Mrs. Pakravan confirms the well-known story that her husband saved Ayatollah Khomeini's life in 1963. He was condemned to death and General Pakravan was upset by that. Pakravan felt that Khomeini's execution would anger the common people of Iran. He knew that the population of the country is not its elite. He presented his argument to the shah. Once he had convinced the shah to allow him to find a way out, he called on Ayatollah Mohammad-Kazem Shariatmadari, one of the senior religious leaders of Iran, and asked for his help. Ayatollah Shariatmadari suggested that Khomeini be made a grand ayatollah. So, they made a religious decree which was taken by General Pakravan and Seyyed Jalal Tehrani to the Shah.
Indian Navy claimed that the 300-Watt panels will generate about 5.4 kW solar power system, and avoid around 165 kg of carbon a day, "So in its 25 years life the total carbon saved is around 15 lakhs kg and 5.75 lakh litres of diesel by this innovation" [14][15] Noting that the world is looking for clean, renewable sources of energy in order to protect and reduce the harm caused to the environment, the Navy said the deterioration of the environment is highly correlated to the production and usage of fossil-based fuels worldwide. The Navy said it has created a new mechanism to encourage the utilization and development of renewable energy resources.[16]

yeh vyavasaaya aniyamit hai, haalaanki antarraashtreeya maanak sthaapit karne vaale nikaaya maujood hain, jinka ek udaaharan hai sanyukt raajya America, Canada, Britain aur anya deshon mein 5,000 se adhik sadasyon ka ek sangh, antarraashtreeya dendaari lekhon ke peshevar (IAPP).[1] apni vyaavasaayik maanak sanrachana ke ansh ke roop mein,[2] IAPP ne dendaari lekhon ki ek nai paribhaasha sthaapit ki hai:
↑ Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus; Reichel, William Cornelius (June 1971) [1876] (PDF), History, manners, and customs of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighbouring states, The Historical society of Pennsylvania, pa॰ 149, aai॰aऍsa॰abee॰aऍna॰ 978-0405028533,, abhigman tithi: 2009-03-22
Achuthanandan was heavily criticized for his allegedly insensitive comments in regards to the family of the late NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who was slain while defending the city of Mumbai during the 2008 terrorist attacks. Under public criticism for not visiting the mourning family, the CM finally decided to visit them. But allegedly agitated by the perceived insult and insensitivity in sending police dogs to check in a house in mourning as well as Achuthanandan's not offering condolences in a timely manner, Sandeep's father requested that the minister not visit. When Achuthanandan attempted to enter the house, he was evicted by the father on live TV.[32][33] Smarting from the snub, Achuthanandan stated during a TV interview that "Is there any rule that both the Karnataka Chief Minister and Kerala Chief Minister should go together to his (Sandeep's) home? If it were not that it was Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have gone there."(translated to English from his reply in Malayalam).[34] Faced by heavy public criticism and furor over this, Achuthanandan eventually offered a public apology, which was accepted by Sandeep's father, bringing an end to the controversy.[35]
INS Sarvekshak is equipped with a range of surveying, navigational, and communication systems. The next-generation surveying systems provided onboard include multi-beam swath echo sounding system, differential global positioning system, motion sensors, sea gravimeter, magnetometer, oceanographic sensors, side scan sonars and an automated data logging system as well as state-of-the-art Digital Survey and Processing System, sound velocity profiling system among others. These systems allow the ship to meet the stringent international/ISO 9002 digital survey accuracy standards required for the production of electronic navigation charts and publications as laid down by the International Hydrographic Organisation.[4]
As a child, Pakravan accompanied his parents to Cairo, where his father was appointed diplomatic agent. There, he received his primary education at the Lycée Français. He was then sent to Liège, Belgium where he attended high school and university. Pakravan then studied at the artillery school in Poitiers, France, and the Ecole d’Application d’Artillerie in Fontainebleau.
Wall-Mart aur ameriki raksha vibhaag ne un aavashyakataaon ko prakaashit kiya hai jo unke vikretaaon ne aapoorti shrrunkhala prabandhan mein sudhaar ke liye ladaan par RFID taig par lagaaya hai. in do sangathanon ke aakaar ke kaaran, unka RFID adhidesh duniya bhar mein hajaaron companiyon ko prabhaavit karta hai. samay seema ko kai baar badhaaya gaya hai kyonki kai vikreta RFID pranaali ko laagoo karne mein mahatvapoorn kathinaaiyon ka saamana karte hain. vyavahaar mein, vartamaan mein safal pathan dar keval 80% chalti hai, utpaadon aur paikejing ki vajah se hone vaale radio tarang ksheenan ke kaaran. bhavishya mein yeh aasha ki jaati hai ki chhoti companiyaan bhi baahar jaane vaale apne ladaan par RFID taig lagaane mein saksham hongi.
