puraane samay ke dhoomrapaan karne vaale prasiddh vyakti apni chhavi ke ek hisse ke roop mein cigarette ya pipe ka istemaal karte the, jaise jeen paul saartr kigauloise -brand ki cigarette,albart aainsteen,Joseph staalin, dagalas maikaaarthar, bartreind Russel, bing krosbi ki paaipein ya samaachaar prasaaranakartaEdward aar. murro ki cigarette. kuchh khaas lekhak dhoomrapaan ke liye jaane jaate the, udaaharan ke liye dekhein kaurnel professor richrd clean ki kitaab sigrets aar sabalaaim, French saahitya ke is professor ki bhoomika ne baad mein 19 veen aur 20 veen sadi mein dhoomrapaan mein bhoomika nibhaai. lokapriya lekhak kart vonnegut ne apne upanyaason mein cigarette peene ki apni lat ka ullekh kiya hai. Britain ke pradhaanamantri herold Wilson saarvajanik taur par pipe peene ke liye vikhyaat the aur vinstan charchil ko sigaar ke liye jaana jaata hai. sar aarthar kaunan dauyal dvaara racha gaya kaalpanik jaasoos sharlak holmas "apne London ke jeevan ke sust dinon mein jab kuchh naheen ho raha hota tha to apne atyadhik kriyaasheel mastishk ko vyast rakhane ke liye" khud ko kokeen ke injekshan lagaane ke alaava pipe, cigarette aur sigaar peeta tha. DC vertigo kaumik book (haasya pustak) mein elan moor ka paatr John kaanstestaain dhoomrapaan ka paryaaya ban gaya hai, itna ki pehli kahaani ke paraamarsh nirmaata garth inees ne use John kaanstestaain ke fefadon ke Cancer ke aaspaas keindrit kar diya. peshevar pahalavaan James fulingatan ne haalaanki bahut din se dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ko durbhaagya ko aamantrit karne vaale ek charitra "saindamain" (pariyon ki kahaaniyon ka ek bauna, jo bachchon ki aankhon mein ret jhonkakar unhein sone ke liye vivsh kar deta tha) ki sanjnyaa di hai.
V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.
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In the weeks that follow, eat only easily digestible food, as the intestines are very sensitive after this practice. For 7 days avoid milk, cheese, raw fruit and vegetables, black tea and coffee. For 20 days avoid gas-forming foods such as beans, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, onions, hot spices and carbonated drinks. For at least 40 days avoid meat, fish, eggs and alcohol - however, for our health it is best to do without these completely.

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↑ a aa The World Health Organization, and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (2001). "Women and the Tobacco Epidemic: Challenges for the 21st Century" (PDF). World Health Organization. pp. 5–6. Archived from the original on 2003-11-28. http://web.archive.org/20031128122821/www.who.int/tobacco/media/en/WomenMonograph.pdf. abhigman tithi: 2009-01-02.
saans se kheenche gaye padaarthon tantrika ke sire ke ant mein raasaayanik pratikriyaaon ko shuroo karte hai. klonerjik riseptar aksar svaabhaavik roop se nyoorotraansameetar (neurotransmitter) esteelaklolaain(acetylcholine) se chaaloo hone vaale hain. Acetylcholine aur nikoteen raasaayanik samaanataaon ko vyakt karta hai jo nikoteen ko riseptar ke roop mein kaam karne ki anumati deta hai.[47] ye nikotinik acetylcholine riseptar keindreeya tantrika tantr mein sthit lagte hain aur tantrika-kankaal ki maansapeshiyon ki taakat jankshan par sakriya roop se dil ki gati, satarkata[10] aur pratikriya samay ko drut kar dete hain.[11] nikoteen acetylcholine uttejana pratyaksh taur par nashe ki lat naheen hai. haalaanki jaise hi dopaamaain se prachur maatra mein nyoorauns nikoteen riseptars pravaahit hote hain, dopaamaain pravaahit hota hai.[48] dopaamaain ke pravaahit hone se, jo aanand se juda hua hai adhik majaboot hota hai aur kaam karne ki smruti mein usase vruddhi ho sakti hai.[12][49] nikoteen aur kokeen nyoorauns ke samaan paitarn hain, jo ki is vichaar ka samarthan karte hain ki in maadak padaarthon ke beech aam adh:star sakriya hai.[50]
