalabdh hain.
1995 se 1970 ke beech gareeb vikaasasheel deshon mein prati vyakti cigarette ki khapat mein 67 pratishat ki vruddhi hui hai, jabki usamein ameer viksit duniya mein 10 pratishat giraavat aayi hai. dhoomrapaan karne vaalon mein se assi pratishat ab kam viksit deshon mein rahate hain. 2030 tak vishv svaasthya sangathan (WHO) ki bhavishyavaani hai ki 10 million logon ki maut prativrsh dhoomrapaan se sambandhit beemaariyon se hogi jo duniya bhar mein maut ka ek sabse bada kaaran hoga, mahilaaon mein iski sabse badi vruddhi hogi. WHO ki bhavishyavaani hai ki 20 veen sadi mein dhoomrapaan se hui mauton ki daron mein 21 veen sadi mein das guna vruddhi hogi. ("Washington"(Washingtonian) patrika, December 2007).
In 2017 Sarvekshak became the 1st ship of Indian Navy ever to deploy solar power. It has innovatively deployed the zero-maintenance solar power system, capable of generating 5.4 kW electricity and replacing the ship’s traditional 4.4 kW emergency diesel alternator.[12] The installation cost was around Rs. 19 lakh and the generation cost is Rs. 12 per kv per hour. The estimated savings for a lifespan of about 15 years is around Rs. 1 crore. The current diesel generator consumes a litre of diesel to produce five units of electricity. Captain Rajesh Bargoti, the commanding officer of the ship, said It took about six months to put the entire system in place. We are now using solar energy for lights and a couple of air conditioners.'[13] The estimated profit generated in a ship service life of 25 years is Rs 2.7 crore in this small project alone. "Even if the system is used for 25 days in one year, the system can repay its cost in less than 10 years while protecting the nature," the Navy said.

ameriki raashtra ke kai mool nivaasi dhaarmik anushthaanon ke ek hisse ke roop mein ek pavitra pipe se tambaakoo ka aupachaarik dhoomrapaan kar praarthana karte hain. sema (Sema) tambaakoo ke anishinaabe (Anishinaabe) ka shabd hai, jo praarthana mein upayog ke dauraan param pavitra paudhe ke liye viksit hua kyonki aisa vishvaas hai ki usaka dhuaan praarthana ko svarg tak le jaata hai. jyaadaatar sabse pramukh dharmon mein tambaakoo ka sevan vishesh roop se varjit naheen hai, haalaanki ise ek anaitik aadat ke roop mein hatotsaahit kiya gaya. niyantrit adhyayan ke maadhyam se svaasthya jokhimon ki pehchaan kiye jaane ke pehle dhoomrapaan ko kuchh isaai prachaarakon aur samaaj sudhaarakon dvaara ek anaitik lat maana jaata tha. laitar de seint aandolan ke sansthaapak Joseph smith, junior ne darj kiya ki 27 fravari 1833 ko unhein ek rahasyodghaatan mila jo tambaakoo ke prayog ko hatotsaahit karne wala tha. yeh "gyaan ka shabd" baad mein ek aajnyaa ke roop mein sveekaar kar liya gaya aur vafaadaar laitar-de sannyaasiyon ne tambaakoo se poori tarah bachane ka maarg apnaaya.[80] jenova ke gavaahon ne dhoomrapaan ke khilaaf baaibil ke aadesh ko apna aadhaar banaaya "apne shareer ke har kalank ko saaf karo" korinthins (2 Corinthians 7:1). yahoodi dharmaguru yisrail meer kaagan (1838-1933) un pehle logon mein se tha, jinhonne yahoodi adhikaariyon se dhoomrapaan par baat ki. sikh dharm mein tambaakoo peene par sakht paabandi hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein] bahaai panth mein haalaanki tambaakoo par paabandi naheen hai, lekin use hatotsaahit kiya jaata hai.[81]
dubai mein, (sanyukt arab ameeraat) shekh jaayad road aur garahaud brij se gujarane vaale driver RFID taig ka upayog karte hue tol bhugataan karte hain jise saleek (pathakar) kaha jaata hai. dubai ne ek saarvajanik parivhan card bhi shuroo kiya hai jiska naam Nol [9] hai (jiska arth arabi mein kiraaya hai) jise metro, bas aur vaatarabas mein istemaal kiya jaata hai, ise dubai metro ke sarkaari prakshepan ke 9 September 2009 ke din seva mein pesh kiya gaya tha.