After four consequent electoral defeats, Parakala withdrew from the electoral arena. He concentrated on public discourse through the current affairs programmes on television and his profession as a policy analyst. But in 2008 some like minded people approached Parakala with an intention to start a new alternative political platform. Popular matinee idol Chiramjivi was to be the face of the party. Parakala lent his support to the idea and worked to establish the party. He was one of the signatories to the application for the registration of the Political Party 'Prajarajyam' and one of its founding General Secretaries and spokespersons. But the experimented turned out to be another disappointment for Parakala. He found that there was no clear agenda and party tickets were given in exchange of money. Several local leaders openly hurled accusations at the party leadership. Parakala held a press conference at the party headquarters and launched a scathing attack on the party leadership for betraying the ideals for which the new platform was to stand for. Terming the party as Poisonous Ivy (Vishavruksham), he announced his resignation. That address to the press was telecast live and thousands viewed it across the state. That spelt the doom for the party. A party that was hoping to have an impressive performance ended up with securing just 18 seats with the charismatic Chiramjivi himself losing one of the two seats he contested from his native place. Many people still question the moral and ethical basis of Parakala holding a press conference at the party headquarters to criticise the party and its leadership. Opinion is still bitterly divided on this. The Prajarajyam seems to have put an end to the party and electoral political career of Parakala.

27 fravari 2005 ko hue tambaakoo niyantran par WHO ke rooparekha samjhaute ka prabhaav pada. FCTC duniya ki pehli saarvajanik svaasthya sandhi hai. jin deshon ne is par hastaakshar kiye ve is baat par sahamat the ki ve aam lakshyon ki sthaapana, tambaakoo niyantran neeti ke liye nyoonatam maanak aur cigarette ki seema-paar taskari jaisi chunautiyon se nipatne mein sahayog sthaapit kareinge. vartamaan mein WHO ne ghoshit kiya hai ki 4 billion log is sandhi ki paridhi mein aayeinge, jis par 168 logon ne hastaakshar kiye hain.[82] doosare charan mein hastaaksharakarta saath milkar kaanoon banaayeinge jismein kaaryasthalon ke andar, saarvajanik parivhan, inador saarvajanik sthaanon aur jahaan tak upayukt ho anya saarvajanik sthaanon par dhoomrapaan par rok lagaayi jaayegi.
2002 mein rog niyantran aur rokathaam kendra ne kaha ki sanyukt raajya America mein beche gaye cigarette ke ek packet par dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ki chikitsa aur utpaadakata mein kshati ke roop mein desh ke 7 $ (dollar) se adhik kharch hote hain, jo prativrsh dhoomrapaan karne vaale prati vyakti par prativrsh $ 2000 se adhik baithata hai.[70] svaasthya arthashaastriyon ke ek dal ne ek anya adhyayan mein paaya ki unke parivaaron aur samaaj dvaara sanyukt pradatt moolya cigarette ke prati packet par 41 dollar hai.[83]
jab graahak ek dresing room mein pravesh karta hai, to darpan unki chhavi aur celebrity dvaara pahane gaye paridhaan ki chhaviyon ko ek intarektiv pradarshan par darshaata hai. ek web camera us paridhaan ko pahane upabhokta ki ek chhavi website par sabhi ke dekhne ke liye pesh karta hai. isse dukaan ke andar upabhoktaaon aur dukaan ke baahar unke saamaajik network ke beech ek sampark banta hai. is pranaali mein praudyogiki, dresing room mein ek RFID introgetar aintena aur paridhaan par electronic utpaad code RFID taig hai.[41]
RFID traansapondar chips ko golf geind mein pratyaaropit kiya gaya hai jisse unhein track kiya ja sake. aise traiking ka upayog homing upakaran ka upayog kar, khoi hui geind ko khojane mein aur kampyootareekrut driving range praaroop mein kiya ja sakta hai jo ek khilaadi dvaara maare gaye shot ko track karta hai aur doori aur sateekata par pratikriya deta hai.