Hassan Pakravan, son of Fathollah and Emineh, was born in Tehran on August 4, 1911 (13 Mordad 1290 AP). His father held many high government posts, including governor of Khorasan Province and ambassador to Italy. His mother, partly of European descent, was a professor at the University of Tehran. She was awarded the prestigious French Prix Rivarol, which the French government gives to foreign authors who write directly in French. She was related to the Habsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
kendreeya vidyut anusandhaan sansthaan (angreji : central power research Institute, laghu: si.pi.aar.I) jo aamtaur par si pi aar I ke naam se jaana jaata hai, sanprati vighut mantraalaya ke adheen ek svaayatt society hai. Bhaarat sarkaar dvaara 1960 mein iski sthaapana ki gayi tatha 1978 mein svaayatt society ke roop mein usaka punagarthan kiya gaya. sansthaan ka prabandh shaasi nikaaya karta hai jiske sadasya sarkaar, vidyut upayogitaaon, udyogon, shaikshink sansthaaon aadi ka pratinidhitv karte hain. sachiv vidyut mantraalaya, Bhaarat sarkaar shaasi pirshad ke adhyaksh hain. sansthaan ke mukhya adhishaasi mahaanideshak hain, jo shaasi parishd ke sadasya sachiv bhi hein.
2005 ke roop mein lagbhag sabhi digital masheenein tulyakaalik design hote hain kyonki tulyakaalik design ko banaana aur satyaapit karna bahut aasaan hai-vartamaan mein digital masheenon ki nakl karne vaale sauftaver, atulyakaalik design ko naheen sanbhaalate. tathaapi, atulyakaalik tark ko behtar samjha jaata hai, yadi usase kaam nikaala ja sake to, kyonki usaki gati ghadi dvaara manamaane dhang se gati seemit naheen hai, bajaay, yeh un laujik geton dvaara anumat gati par saamaanya roop se chalti hai, jinse inka nirmaan kiya gaya hai. tej bhaagon ke upayog dvaara ek atulyakaalik sarkit nirmaan, apratyaksh roop se sarkit ko teji se "daudaati" hai.

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Parakala took his Ph.D from renowned London School of Economics. He submitted a thesis "Security Doctrines and Foreign Policy Behaviour: A Study of Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia". He worked for his thesis in the International Relations Department under the supervision of Dr Christopher Coker. Before joining the LSE, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University (School of International Studies) for his MA and MPhil degrees. He did his graduation from Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. First year of his Intermediate was from Hyderabad and for the second year of the course he went back to his native town Narasapuram. In Hyderabad he attended Nampally Junior College and in Narasapuram he went to Sri YN College. His schooling was also in two places. His primary and secondary education was in Narasapuram. He went to Lakshminarasamamba Municipal school for his primary education. He went to Mission High School for his High School. He did his tenth partly in Narasapuram and partly in Peoples' High School in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.

praudyogiki ke udaya ke saath, kuchh vyaktiyon ko RFID maanav pratyaaropan ke kaaran adhikaaron ki haani ka dar hai. vereechip ek RFID pratyaaropan par kaam kar raha hai jismein GPS traiking kshamata hogi.[84] ameriki sarkaar dvaara yeh takaneek na keval ek vyakti ke liye balki astitv mein maujood har bhautik vastu ki kisi bhi aur har samay bhaugolik avasthati jaanane ki anumati degi. jahaan ek or yeh takaneek laapata bachchon ya bhagodon ka pata lagaane mein sahaayata kar sakti hai, vaheen doosari or yeh sarkaaron ko RFID chip vaale kisi vastu ya vyakti par nazar rakhane ki anumati deta hai. iske alaava, ise saiddhaantik roop se kisi vyakti ki jaankaari ya sahamati ke bina kiya ja sakta hai; aur isi baat par vivaad hai.

