Parakala is a trained political economist. After his return from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 1991 summer, he established a policy and research consultancy and by name Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS). He led the Centre as its director. CPPS worked for governments, both union and state, and undertook many evaluation studies for inter-governmental organisations such as Unicef, ILO, UNDP, WTO etc. CPPS also undertook public opinion polls and election analyses. CPPS is now made into a private limited company with the name RightFOLIO. RightFOLIO has a large portfolio: political analysis, election studies, Communications, Conferences, Brand Consulting, and Human Resource consulting. Parakala is now heading RightFOLIO as its Managing director.
Achuthanandan has served many positions in his long political career. He was the Kerala State Secretary of the CPI(M) between 1980 and 1992 and he became a member of the Politburo in 1985. He has also been active in parliamentary politics; he was elected as a member of Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1967, 1970, 1991, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016. He was the Leader of Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly from 1992 to 1996, from 2001 to 2006 and from 2011 to 2016. He was the editor of CPI(M) mouth piece in Malayalam, Deshabhimani daily. He was the Chief Ministerial candidate for 1996 State elections. In those elections, LDF gained 80 out of 140 seats, but Achuthanandan, who contested from Mararikulam in Alappuzha district, lost by a margin of 1965 votes. Thus, E.K. Nayanar, who held the position twice earlier, became Chief Minister again.

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The primary task of INS Sarvekshak includes Hydrographic Surveys, Nautical Chart preparation & Cartography & Training. The ship is also equipped with ROV, AUV & USV.[5] As part of protocol the ship also took part in International Defence Exhibition 2009 held at Abu Dhabi [6] In 2015 Sarvekshak, was deployed in Mauritius for 5 weeks to help in Survey Operations.[7] INS Sarvekshak was also deployed in 2011 to Mauritius as part of survey operations to execute the following tasks in 3 phases.
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mahangi engineering prakriyaaon ko svachaalit karne ke liye, kuchh EDA state table le sakte hain jo state machine ka varnan karte hain aur ek state machine ke mishrit bhaag ke liye ek truth table ya ek fankshan table ka utpaadan kar sakte hain. state table paath ka ek tukada hai jo pratyek state ko paristhitiyon ke saath soocheebaddh karta hai, jo unke aur sambandhit utpaadan sanketon ke beech sankraman ko niyantrit karta hai.
sanbhaar-tantr aur parivhan, RFID praudyogiki ke kaaryaanvayan ke pramukh kshetr hain. udaaharan ke liye, yaard prabandhan, shiping aur maal dhulaai aur vitran kendra, kuchh aisi jagahein hain RFID traiking praudyogiki ka istemaal kiya jaata hai. duniya bhar ki parivhan companiyaan, vyaapaar moolya aur kaaryakushalata par RFID praudyogiki ke prabhaav ke kaaran isko tavajjo deti hain.
keemat ke ghatne se RFID praudyogiki teji se prachalit ho rahi hai. January 2003 mein jilet ne ghoshana ki ki usane eliyn technology ko 500 million taig ka aadesh diya hai. jilet ke V.P. dik kaantavel, jo ab Cisco ke karmachaari hain, ka kehna hai ki company ne har taig ke liye "das seint ke andar" bhugataan kiya hai. Japani HIBIKI pahal, is keemat ko kam karke 5 yen (4 yooroseint) par laana chaahata hai. aur January 2009 mein envego ne 5.9 seint ke taig ki ghoshana ki.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.