laujik geton ke samakaksh set ke saath digital sarkit ka pratinidhitv shaastreeya tareeka hai. praay: kam se kam electronic ke saath electronic svichon ke samakaksh pranaali ka nirmaan ek doosra tareeka hai (aam taur par traanjistar karta hai). sirf ek trooth table se yukt smruti aasaan tareekon mein se ek hota hai. memori ke pate par input daale jaate hain aur memori ke data aaootput, aaootput ban jaate hain.
digital masheenein, pehli baar upayogi tab bani jab ek svich ke liye MTBF kuchh sau ghante se oopar ho gaya. fir bhi, inmein se kai masheenon mein jatiltaaen theen, achhi tarah se abhyaas ki jaane waali marammat prakriyaaen aur ek tube ke jal jaane ya ek keet ke ek rile mein fans jaane ke kaaran kai ghanton tak kaam naheen karateen thi. aadhunik traanjistar krut ekeekrut paripth laujik gate mein lagbhag ek treeliyn ghante ka MTBFs hai (1 × 1012)),[krupaya uddharan jodein] aur unki jaroorat hai kyonki unke paas bahut saare laujik gate hai.
kai deshon mein dhoomrapaan ki umr nirdhaarit hai, sanyukt raajya America sahit kai deshon, Europeeya sangh ke adhikaansh sadasya raajyon, New Zealand, Canada, dakshin Africa, isaraail, Bhaarat, Brazil, chili, kosta rika aur Australia mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko naabaaligon ko bechana avaidh hai aur Netherland, ostriya, Belgium, Denmark aur dakshin Africa mein 16 se kam aayu ke logon ko tambaakoo utpaad bechana avaidh hai. 1 sitmbar 2007 ko Germany mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko khareedne ki nyoonatam aayu badhaakar 16 se 18 kar di gayi aur usi ke saath saath great Britain mein bhi 1 October 2007 se yeh seema 16 se 18 kar di gayi.[98] sanyukt raajya America ke 50 mein se 46 raajyon mein nyoonatam aayu 18 varsh hai, Alabama, alaaska, new jersey ke alaava, yoota aur jahaan kaanooni umr 19 varsh hai (New York ke uttari raajya onondaga County ke saath hi saath New York ke lambe aaisalaind ki County sufafolk aur nassoo mein bhi).[krupaya uddharan jodein] kuchh deshon mein tambaakoo utpaadon ko (arthaat khareedne par) bachchon ko dene aur yahaan tak ki dhoomrapaan karne ke kaarya mein sanlagn bachchon ke khilaaf bhi kaanoon hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein] aise kaanoonon ki antarnihit dhaarana hai ki log tambaakoo ke istemaal ke jokhim ke baare mein jaankaar hi upayog ke sambandh mein nirnaya lein. in kaanoonon mein kuchh deshon aur raajyon ne ek dheela pravartan kiya hai. anya kshetron mein cigarette abhi bhi bachchon ko bech rahe hain kyonki ullanghan ke liye jurmaana kam hain ya tulanaatmak roop se bachchon ko bechana laabhakaarak hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein] haalaanki cheen, Turkey aur kai anya deshon mein aam taur par ek bachche ko tambaakoo utpaadon ko khareedne mein kam mushkil ka saamana karna padta hai kyonki aksar unase apne maata-pita ke liye tambaakoo khareedne ke liye dukaan jaane ko kaha jaata hai.

With just the entry of sales and puchases, Vyapar will help you know the exact status of your business accounts, receivable/payables and stock at all times anywhere. It will become your best bookkeeper buddy giving you all the information about your sales, purchases, cashflow, stock, accounts, receivables, payables etc and literally bring your business on your fingertips. It will help you get paid faster by giving you automatic payment reminders.