2006 mein RFID taig ko nae ameriki passport mein shaamil kiya gaya. America ne 2005 mein 10 million passport ka utpaadan kiya aur anumaan hai ki 2006 mein 13 million ka utpaadan kiya jaaega. smaaratraik dvaara nirmit chips ka jadaaoo kaarya vaisi hi jaankaari ko sanjo kar rakhega jaisa ki passport mein mudrit hota hai aur ismein maalik ki ek digital tasveer bhi shaamil hogi.[35] ameriki videsh vibhaag ne shuroo mein kaha ki chips ko keval 10 semi (4 inch) ki doori se padha ja sakega, lekin vyaapak aalochna aur spasht pradarshan ke baad yeh vishesh upakaran pareekshan passport ko 10 meter (33 foot) ki doori se padh sakta hai, in passport ki dijaain mein dhaatu ka ek astar hai jo anaadhikrut paathakon ke liye ismein se jaankaari "kheenchne" ko adhik kathin banaata hai jab passport band ho. yeh vibhaag besik ekses control (BAC) bhi laagoo karega jo passport deta prushth par mudrit aksharon ke roop mein ek vyaktigat pehchaan sankhya (PIN) ke roop mein kaarya karega. ek passport taig ko padhe jaane se pehle, is pin ko ek RFID reedar mein darj karna hoga. BAC chip aur prashnakarta ke beech ke kisi bhi samvaad ke enkripshan ko saksham banaata hai.[36]
iski tulana mein atulyakaalik system ka design bahut kathin hota hai kyonki sabhi sambhav samay mein bhi sambhaavit state ka vichaar kiya jaana chaahiye. nyoonatam aur adhiktam samay ke table ke nirmaan ke sabse saamaanya vidhi ke anusaar ismein saare state vidyamaan ho aur vaise state ke mineemaaij ke liye sarkit ko samaayojit kiya jaata hai aur jo iske sabhi hisson ke susangat state mein samay-samay par jaane ke liye sarkit ko baadhya kare. (ise "self-reesinkronaaijeshan" kaha jaata hai.) aise saavdhaan design ke bina sanyogavash atulyakaalik laujik ka utpaadan karna aasaan hai jo "asthir" hai aur vaastavik electronics hai jismein apratyaashit parinaam hote hain kyonki electronic upakaranon ke moolyon mein chhote badlaavon ki vajah se sanchit vilamb hota hai. kuchh sarkit (jaise sinkronaaijr-flip flop, svich debaaunsar aur jo baahari anasinkronaaijd ko atulyakaalik laujik sarkit mein pravesh karne ki anumati deta hai) sahaj roop se apne design mein antarnihit atulyakaalik rahe hain aur is tarah hi vishleshan kiya jaana chaahiye.

apratyaksh dhoomrapaan tambaakoo ke dhuen ka anaichhik sevan hai. second hand dhoomrapaan (SHS) vah khapat hai jahaan sulagane ka sira maujood hota, paryaavaran tambaakoo dhoomrapaan (ETS) ya thard hand dhoomrapaan vah dhoomrapaan hai jiska upabhog jalne vaale sire ke baad bhi hota rahata hai. iske nakaaraatmak prabhaav ke kaaran upabhog ke is svaroop ne tambaakoo utpaadon ke viniyman mein ek keindreeya bhoomika nibhaai.

hamane pahale se hee sanvardhit vaastavikata (eaar) aur aabhaasee vaastavikata (veeaar) praudyogikee ke lie 2016 mein kuchh pramukh kadamon ko dekha hai. okulas ripht ko sakaaraatmak risepshan ke lie jaaree kiya gaya tha, aur hajaaron veeaar aips aur gems ka paalan kiya gaya tha. hamane piksamon go bhee dekha, eaar gem, 100 miliyan se adhik daunalod ke saath visphot kiya. baajaar eaar aur veeaar ke lie taiyaar hai, aur in epleekeshans ke lie hamaare paas pahale se shuruaatee stareey upakaran aur tek mil chuke hain, lekin isase pahale ki ham cheejen sachamuch le jaenge, agale saal hone ja rahe hain. ek baar ve karate hain, aapako vyaavahaarik roop se har cheej ke eaar aur veeaar sanskaranon ke lie taiyaar rahana hoga- aur paalan karane ke lie paryaapt vipanan avasaron ka paalan karana hoga.