baharahaal, pathan seema, reedar aur taig, donon ka hi ek kaarya hai. praudyogiki ke kshetr mein sudhaar se taig ki pathan seema mein vruddhi ki ja sakti hai. reedar ke taig ke bahut paas hone se kam doori ke taig pathaneeya ho jaate hain. aam taur par, ek taig ki pathan seema ko reedar se utani doori par seemit kiya jaata hai jis par taig, reedar kshetr se taig ko niyantrit karne ke liye paryaapt oorja kheench sake. ek reedar ki shakti ko badhaakar, taig ko unke liye niyat doori se adhik door se padha ja sakta hai. pathan doori par seema, tab reedar ko taig se vaapas bheje gaye sanket ka signal-tu-nauej anupaat ban jaata hai. do suraksha sammelanon mein shodhakartaaon ne dikhaaya ki nishkriya Ultra-HighFID taig, ameriki passport mein prayukt HighFID prakaar vaale naheen, jo aamtaur par 30 feet tak padhe jaate hain, upayukt upakaranon ke upayog dvaara 50-69 foot ki doori se padhe ja sakte hain.[73][74]
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keemat ke ghatne se RFID praudyogiki teji se prachalit ho rahi hai. January 2003 mein jilet ne ghoshana ki ki usane eliyn technology ko 500 million taig ka aadesh diya hai. jilet ke V.P. dik kaantavel, jo ab Cisco ke karmachaari hain, ka kehna hai ki company ne har taig ke liye "das seint ke andar" bhugataan kiya hai. Japani HIBIKI pahal, is keemat ko kam karke 5 yen (4 yooroseint) par laana chaahata hai. aur January 2009 mein envego ne 5.9 seint ke taig ki ghoshana ki.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
Mrs. Pakravan confirms the well-known story that her husband saved Ayatollah Khomeini's life in 1963. He was condemned to death and General Pakravan was upset by that. Pakravan felt that Khomeini's execution would anger the common people of Iran. He knew that the population of the country is not its elite. He presented his argument to the shah. Once he had convinced the shah to allow him to find a way out, he called on Ayatollah Mohammad-Kazem Shariatmadari, one of the senior religious leaders of Iran, and asked for his help. Ayatollah Shariatmadari suggested that Khomeini be made a grand ayatollah. So, they made a religious decree which was taken by General Pakravan and Seyyed Jalal Tehrani to the Shah.
nishkriya aur sakriya RFID system ka istemaal sadak ke baahar ke khelon mein hota hai jaise oriyenatiaring, endyooro heyar end haaunds resing. chaalakon par ek traansapondar laga hota hai, aamtaur par unke haath par. jab ve ek laip poora karte hain to ve svaaip karte hain ya riseevar ko chhoote hain jo ek computer se juda hota hai aur unke laip samay ko darj karta hai. kaaseemo group limited aisi pranaali bechata hai, jaisa ki sveedan ka SportIdent. RFID ko kai bharti agencyon dvaara anukoolit kiya ja raha hai jinme unki arhak prakriya ke roop mein ek PET hai (fijikl endyoreins test), vishesh roop se un maamalon mein jahaan ummeedavaaron ki sankhya laakhon mein ho (bhaarateeya railway bharti prabhaag, police aur bijli kshetr). ek bhaarateeya software company, software aautasorsing sarvises ne is pranaali ko pehli baar UHF taig ka upayog karte hue isi uddeshya ke liye sateek banaaya hai aur ve pratidin 30,000 se jyaada ummeedavaaron ko chhaantane mein saksham hain.