Europeeya sangh mein 1991 se television without frantiyrs direktiv (1989)[93] ke tahat sabhi tambaakoo vigyaapan aur television par praayojan pratibandhit kar diya, is pratibandh ko television vigyaapan nideshaalaya dvaara vistaarit kiya gaya jo July 2005 ko amal mein aaya jismein media ke anya roopon ko bhi shaamil kar liya gaya jaise Internet, print media aur radio. yeh nirdesh cinemagharon mein vigyaapan, hording ya bikri ke prayog par - ya saanskrutik aayojanon, khel ki pratiyogitaaon par laagoo naheen hota, jo poori tarah sthaaneeya hote hain, jiske sahabhaagiyon mein keval ek sadasya raajya hota hai,[94] kyonki yeh sab Europeeya aayog ke kshetraadhikaar se baahar aata hai. tathaapi, adhikaansh sadasya nirdesh ko apne desh ke kaanoon ke anusaar sthaanaantarit kar dete hain unke kshetr ko vyaapak kar dete hain aur sthaaneeya vigyaapan lete karte hain. Europeeya aayog ki 2008 ki ek report ne nishkarsh nikaala ki nirdesh ka sabhi Europeeya sangh ke sadasya raajyon mein safalataapoorvak raashtreeya kaanoon mein sthaanaantaran ho gaya hai aurain kaanoonon ko achhi tarah se laagoo kiya gaya.[95]
kuchh pranaaliyon mein yadi digital deta ka ek bhaag lupt ho jaae ya galat tareeke se vyavahrut hon, to sambandhit deta ke vishaal khandon ka arth poori tarah se badal sakta hai. kyonki kleef ifekt ke kaaran, upayogakartaaon ke liye bataana mushkil hai ki koi vishisht system vifalta ke kagaar par sahi tha ya fir vah asafal hone se pehle bahut adhik shor ko sahan kar sakta hai ya naheen.
udaaharan ke liye, kuchh laujik parivaaron mein, NAND gate, nirmaan hone vaale saralatam digital gate hain. anya sabhi laujik waali kaarravaai NAND gate dvaara kaaryaanvit ki ja sakti hain. yadi ek sarkit ko pehle se hi ek NAND gate ki aavashyakta hai aur ek ekal chip aam taur par chaar NAND gate rakhata hai, to baaki ke gate ko anya laujik kaarravaaiyon ko jaise laujikl end laagoo karne ke liye prayog kiya ja sakta hai. yeh, un vibhinn prakaar ke gate se yukt chip ki aavashyakta ko samaapt kar sakta hai.
kaaryaatmak satyaapan data, aam taur par "pareekshan vektar" kahalaate hain. kaaryaatmak pareekshan vektar ko sanrakshit kiya ja sakta hai aur kaarkhaane mein yeh pareekshan karne ke liye istemaal kiya ja sakta hai ki navanirmit laujik sahi dhang se kaam karta hai ya naheen. haalaanki, kaaryaatmak pareekshan paitarn, aam nirmaan galatiyon ki khoj naheen karte. utpaadan pareekshan, aksar software upakaran dvaara design kiye jaate hain jinhein "test paitarn generator" kaha jaata hai. laujik ki sanrachana ki jaanch aur vyavasthit dhang se vishesh dosh ke liye test janit kar, ye pareekshan vektar ko utpann karte hain. is tarah fault coverage kareeb 100% tak pahunch sakta hai, basharte dijaain ko theek tarah se pareekshan yogya banaaya gaya ho (agale anubhaag ko dekhein).
jab se digital sarkit enaalaug ghatakon se bana hain digital sarkit lo-prisishn se bhi dheere ganana karta hai jo ek samaan space aur shakti ka prayog karta hai. haalaanki digital sarkit iske uchch shor unmukti ke kaaran baar-baar aakalan kar paaega. doosari or, uchch parishuddhata domen mein (udaaharan ke liye jahaan parishuddhata ke liye 14 ya adhik bits ki aavashyakta hai) enaalaug sarkit ko adhik shakti aur digital samakaksh kshetr ki aavashyakta hai.