yadi kisi taig yukt vastu ka bhugataan kredit card ya ek lauyalti card ke upayog ke saath sanyojan ke roop mein kiya jaata hai, to paroksh roop se us vastu ki duniya bhar mein adviteeya ID (RFID taig mein samaahit) ko padh kar kreta ki pehchaan ko nikaalna sambhav ho jaaega. aisa tabhi sambhav hai jab dekhne vaale vyakti ke paas agar lauyalti card deta aur kredit card data tak abhigm bhi ho aur upakaran wala vyakti yeh jaanta ho ki aap kahaan jaane vaale hain.
According to General Pakravan, "The ayatollah used to say in this very flowery Eastern way, 'Timsar [General], I count the days until we reach the day of our luncheon.'" He described the ayatollah as, very handsome, someone with extraordinary presence, a power of seduction and great charisma. They talked about religion, philosophy, and history. General Pakravan also found him to be very ambitious and secretive. "So much so that it made my hair stand on end. It was frightening," he told his wife.
On 12 May 2013, three of his personal staffs VK Sasidharan (additional private secretary), A Suresh (personal assistant) and K Balakrishnan (press secretary) were ousted by the Politburo, which was entrusted by the CPI(M) central committee to decide on the action to be taken against them. They were expelled on charges of leaking information to media, according to CPIM.[18] With the decision, Achuthanandan's arch-rival and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appears to have won. The state committee of the party where Vijayan has a huge majority also wanted Achuthanandan to be removed from the post of leader of opposition but this was not done. "This is a clipping of the wings of Achuthanandan", said K.M. Shahjahan.[19]
mahangi engineering prakriyaaon ko svachaalit karne ke liye, kuchh EDA state table le sakte hain jo state machine ka varnan karte hain aur ek state machine ke mishrit bhaag ke liye ek truth table ya ek fankshan table ka utpaadan kar sakte hain. state table paath ka ek tukada hai jo pratyek state ko paristhitiyon ke saath soocheebaddh karta hai, jo unke aur sambandhit utpaadan sanketon ke beech sankraman ko niyantrit karta hai.
yaantrik tark aksar aisi vaashing machine mein un logon ke roop mein saste niyantrakon mein prayog kiya jaata hai. mashahoor roop se, Charles baibej dvaara pehla computer design ko yaantrik laujik ke prayog ke liye dijaain kiya gaya tha. yaantrik laujik ko, bahut chhote computer mein bhi istemaal kiya ja sakta hai jise naino takaneek dvaara banaaya ja sakta hai.
kaaryaatmak satyaapan data, aam taur par "pareekshan vektar" kahalaate hain. kaaryaatmak pareekshan vektar ko sanrakshit kiya ja sakta hai aur kaarkhaane mein yeh pareekshan karne ke liye istemaal kiya ja sakta hai ki navanirmit laujik sahi dhang se kaam karta hai ya naheen. haalaanki, kaaryaatmak pareekshan paitarn, aam nirmaan galatiyon ki khoj naheen karte. utpaadan pareekshan, aksar software upakaran dvaara design kiye jaate hain jinhein "test paitarn generator" kaha jaata hai. laujik ki sanrachana ki jaanch aur vyavasthit dhang se vishesh dosh ke liye test janit kar, ye pareekshan vektar ko utpann karte hain. is tarah fault coverage kareeb 100% tak pahunch sakta hai, basharte dijaain ko theek tarah se pareekshan yogya banaaya gaya ho (agale anubhaag ko dekhein).
