Born on 20 October 1923 to Sankaran and Accamma in Alappuzha, Travancore (part of present-day Kerala state, India), he lost his mother when he was four years old and subsequently lost his father at age 11. This forced him to quit his studies after finishing 7th standard in school and college[9] He started working by helping his elder brother in a village tailoring shop. Later he took up the job of meshing coir to make ropes at a coir factory.[10][11]
Shalini, an illegitimate daughter of Sukanya, but making Sukanya believe that kid is dead & married off to another person with whom she gives birth to 2 children. The emotional drama between daughter and mother when Shalini goes to Sukanya's house, both unaware of their relationship, Sukanya tortures her own daughter for the sake of her legal daughter, Anu, but Shalini supports Sukanya always. It is about negative shaded Anu ill-treating her sister, Shalini, even after knowing the relationship they both share.

Born on 20 October 1923 to Sankaran and Accamma in Alappuzha, Travancore (part of present-day Kerala state, India), he lost his mother when he was four years old and subsequently lost his father at age 11. This forced him to quit his studies after finishing 7th standard in school and college[9] He started working by helping his elder brother in a village tailoring shop. Later he took up the job of meshing coir to make ropes at a coir factory.[10][11]
passport ko adhik surakshit banaane ke prayaas mein kai deshon ne passport mein RFID laagoo kiya hai. baharahaal, Britain ke chips par enkripshan ko 48 ghante ke andar tod diya gaya tha.[66] us ghatna ke baad se aur adhik prayaas ne shodhakartaaon ko, jab passport ko uske maalik ke paas bheja ja raha ho us vakt passport deta ko klon karne ki anumati di. jahaan ek aparaadhi ko chupake se lifaafe ko kholana aur fir band karne ki jaroorat thi, ab yeh pata lage bina kiya ja sakta hai, jisse passport pranaali mein kuchh asuraksha badh gayi hai.[67]
antararaashtreeya maanakon se tulya nishpaadan gunataayukt si pi aar I saare Bhaarat mein vyaapt apni saat prayogashaalaaon mein svichgiyr, fayoojagiyr, parinaamitr, kebil, sandhaaritr jaise vibhinn vidyut upaskar, vidyut rodhak saamagriyaaain aur pranaaliyaaain, sancharan line tower, drav paraavaidyuton tatha apaaranparik oorja yuktiyon ke nishpaadan, moolyaankan aur pramaaneekaran par vishisht sevaaeain upalabdh karaata hai.
saare pareekshan ke baad, deta bits jagah par hain, dijaain ko "saamaanya mod" ke liye reekanfigr kiya jaata hai aur ek ya ek se adhik klauk pals ko laagoo kiya jaata hain, taaki dosh ka pata lag sake (jaise stak-ait lo ya stak-ait haai) aur pareekshan ke parinaam ka pragrahan scan shift rajistar mein flip-flop mein aur/ya leches mein kiya jaata hai. ant mein, pareekshan ke parinaam ko block seema mein sthaanaantarit kar diya jaata hai aur poorvaanumaan "gud machine" nateeje ke prati tulana ki jaati hai.
Parakala resigned his RGNIYD assignment in 1994 in order to contest the Legislative Assembly elections from the constituency which was earlier represented by both his father and mother. That election saw the return of N T Ramarao to power with a landslide victory.Congress party was decimated in the state. Parakala lost the election with over 20,000 votes margin. Although unsuccessful, his imaginative campaign was admired and talked about throughout the state. Perhaps for the first time a constituency-level manifesto was released for Narasapuram. A short campaign video specially shot for the election was released and exhibited throughout the constituency by moving television sets and video cassette players manually from place to place. Audio cassettes of Parakala's public speeches were widely circulated in the constituency. Such campaign techniques were quite rare, although not completely unknown, during those days when even the television penetration was very low.
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On 12 May 2013, three of his personal staffs VK Sasidharan (additional private secretary), A Suresh (personal assistant) and K Balakrishnan (press secretary) were ousted by the Politburo, which was entrusted by the CPI(M) central committee to decide on the action to be taken against them. They were expelled on charges of leaking information to media, according to CPIM.[18] With the decision, Achuthanandan's arch-rival and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appears to have won. The state committee of the party where Vijayan has a huge majority also wanted Achuthanandan to be removed from the post of leader of opposition but this was not done. "This is a clipping of the wings of Achuthanandan", said K.M. Shahjahan.[19]