pustakaalayon mein RFID ko lekar jis chinta ka prasaar hua hai vah gopaneeyata ka mudda hai. choonki RFID traansameetar aur reedar ke anusaar, RFID taig ko 350 feet ya 100 meter se padha aur scan kiya ja sakta hai (udaaharan ke smart lebal RFID) aur choonki RFID, freekveinsi ke vargeekaran ka istemaal karta hai (donon, taig ke prakaar par nirbhar karta hai), chinta ka vishay yeh hai ki kya samvedansheel jaankaari ko ek anichhuk srot se ekatr kiya ja sakta hai. haalaanki, pustakaalaya ke RFID taig mein koi sanrakshak jaankaari shaamil naheen hoti,[33] aur adhikaansh pustakaalayon mein prayukt taig jis freekveinsi ka prayog karte hain vah keval lagbhag das foot se pathaneeya hai.[28] saath hi, pustakaalayon ko hamesha yeh record rakhana hai ki kisne kab kya liya hai, to us maayane mein koi nai baat naheen hai. haalaanki, kai pustakaalaya in record ko saamagri ke ek baar vaapas aa jaane ke baad nasht kar dete hain. RFID, paathakon ki gopaneeyata ke is sammaan ko jatil ya samaapt kar degi. iske alaava, ek anya gair-pustakaalaya agency sambhaavit roop se pustakaalaya vyavasthaapak ki jaankaari ya sahamati ke bina pustakaalaya se nikalne vaale pratyek vyakti ke RFID taig ko record kar sakti hai. ek aasaan vikalp hai ki pustak ko ek code sanchaarit karne diya jaae jiska mahatva sirf laaibreri ke daataabes ke saath sanyojan ke roop mein ho. ek aur kadam yeh hai ki kitaab ko jab bhi lautaaya jaae to use ek naya code diya jaae. aur agar bhavishya mein reedar sarvavyaapak ho jaae to (aur sanbhavat: jude hue), chori gayi kitaabon ko laaibreri ke baahar bhi pata lagaaya ja sakta hai. taig ko hataane ko mushkil banaaya ja sakta hai agar taig itna chhota ho ki use ek (yaadruchhik) prushth ke andar adrushya roop se lagaaya ja sake, sanbhavat: prakaashak dvaara vahaan daal diya jaae.

cigarette ke maamale mein French "chhota sigaar" dhoomrapaan ka ek utpaad hai jise patali tambaakoo ki pattiyon ko ant mein kaatkar aur tambaakoo ka punargathan kar theek se taiyaar kiya jaata hai, aksar ise anya yogaj ke saath sanyukt kar ek velanaakaar kaagaj mein lapet diya jaata hai.[8] cigarette aamtaur par sulagaakar usaka dhuaan ek selooloj eseetet filtar ke maadhyam se munh aur fefadon mein kheencha jaata hai. cigarette peena tambaakoo-sevan ka sabse aam tareeka hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein]

1980 ke dashak mein mile vaigyaanik pramaan ke anusaar tambaakoo companiyaan ne daava kiya hai ki laaparavaahi baratne ka kaaran svaasthya par padne vaale pratikool prabhaav se pehle unka anajaan hona tha ya paryaapt vishvasaneeyata ka abhaav tha. svaasthya adhikaariyon ne 1998 tak in daavon ka saath diya jiske baad unhonne apni sthiti ulat di. tambaakoo pradhaan niptaan samjhauta (the tobaiko master saitalameint egreemeint) mool roop se chaar sabse badi tambaakoo companiyon aur 46 raajyon ke ameriki etorni general ke beech hua. tambaakoo ke kuchh khaas prakaar ke vijnyaaapanon par pratibandh laga diya gaya aur svaasthya muaavaje ke taur par bhugataan ko aavashyak kar diya gaya, jo baad mein sanyukt raajya America ke itihaas mein sabse bade naagrik niptaan ke roop saamane aaya.[36]
saans se kheenche gaye padaarthon tantrika ke sire ke ant mein raasaayanik pratikriyaaon ko shuroo karte hai. klonerjik riseptar aksar svaabhaavik roop se nyoorotraansameetar (neurotransmitter) esteelaklolaain(acetylcholine) se chaaloo hone vaale hain. Acetylcholine aur nikoteen raasaayanik samaanataaon ko vyakt karta hai jo nikoteen ko riseptar ke roop mein kaam karne ki anumati deta hai.[47] ye nikotinik acetylcholine riseptar keindreeya tantrika tantr mein sthit lagte hain aur tantrika-kankaal ki maansapeshiyon ki taakat jankshan par sakriya roop se dil ki gati, satarkata[10] aur pratikriya samay ko drut kar dete hain.[11] nikoteen acetylcholine uttejana pratyaksh taur par nashe ki lat naheen hai. haalaanki jaise hi dopaamaain se prachur maatra mein nyoorauns nikoteen riseptars pravaahit hote hain, dopaamaain pravaahit hota hai.[48] dopaamaain ke pravaahit hone se, jo aanand se juda hua hai adhik majaboot hota hai aur kaam karne ki smruti mein usase vruddhi ho sakti hai.[12][49] nikoteen aur kokeen nyoorauns ke samaan paitarn hain, jo ki is vichaar ka samarthan karte hain ki in maadak padaarthon ke beech aam adh:star sakriya hai.[50]
suraksha visheshagya Bruce shneyar ne sujhaav diya hai ki ek havaai adde ke nikat sanchaalan karta ek lutera ameer deshon se aane vaalon ko shikaar bana sakta hai, ya ek aatankvaadi ek taatkaalik visfotak upakaran design kar sakta hai jo tab kaarya karega jab kisi vishesh desh ke vyakti dvaara sampark kiya jaae yadi yaatri apna card apne shareer ke najadeek (uchch taral aur khaari saamagri) ya ek fauyal-laaind batue mein naheen rakhate.