The anti-reclamation stir launched by the Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union (KSKTU) at Mankompu in 1996–97, under the leadership of Achuthanandan created much controversy. This stir was claimed to be highlighting the serious problem of the massive conversion of paddy fields into other type of land, affecting the food security of the Kerala. But this soon developed into a crop destruction drive. The protest got the sobriquet following the violent methods and crop destruction resorted to by the KSKTU cadre. The stir attracted lot of public attention and Achuthanandan was forced to express his disapproval of any destruction of crops. 15 Years later, in November 2011, a UDF Minister, who is politically opposed to Achuthanadan, justified this struggle.[36] JanataDal Socialist leader and minister for Agriculture, K.P. Mohananan, MM,said, such a struggle was necessary as Conversion of Paddy fields to other type of crops is a serious concern.
kuchh deshon mein bhi tambaakoo utpaadon ki paikejing par kaanooni aavashyakataaon ko laagoo kiya. udaaharan ke liye Europeeya sangh ke deshon Turkey, Australia[96] aur dakshin Africa mein cigarette ke packet par pramukhata ke saath dhoomrapaan ke kaaran svaasthya ke saath jude jokhim ke ullekh ka lebal anivaarya hai.[97] Canada, Australia, Thailand, aaisalaind aur Brazil mein bhi cigarette ke packet par dhoomrapaan ke prabhaav ki chetaavani ke lebal ki anivaaryata laagoo ki hai aur usamein dhoomrapaan ka svaasthya par padne vaale prabhaavon ke rekhaachitr ko bhi shaamil kiya hai. Canada mein cigarette ke packet mein card bhi daala jaata hai. ve solah hain aur unamein se keval ek packet mein aata hai. unamein dhoomrapaan chhodne ki vibhinn vidhiyon ko samajhaaya gaya hai. iske alaava United Kingdom mein kai graafik NHSvijnyaaapan hain, ek mein dikhaaya gaya hai ki cigarette mein vasaayukt jamaav bhara hota hai aur yeh ek cigarette dhoomrapaan karne vaale ki dhamani ka prateek hai.
fir bhi anya kootlekhit protokaul, anadhikrut paathakon ke khilaaf gopaneeyata haasil karne ke prayaas mein hain, haalaanki ye protokaul abhi anusandhaan charan mein hain. RFID taig ko surakshit karne mein ek badi chunauti, taig ke bheetar kampyooteshanal sansaadhanon ki kami hai. maanak kootalekhan takaneek mein adhikaansh kam keemat vaale RFID upakaranon mein upalabdh sansaadhanon ki tulana mein adhik ki aavashyakta hoti hai. RSA security ne ek prototaaip upakaran ko peteint karaaya hai jo sthaaneeya star par ek maanak takkar parihaar protokaul ke dakhal se RFID sanketon ko jaam kar deta hai, or prayokta ko agar vaanchhit ho to pehchaan rokane ki anumati deta hai.[64] vibhinn neetigat upaayon ka bhi prastaav kiya gaya hai, jaise ki RFID taig waali vastu ko ek udyog maanak lebal ke saath chihnit karna. RFID suraksha, kuchh varshon se ek bahut sakriya anusandhaan kshetr hai, jismein 2002 se lekar aaj tak 400 se adhik vaigyaanik pepar prakaashit kiye gaye hain. is kshetr mein sandarbh ki ek vyaapak soochi RFID Security and Privacy Lounge mein pai ja sakti hai.
V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.

ek baar koi dijaain maujood hai aur satyaapit aur pareekshan yogya hai, to ise utpaadit yogya hone ke liye aksar sansaadhit karne ki aavashyakta hoti hai. aadhunik ekeekrut paripth mein, fotopratirodh ko ujaagar karne ke liye prayukt prakaash ki tarang dairdhya se chhoti visheshataaen hain. utpaadakata software, eksapojr maask mein mukt-paripth ko samaapt karne ke liye hastakshep paitarn jodte hain aur maask ke rijaulyooshan aur kantraast mein vruddhi karte hain.

