rekheeya paripth ki tulana mein aankik paripth ko istemaal karne ki vajah iska ek laabh yeh hai ki shor[2] ke kaaran sanketo ka vightan naheen hota hai va unhein aasaani se bheja aur darshaaya ja sakta hai. udaaharan ke liye, 1 aur 0 ke kram mein banaaye huye lambe aavaaj ke ek sanket ko truti ke bina pun:nirmaan kiya ja sakta hai basharte sanket banaane ke dauraan paida hua shor itna na ho ki usaki vajah se 1 va 0 ko pahachaana hi na ja sake. seedi mein ek ghante ke sangeet ko kareeb 60 lakh dviaadhaari ankon (baainari dijits) ke roop mein sangraheet kiya ja sakta hai.

Amazed with the clarity of thoughts and the anecdotes she uses to convince the audience and take the...m to accept her view points on any topic. Yet to read her book but watched some of her vedios available online. I can't agree more with her, if one can forgive, love unconditionally and feel humble & gratitude for all blessings, life will be more peaceful and contented! Wishing her all the best to grow and reach the global stage of motivational speakers ! See More
suraksha visheshagya Bruce shneyar ne sujhaav diya hai ki ek havaai adde ke nikat sanchaalan karta ek lutera ameer deshon se aane vaalon ko shikaar bana sakta hai, ya ek aatankvaadi ek taatkaalik visfotak upakaran design kar sakta hai jo tab kaarya karega jab kisi vishesh desh ke vyakti dvaara sampark kiya jaae yadi yaatri apna card apne shareer ke najadeek (uchch taral aur khaari saamagri) ya ek fauyal-laaind batue mein naheen rakhate.
1995 se 1970 ke beech gareeb vikaasasheel deshon mein prati vyakti cigarette ki khapat mein 67 pratishat ki vruddhi hui hai, jabki usamein ameer viksit duniya mein 10 pratishat giraavat aayi hai. dhoomrapaan karne vaalon mein se assi pratishat ab kam viksit deshon mein rahate hain. 2030 tak vishv svaasthya sangathan (WHO) ki bhavishyavaani hai ki 10 million logon ki maut prativrsh dhoomrapaan se sambandhit beemaariyon se hogi jo duniya bhar mein maut ka ek sabse bada kaaran hoga, mahilaaon mein iski sabse badi vruddhi hogi. WHO ki bhavishyavaani hai ki 20 veen sadi mein dhoomrapaan se hui mauton ki daron mein 21 veen sadi mein das guna vruddhi hogi. ("Washington"(Washingtonian) patrika, December 2007).
In 2006 Parakala contested the for the Graduates constituency of East and West Godavari Districts of the newly constituted Legislative Council of the state. He polled about 12,000 first preference votes but narrowly missed to make it to the second round in the single transferable preferential voting system. That was the fourth electoral defeat of Parakala. That election also led to Parakala breaking away from BJP. Parakala claimed that there was an informal understanding between him and the party leadership that he would contest as an independent candidate as the election was not fought on party symbols. This was a tactical move necessary to attract voters who were antagonistic to BJP among the educated sections. He claimed that the party reneged on the agreement and put up an official candidate. Parakala resigned from BJP and went ahead with the campaign. In the event the official BJP candidate did not poll more than 200 votes while Parakala polled over 12,000 first preference votes.
kuchh dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ka tark hai ki dhoomrapaan ke avasaadak ka prabhaav unki nason ko shaant karta hai, aksar ekaagrata badhaane mein madad karta hai. haalaanki inpeeriyl college London ke anusaar, "nikoteen uttejak aur avasaad donon ka prabhaav dene lagta hai aur yeh sambhaavana hai ki yeh prabhaav kisi bhi samay upayogakarta ki manosthiti, paryaavaran aur upayog ki paristhitiyon dvaara nirdhaarit hota hai. adhyayan mein yeh bhi sujhaav diya gaya hai ki kam khuraak ka ek avasaadak prabhaav hai, jabki jyaada khuraak lene ka uttejak prabhaav hota hai.[67] tathaapi nikoteen ke upayog ke prabhaav aur nikoteen chhodne ke prabhaav ko alag karna asambhav hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