On 12 May 2013, three of his personal staffs VK Sasidharan (additional private secretary), A Suresh (personal assistant) and K Balakrishnan (press secretary) were ousted by the Politburo, which was entrusted by the CPI(M) central committee to decide on the action to be taken against them. They were expelled on charges of leaking information to media, according to CPIM.[18] With the decision, Achuthanandan's arch-rival and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appears to have won. The state committee of the party where Vijayan has a huge majority also wanted Achuthanandan to be removed from the post of leader of opposition but this was not done. "This is a clipping of the wings of Achuthanandan", said K.M. Shahjahan.[19]

bahirmukhata ek aisi visheshata hai jo jyaadaatar dhoomrapaan se judi hai aur dhoomrapaan karne vaale milnasaar, aavegi, jokhim uthaane vaale aur uttejana ki chaahate rakhane vaale vyakti hote hain.[65] haalaanki vyaktitv aur saamaajik kaarak logon ko dhoomrapaan ke liye prerit kar karte hain, vaastavik aadat prabhaav daalne ki anukoolata ki kriya hai. praarambhik charan ke dauraan dhoomrapaan sukhad anubhootiyaan pradaan karta hai (iske dopaamaain-dopamine pranaali par prabhaav ke kaaran) aur is tarah sakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran ke ek srot ke roop mein kaarya karta hai. ek vyakti dvaara kai varshon tak dhoomrapaan karne ke pashchaat parihaar ke lakshan aur nakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran pramukh utprerak ho jaate hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
kai dhoomrapaan virodhi sangathanon ka daava hai ki kishor apne hamaumr ke saathiyon ke dabaav tatha doston ke pade saanskrutik prabhaav ke kaaran dhoomrapaan shuroo karte hain. haalaanki, ek adhyayan mein paaya gaya hai ki cigarette peene ka pratyaksh dabaav kishoraavastha mein dhoomrapaan mein mahatvapoorn bhoomika naheen nibhaata hai. is adhyayan mein yeh bhi report hai ki kishoraavastha mein cigarette peene ke nirdeshaatmak aur pratyaksh donon tarah ke dabaav kam hote hain.[62] aise hi ek adhyayan se pata chala hai ki koi vyakti dhoomrapaan mein usase adhik sakriya bhoomika nibha sakta hai jiski bhoomika pehle sveekaar ki gayi hai aur saathiyon ke dabaav ki tulana mein anya saamaajik prakriyaaon par bhi dhyaan diye jaane ki aavashyakta hai.[63] ek anya adhyayan ke parinaamon se pata chala hai ki saathiyon ke dabaav mein sabhi aayu aur ling ke dal ke dhoomrapaan vyavahaar mahatvapoorn dhang se jude the, lekin ve antaravaiyaktik kaarak kaafi adhik mahatvapoorn the jo 12-13 varsh ki ladkiyon ki tulana mein usi umr ke ladkon ke dhoomrapaan vyavahaar ko alag karta hai. 14-15 saal ke bheetar ke aayu samooh ke logon mein apne saathiyon ke dhoomrapaan ke dabaav ka prabhaav ladkon ki tulana mein ladkiyon par adhik padna ek mahatvapoorn kaarak ke roop mein ubhara.[64] aksar is baat par bahas hoti hai ki kya saathiyon ke dabaav ya swayam chayan kishoraavastha mein dhoomrapaan ka ek bada kaaran hai. yeh tark ka vishay hai ki saathiyon ke dabaav ka ulta bhi sach hai, jab saathiyon mein se jyaadaatar dhoomrapaan naheen karte hain aur jo aisa karne vaalon ko bahishkrut kar dete hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein]hains aaiseink jaise manovaijnyaaanikon ne vishisht dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ke liye ek vyaktitv vikaas profaail kiya hai.
saarvajanik pustakaalaya ka dach sangh (Vereniging van Openbare' Bibliotheken) ek anyonyakriya 'sandarbh pustakaalaya' ki avadhaarana par kaam kar raha hai, jahaan lenevaalon ko ek reedar/hedafon set milta hai, jo unhein pustakaalaya ke vaanchhit anubhaag ki or le jaata hai (GPS ke vipreet, traayanguleshan tareeke ka upayog karke) aur jiska istamaal ve alamaariyon par rakhi pustakon se vaanchhit star ke vivran ke saath soochana padhne ke liye kar sakte hain (udaaharan ke liye, jor se padha gaya bhaag) jo pustak ke taig se hi aata hai ya kaheen aur sthit detaabes se aur lenevaale ki vareeyataaon ke aadhaar par vikalp ka sujhaav praapt karke, is prakaar pustakaalaya ka aur adhik vyaktigat sanskaran banaaya ja sakta hai. isse ve pustakaalaya ke un bhaagon mein bhi jaayeinge jahaan anyatha ve yaatra naheen karte. lenevaale, is pranaali ka upayog anubhavon ke aadaan-pradaan ke liye bhi kar sakte hain (jaise pustak greding mein). ise pehle se hi bachchon dvaara mein aabhaasi daayare mein kiya ja raha hai, lekin ise bhautik roop mein bhi kiya ja sakta hai. lenevaale, vaapasi mej par kitaab ko gred de sakte hain.
1980 ke dashak mein mile vaigyaanik pramaan ke anusaar tambaakoo companiyaan ne daava kiya hai ki laaparavaahi baratne ka kaaran svaasthya par padne vaale pratikool prabhaav se pehle unka anajaan hona tha ya paryaapt vishvasaneeyata ka abhaav tha. svaasthya adhikaariyon ne 1998 tak in daavon ka saath diya jiske baad unhonne apni sthiti ulat di. tambaakoo pradhaan niptaan samjhauta (the tobaiko master saitalameint egreemeint) mool roop se chaar sabse badi tambaakoo companiyon aur 46 raajyon ke ameriki etorni general ke beech hua. tambaakoo ke kuchh khaas prakaar ke vijnyaaapanon par pratibandh laga diya gaya aur svaasthya muaavaje ke taur par bhugataan ko aavashyak kar diya gaya, jo baad mein sanyukt raajya America ke itihaas mein sabse bade naagrik niptaan ke roop saamane aaya.[36]
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