tambaakoo ek krushi utpaad hai jo nikoteeniya prajaati ke paudhon ki taaja pattiyon ka prasanskaran hai. is prajaati mein kai upajaatiyaan hain, haalaanki nikoteeniya tabaakum (Nicotiana tabacum) saamaanyat: ugaaya jaata hai. nikoteeaana rastika (Nicotiana rustica) nikoteen ki uchch saandrata ke maamale mein doosare number par hai. in pattiyon ki kheti hoti hai aur dheeme okseekaran ki suvidha aur tambaakoo ke patte mein kairoteenauyad ko kam hone diya jaata hai taaki vah svasth ho jaaye. isse tambaakoo ke patton mein kuchh yaugik taiyaar hote hain jo meethi ghaas, chai, tel gulaab ya fal jaisa khushaboodaar jaayaka paida karte hain. paikejing se pehle tambaakoo aksar nashe ki shakti badhaane ke liye anya yogaj ke saath sanyukt roop se rakha jaata hai taaki utpaad ka peeech (pH) badal jaaye ya dhoomrapaan ka prabhaav ya svaad behtar ho jaaye. sanyukt raajya America mein in yojakon mein 599 padaarthon ka niyman kiya gaya hai.[8] is utpaad ko uske baad prasanskrut aur paik kar upabhokta baajaar ke liye bhej diya jaata hai. khapat ke saadhan ke taur par sakriya tatvon ke saath kam gaun-utpaad ko naye tareeke ke roop mein sammilit kar is kshetr mein vyaapak sambhaavnaaon ka vistaar kiya gaya hai.
donon ke paas hi aankade seemit hain. rog niyantran aur rokathaam kendra (the seintars for dijeej control end prijrveshan) ne 2002 mein prakaashit apne anusandhaan mein daava kiya hai ki sanyukt raajya America mein beche gaye ek packet cigarette par chikitsa dekhbhaal aur utpaadak hraas par 7 dollar se adhik ki laagat aati hai.[70] laagat aur adhik ho sakti hai jabki ek anya adhyayan mein use prati packet par $ 41 ki laagat bataayi hai, jinmein se jyaadaatar vyaktigat aur usaki/ uske parivaar ko vahan karna padta hai.[71] is tarah se ek anya aur adhyayan ke lekhak doosaron ke liye bahut kam laagat bataate hue kehte hain: "sankhya ke kam hone ka kaaran niji peinshan, saamaajik suraksha aur chikitsa hai- kharch ki ganana mein sabse bada kaarak samaaj hai- dhoomrapaan vaastav mein paise bachaata hai. dhoomrapaan karne vaale kam umr mein mar jaate hain aur ve vah dhan naheen uthaate jo un pranaaliyon se unhein bhugataan kiye jaate.[71]
agar system vaanchhit degree ki vishvastata ke pratinidhitv karne ke liye paryaapt digital deta ka bhandaaran karta hai to parimaaneekaran truti ko kam kiya ja sakta hai. ek nirdhaarit enaalaug sanket ko theek-theek prastut karne ke liye kitni digital data ki aavashyakta hoti hai usaki jaankaari naaikvist-shaannon namoona prameya ek mahatvapoorn nirdesh pradaan karta hai.
1860 ke dashak mein ameriki naagrik yuddh tak usaka vikaas sthir raha, jab praathamik shram shakti daasata se sthaanaantarit hokar fasalon ka hissedaar bani. yeh, maang mein parivartan ke saath hua aur cigarette ke utpaadan ke saath tambaakoo audyogeekaran ki or badha. 1881 mein ek shilpkaar James bonasaik ne cigarette ke utpaadan ki gati badhaane ke liye ek machine ka utpaadan kiya.[29]
EPCglobal - yeh maanakeekaran rooparekha hai jiske ISO niyamon ke anusaar antarraashtreeya maanakeekaran mein jaane ki sabse jyaada sambhaavana hai jaisa ki duniya ke sabhi dhvani maanakon ke saath hai, basharte seemit daayare ke saath na rah rahe hon, seema shulk niyam, havaai yaataayaat ke niyamon aur anya ke roop mein. vartamaan mein bade vitrak aur sarkaari graahak, EPC ko apne samudaaya mein achhi tarah sveekaar kiye jaane vaale ek maanak ke roop mein badhaava de rahe hain, lekin baaki duniya ke liye abhi mukti ke roop mein maanya naheen.
kuchh pranaaliyon mein yadi digital deta ka ek bhaag lupt ho jaae ya galat tareeke se vyavahrut hon, to sambandhit deta ke vishaal khandon ka arth poori tarah se badal sakta hai. kyonki kleef ifekt ke kaaran, upayogakartaaon ke liye bataana mushkil hai ki koi vishisht system vifalta ke kagaar par sahi tha ya fir vah asafal hone se pehle bahut adhik shor ko sahan kar sakta hai ya naheen.