Parakala took his Ph.D from renowned London School of Economics. He submitted a thesis "Security Doctrines and Foreign Policy Behaviour: A Study of Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia". He worked for his thesis in the International Relations Department under the supervision of Dr Christopher Coker. Before joining the LSE, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University (School of International Studies) for his MA and MPhil degrees. He did his graduation from Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. First year of his Intermediate was from Hyderabad and for the second year of the course he went back to his native town Narasapuram. In Hyderabad he attended Nampally Junior College and in Narasapuram he went to Sri YN College. His schooling was also in two places. His primary and secondary education was in Narasapuram. He went to Lakshminarasamamba Municipal school for his primary education. He went to Mission High School for his High School. He did his tenth partly in Narasapuram and partly in Peoples' High School in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.
vivotek ke sanyojan mein dairy queen ne bhi apne nae vafaadaari aur puraskaar kaaryakram ke hisse ke roop mein mobile phone par RFIDs ka prayog shuroo kar diya hai. apne phone par lagaane ke liye sanrakshak, ek RFID taig praapt kar sakte hain. sakriyn ke baad, phone mein pronnati aur koopan praapt honge, jise vivotek ke vishesh NFC upakaranon ke dvaara padha ja sakta hai.
web aadhaarit prabandhan upakaran, sangathanon ko apni sampatti ki nigraani ki anumati dete hue duniya mein kaheen se bhi prabandhan ke faisale karne mein saksham karte hain. web aadhaarit anuprayog ka ab matlab hai ki, teesara paksh, jaise vinirmaata aur thekedaar ko parisanpatti deta ko adyatan karne ke liye pahunch di ja sakti hai, udaaharan ke liye jismein shaamil hai, nireekshan itihaas aur online pralekhan hastaantaran jo yeh sunishchit karta hai ki antim upayogakarta ke paas hamesha sahi, rial-time data ho. sangathan, pehle se hi mobile parisanpatti prabandhan samaadhaan ke saath RFID taig ko sanyojit karke apni sampatti ko darj karne aur uske sthaan par najar rakhane, usaki vartamaan sthiti aur unka rakh-rakhaav kiya gaya hai ya naheen, yeh jaanane ke liye prayog kar rahe hain.
Parakala since the beginning was against the idea of dividing the state of Andhra Pradesh. Towards the end of 2009, when the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the centre announced their intent to divide the state into two and granting statehood to Telangana, there was a political upheaval in Andhra Pradesh. Parakala along with a few likeminded people launched Visalandhra Mahasabgha, a forum to keep the state of Andhra Pradesh united. The forum held meetings, produced booklets and literature and argued for the unity of the state. It questioned the rationale and arguments of those who advocated statehood for Telangana. Parakala led the movement as the organisation's General Secretary. He toured the length and breadth of coastal and Rayalaseema regions. He was prevented form entering the Telangana districts by the separatist agitators, particularly the Telangana Rashtra Samiti activists. He was physically attacked, his house was stoned and the book he published was burnt in public view in the meeting hall where it was released. His publication 'Refuting an Agitation' listed the arguments of the separatists and refuted one after another with facts and figures and historical evidence. The agitators were unable provide a counter argument to the powerful critique of the agitation launched by Visalandhra Mahasabha. But the forum was not a mass body. It was only a platform of intellectuals and the mass parties have all either remained neutral or supported the demand for separate statehood for Telangana. Visalandhra Mahasabha could not muster mass support to sustain the agitation. The political class did not back the Mahasabha wholeheartedly. Even those who opposed the division of the state hardly took any initiative for mass mobilisation. The state was divided and the Visalandhra Mahasabha remained a mute spectator to the bifurcation of the first linguistic state in the country.
INS Sarvekshak (J22) is a hydrographic survey ship in the Indian Navy, under the Southern Naval Command. Apart from a helicopter and Bofors 40 mm gun, the ship is also equipped with four survey motor boats, two small boats.[2] The ship was awarded the runner up trophy in the 2015 Innovation Trophy awards given out on Navy Day as an operational unit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The award was given for developing an innovative solution for tidal measurement during Hydrological Surveys by use of land based terrain mapping equipment and floating buoys mounted with prisms. The award was accepted by Capt Rajesh Bargoti, the Commanding Officer of INS Sarvekshak.[3]