RFID, 2006 kaios kamyunikeshan Congress ke mukhya vishyon mein se ek tha (barlin mein kaios computer club dvaara aayojit) aur isne ek bruhat press bahas ko shuroo kiya. vishay shaamil the: electronic passport, maaifeyar kriptograafi aur FIFA vishv cup 2006 ke liye ticket. vaarta ne darshaaya ki kaise 2006 FIFA vishv cup football mein asli duniya ke RFID praudyogiki ke pehle vyaapak prayog ne kaam kiya. monokrom samooh ne ek vishesh 'haik RFID' geet ka manchan kiya.[79]
dendaari lekha ek aisa faail ya khaata hai, jismein vyakti ya company dvaara aapoortikrtaaon ko bakaaya, lekin ab tak adatt (karj ka ek roop) paisa hota hai. jab aapko beejak praapt hota hai, to aap use faail se jodte hain aur bhugataan karte samay use hataate hain. is prakaar, A/P rin ka ek aisa svaroop hai, jo aapoortikrta apne khreedaaron ko pesh karte hain, jiske jriye pehle se hi praapt kisi utpaad ya seva ke liye baad mein bhugataan anumat hota hai.
ek laujik gate ki "vishvasaneeyata", asafalata (MTBF) ke beech uske ausat samay ka varnan karti hai. digital masheenon mein aksar laakhon laujik gate hote hai. iske alaava, adhikaansh digital masheenon ko unki laagat ko kam karne ke liye "anukoolit" kiya jaata hai. nateeja saaf hota hai, ek ekal laujik gate ki vifalta, ek digital machine ke kaam band karne ka kaaran banegi.

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency ne baarakod taig ke liye ek sthaanaapann ke roop mein RFID taig ka prayog shuroo kiya. taig ki aavashyakta gojaateeya jhund ke mool ki pehchaan karne ke liye hoti hai aur iska prayog yeh pata lagaane ke liye kiya jaata hai kab ek paiking plant ek shav ko khaarij karta hai. vartamaan mein CCIA taig ka istemaal, ek svaichhik aadhaar par viskaunsin mein aur America ke kisaanon dvaara kiya ja raha hai. USDA vartamaan mein apna swayam ka kaaryakram viksit kar raha hai.
sigaar sookhe aur kinvit tambaakoo ko kas kar bandal kar banaaya jaata hai jisse tambaakoo ko prajvalit kar uske dhuen ko munh tak kheencha ja sakta hai. aam taur par dhuen ka uchch kshaareeya tatv saans ke jariye andar naheen kheencha jaata kyonki vah jald hi shvaasanali aur fefadon ke liye pareshaani ka sabab ho sakta hai. iske bajaay aam taur par ve munh mein lete hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein] sigaar peene ka prachalan sthaan, aitihaasik kaal, sarvekshan ka aadhaar banaayi gayi aabaadi aur sarvekshan ke aakalan ki apanaayi gayi paddhati par nirbhar karta hai. sanyukt raajya America ab tak sheersh upabhokta desh hai, uske baad Germany aur United Kingdom hai, duniya bhar mein sigaar ki bikri ka yogadaan 75% America aur pashchimi Europe mein hai.[42] 2005 mein 4.3% purush aur 0.3% mahilaaon ke sigaar peene ka anumaan hai.[43]
saare pareekshan ke baad, deta bits jagah par hain, dijaain ko "saamaanya mod" ke liye reekanfigr kiya jaata hai aur ek ya ek se adhik klauk pals ko laagoo kiya jaata hain, taaki dosh ka pata lag sake (jaise stak-ait lo ya stak-ait haai) aur pareekshan ke parinaam ka pragrahan scan shift rajistar mein flip-flop mein aur/ya leches mein kiya jaata hai. ant mein, pareekshan ke parinaam ko block seema mein sthaanaantarit kar diya jaata hai aur poorvaanumaan "gud machine" nateeje ke prati tulana ki jaati hai.