rekheeya paripth ki tulana mein aankik paripth ko istemaal karne ki vajah iska ek laabh yeh hai ki shor[2] ke kaaran sanketo ka vightan naheen hota hai va unhein aasaani se bheja aur darshaaya ja sakta hai. udaaharan ke liye, 1 aur 0 ke kram mein banaaye huye lambe aavaaj ke ek sanket ko truti ke bina pun:nirmaan kiya ja sakta hai basharte sanket banaane ke dauraan paida hua shor itna na ho ki usaki vajah se 1 va 0 ko pahachaana hi na ja sake. seedi mein ek ghante ke sangeet ko kareeb 60 lakh dviaadhaari ankon (baainari dijits) ke roop mein sangraheet kiya ja sakta hai.
dendaari lekhon mein, ek saadhaaran glati se adhik bhugataan ho sakta hai. ek saamaanya udaaharan mein dupleeket beejak shaamil hain. ek beejak asthaai roop se glat jagah rakha ja sakta hai ya abhi bhi anumodan star par ho sakti hai, jab vikreta uske bhugataan ki sthiti maaloom karne ke liye sampark karta hai. A/P staaf sadasya chhaan-been karta hai aur paata hai ki usaka bhugataan abhi naheen hua hai, to vikreta dupleeket beejak bhejata hai; is beech mool beejak ka pata chalta hai aur usaka bhugataan ho jaata hai. uske baad dupleeket beejak aata hai aur anajaane mein usaka bhi bhugataan ho jaata hai, shaayad kisi alag beejak sankhya ke adheen.
RFID praudyogiki ke kai upayogon mein se ek hai unka pustakaalayon mein prayog. is praudyogiki ne dheere-dheere pustakaalaya ki cheejon par (kitaabein, CD, DVD, aadi) paaramparik baarakod ki jagah lena shuroo kar diya hai. RFID taig mein pehchaan sambandhit jaankaari ho sakti hai jaise ek pustak ka sheershak ya saamagri prakaar, jiske tahat ek alag daataabes ki or ishaara karne ki aavashyakta naheen hogi (lekin yeh uttar America mein durlabh hai). yeh jaankaari ek RFID reedar dvaara padhi jaati hai, jo maanak baarakod reedar ko jo saamaanyat: ek pustakaalaya ki sanchalan mej par paaya jaata hai, pratisthaapit karta hai. pustakaalaya saamagri par paaya jaane wala RFID taig aamtaur par uttar America mein 50 mm X 50 mm aur Europe mein 50 mm x 75 mm ke naap ka hota hai. ise baarakod ki jagah ya usamein shaamil kiya ja sakta hai, jo staaf ko soochi prabandhan ka ek alag tareeka aur lene vaalon ko swayam seva pradaan karega. yeh ek suraksha upakaran ke roop mein bhi kaarya kar sakte hain aur paramparaagat vidyut chumbakeeya patti[28] ki jagah le sakte hain aur na keval kitaabein, balki sadasyata card mein bhi ek RFID taig lagaaya ja sakta hai.
ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.
paanv ki daud mein, dhaavak nishkriya taig pahanate hain jo track ke donon chhoron ya track ke aar-paar bichhe Matt par rakhe enteena dvaara padha jaata hai. nyoon ya uchch freekveinsi antim peedhi taig ke bajaay UHF aadhaarit taig, vishesh roop se design kiye gaye entena ke dvaara sateek reeding pradaan karte hain. rash truti, laip kaaunt trutiyaan aur durghatanaaon se bacha ja sakta hai choonki bina ek batch mod mein rahe koi bhi kabhi bhi shuroo aur khatm kar sakta hai.
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Singapore mein, saarvajanik parivhan ki bason aur trainon mein nishkriya RFID ko laagoo kiya gaya hai jise EZ-Link card ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. bheed bhare shahar ke aatanrik kshetron mein yaataayaat ko char tol dvaara niyantrit kiya jaata hai jise stord vailyoo card (kaishakaard ke roop mein gyaat) ke upayog ko ek sakriya taiging pranaali ke saath upayog dvaara laagoo kiya jaata hai.