baajaar mein aise kai utpaad upalabdh hain jo RFID saksham card ya passport ke sambandhit vaahak ko apne deta ke parirkshan ki anumati deinge. balki ab to, sanyukt raajya America ki sarkaar ne apne nae karmachaari ID card ke liye ek anumodit parirkshan aasteen ya lifaafe ke saath use bhejana aavashyak kar diya hai.[68] is baat ko lekar virodhaabhaasi vichaar vyaapt hain ki kya elyoominiym RFID chip ke padhne ko rok sakta hai. kuchh logon ka daava hai ki elyoominiym parirkshan, jo moolat: ek fairaade pinjare ka nirmaan karta hai, bilkul kaam karta hai.[69] doosaron ka daava hai ki elyoomeeniym panni mein ek RFID card ko sirf lapetne se keval prasaaran mein aur adhik baadha aati hai, isliye poori tarah se ise rokane mein kaaragar naheen hai.[70]

27 fravari 2005 ko hue tambaakoo niyantran par WHO ke rooparekha samjhaute ka prabhaav pada. FCTC duniya ki pehli saarvajanik svaasthya sandhi hai. jin deshon ne is par hastaakshar kiye ve is baat par sahamat the ki ve aam lakshyon ki sthaapana, tambaakoo niyantran neeti ke liye nyoonatam maanak aur cigarette ki seema-paar taskari jaisi chunautiyon se nipatne mein sahayog sthaapit kareinge. vartamaan mein WHO ne ghoshit kiya hai ki 4 billion log is sandhi ki paridhi mein aayeinge, jis par 168 logon ne hastaakshar kiye hain.[82] doosare charan mein hastaaksharakarta saath milkar kaanoon banaayeinge jismein kaaryasthalon ke andar, saarvajanik parivhan, inador saarvajanik sthaanon aur jahaan tak upayukt ho anya saarvajanik sthaanon par dhoomrapaan par rok lagaayi jaayegi.
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uparokt dvaara uthaai gayi chintaaon ko klipd taig ke prayog dvaara aanshik roop se khtm kiya ja sakta hai. klipd taig, ek RFID taig hai jise upabhokta gopaneeyata ko badhaane ke liye dijaain kiya gaya hai. klipd taig ka sujhaav IBM shodhakartaaon, paul moskovitj aur guentar karjoth dvaara diya gaya hai. bikri ke baad, upabhokta taig ke ek hisse ko ukhaad sakta hai. isse ek lambi doori ke taig ko ek najadeeki taig mein parivartan ki anumati milti hai jise ab bhi padha ja sakta hai, lekin sirf kam doori par - kuchh inch ya seinteemeetar se bhi kam mein. taig ke is sanshodhan ki aaainkhon se dekhkar pushti ki ja sakti hai. is taig ka upayog baad mein vaapasi, yaad dilaane, ya risaaikiling ke liye kiya ja sakta hai.

pashu taiging ke liye dijaain kiye gaye pratyaaropit kiye jaane vaale RFID chip, ab insaanon mein istemaal kiye ja rahe hain. RFID pratyaaropan ke saath ek aaranbhik prayog, saaibaranetiks ke british professor kevin vaaravik dvaara kiya gaya jinhonne 1998 mein apne haath mein ek chip pratyaaropit kiya. 2004 mein kaunaraad ches ne Barcelona aur rautaradaim mein apne naait club mein apne VIP graahakon ki pehchaan ke liye jo iska prayog peya ke bhugataan ke liye karte the, pratyaaropit chips ki peshakash ki[42].

vishv svaasthya sangathan (WHO) ka kehna hai ki "tambaakoo ke kaaran paida hui beemaariyon aur usase hui maut ke maamalon ke jyaadaatar shikaar gareeb log hote hain. 1.22 billion dhoomrapaan karne vaalon mein se 1 billion vikaasasheel ya sankramanakaaleen arthavyavasthaaon mein rahate hain. dhoomrapaan ki darein viksit duniya mein ya to khatm ho gayi hain ya unamein giraavat I hai.[54] haalaanki vikaasasheel duniya mein tambaakoo sevan prati varsh 3.4% ki dar se badh rahi hai, jitni 2002 mein thi.[7]

In her memoirs, Mrs. Pakravan provides the following description of the arrest, imprisonment, and execution of her husband by the Islamic Revolutionary Court. She argues that General Pakravan was taken from his house to an unknown destination. When his son tried to contact him, he was told that the general was not arrested at all but that he was the guest of the Ayatollah. But in fact he was imprisoned shortly after his arrest.

ek audio deta mein singal-bit truti seedhe leeniyr pals code modyuleshan (jaise ek CD-ROM par) ke roop mein store ho jaane se ek singal klik se varst ho jaata hai. iske bajaay bahut se log storej space aur daaunalod samay ko surakshit karne ke liye audio kampreshan ka upayog karte hain kyonki ek ekal bit truti bhi poore gaane ko karapt kar sakta hai.
RFID, 2006 kaios kamyunikeshan Congress ke mukhya vishyon mein se ek tha (barlin mein kaios computer club dvaara aayojit) aur isne ek bruhat press bahas ko shuroo kiya. vishay shaamil the: electronic passport, maaifeyar kriptograafi aur FIFA vishv cup 2006 ke liye ticket. vaarta ne darshaaya ki kaise 2006 FIFA vishv cup football mein asli duniya ke RFID praudyogiki ke pehle vyaapak prayog ne kaam kiya. monokrom samooh ne ek vishesh 'haik RFID' geet ka manchan kiya.[79]

↑ Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus; Reichel, William Cornelius (June 1971) [1876] (PDF), History, manners, and customs of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighbouring states, The Historical society of Pennsylvania, pa॰ 149, aai॰aऍsa॰abee॰aऍna॰ 978-0405028533,, abhigman tithi: 2009-03-22
theem park (jaise United Kingdom mein eltan taavars) RFID ka upayog karte hain taaki unhein raaid ke upayogakarta ki pehchaan karne aur park mein unke bitaaye samay ki ek DVD banaane mein madad ho. din ke ant mein fir ise upayogakartaaon ke liye khareedne ke liye upalabdh karaaya jaata hai. yeh upayogakartaaon ke liye svaichhik hai jo park mein unhein diye jaane vaale kalaai band ko pahan kar aisa kar sakte hain.
saan Diego, California, metropolitan traanjit system (MTS), north County traanjit distrikt (NCTD) aur the sain Diego asosiyeshan of gavarmeint (SANDAG) ek ri-raaitebal RFID smart card ka upayog karti hai jise sthaaneeya taur par kampaas card ke roop mein nirdisht kiya jaata hai aur bason aur railgaadiyon ki yaatra aasaan banaane ke liye dainik, saaptaahik ya maasik paas ya nakad moolya ke roop mein upayog kiya ja sakta hai.