saarvajanik pustakaalaya ka dach sangh (Vereniging van Openbare' Bibliotheken) ek anyonyakriya 'sandarbh pustakaalaya' ki avadhaarana par kaam kar raha hai, jahaan lenevaalon ko ek reedar/hedafon set milta hai, jo unhein pustakaalaya ke vaanchhit anubhaag ki or le jaata hai (GPS ke vipreet, traayanguleshan tareeke ka upayog karke) aur jiska istamaal ve alamaariyon par rakhi pustakon se vaanchhit star ke vivran ke saath soochana padhne ke liye kar sakte hain (udaaharan ke liye, jor se padha gaya bhaag) jo pustak ke taig se hi aata hai ya kaheen aur sthit detaabes se aur lenevaale ki vareeyataaon ke aadhaar par vikalp ka sujhaav praapt karke, is prakaar pustakaalaya ka aur adhik vyaktigat sanskaran banaaya ja sakta hai. isse ve pustakaalaya ke un bhaagon mein bhi jaayeinge jahaan anyatha ve yaatra naheen karte. lenevaale, is pranaali ka upayog anubhavon ke aadaan-pradaan ke liye bhi kar sakte hain (jaise pustak greding mein). ise pehle se hi bachchon dvaara mein aabhaasi daayare mein kiya ja raha hai, lekin ise bhautik roop mein bhi kiya ja sakta hai. lenevaale, vaapasi mej par kitaab ko gred de sakte hain.
Parakala was appointed to the NSUI central committee as All India Vice President in 1984. It was almost like a token of appreciation by the Congress High Command of his performance as President of the JNU unit and his contribution to the establishment of the organisation in the citadel of left wing student politics. As an office bearer of the central committee of NSUI, he toured several states and universities to organise the activities of the students' wing of the Congress Party. He took up a massive campaign against drug abuse in the university campuses all over the country. With his departure for United Kingdom in October 1986 to pursue his higher studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), there was a break to his political activity. On his return to India in May 1991 he resumed political activity in his native place Narasapuram in West Godavari District. Tragic political events in the country resulted in dramatic political developments. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in the midst of the election campaign and P V Narasimha Rao was elected to lead the Congress Party. After the elections, Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister at the head of a minority government. Parakala family was closely associated with P V Narasimha Rao for a long time, Parakala Seshavataram, Prabhakar's father, being a close political associate of Rao. Narasimha Rao assigned the task of conceiving, designing and building a grand institution to perpetuate the memory of Rajiv Gandhi. He made Parakala as Officer on Special Duty to oversee the implementation of the project 'Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD). It is conceived as an institution to train the youth of India and impart to them skills that are necessary to them to play a vital role in building a modern nation in the 21st century, a theme that was dear to the heart of Rajiv Gandhi. Parakala went around the country to study various institutions, their constitutions, structures, course content etc., and designed the Institute which is functional now under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Around this time Parakala was nominated by the Congress High Command to represent the Congress Party at the French Communist Party's Plenary in Paris.

V.A.Arun Kumar, son of V. S. Achuthanandan, was appointed as Additional Director for the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD), a state owned organization controlling a handful of state owned engineering colleges, technical schools and other institutions. This appointment is alleged to be irregular.[37][38][39][40] It has been alleged that changes were made in the notification for appointing Mr. Arun Kumar and the existing qualifications of additional director were amended to enable V. A. Arun Kumar to apply for the post.[37] This issue in now facing a Lokayukta enquiry as well as a Vigilance[41][42] enquiry. He is facing yet another Lokayuktha enquiry regarding allegations related to the Model Finishing School of (IHRD).[43]

Singapore mein, saarvajanik parivhan ki bason aur trainon mein nishkriya RFID ko laagoo kiya gaya hai jise EZ-Link card ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. bheed bhare shahar ke aatanrik kshetron mein yaataayaat ko char tol dvaara niyantrit kiya jaata hai jise stord vailyoo card (kaishakaard ke roop mein gyaat) ke upayog ko ek sakriya taiging pranaali ke saath upayog dvaara laagoo kiya jaata hai.