In what can be considered as a near repeat of the 2006 pre-election build-up, the Politbureau of CPI-M impressed upon the state leadership to permit VS Achuthanandan to contest elections for the April 2011 Assembly election in Kerala.[16] VS Achuthanandan contested from the Malampuzha Constituency and won with a margin of around 25,000 votes. It was the VS factor that had created history in the 2011 elections with the Opposition front UDF winning the elections on the margin of 72-68 assembly seats. This is considered as loss for UDF as they were ahead in 100 constituencies during the 2009 Lok Sabha Election. After this election VS has been considered the man behind the Uprising of LDF after the 2009 Parliament and 2010 Municipal election loses.[17]
pitsabarg mein seint kleyar aspataal ke ek RFID aur baarakod aadhaarit bedasaaid dava satyaapan pranaali laagoo ki hai jo dava trutiyon ko kam kar ke rogi suraksha mein sudhaar karti hai. IV pampon ke maadhyam se di gayi davaaon sahit koi bhi dava dene se pehle, narsein rogi ke ID aur davaaon ki jaanch ke liye ek portebal RFID reedar aur baarakod skainar se yukt ek PDA ka prayog karti hain.[60]

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kredit card companiyaan ab kisi bhi mobile phone se gair-sampark bhugataan card jodne ke liye bhugataan samaadhaan talaash rahi hain. ek vaahak samaadhaan jo is udyog ki jaroorat ko poora kare ab upalabdh hai. 3mm se kam mota, yeh up-card 2 varshon tak apne paryaavaran ko jhel sakega aur ek baar daale jaane ke baad yeh tatvon se rakshit aur vaahak mein surakshit rahega.[10]

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2009 ki garmiyon ke baad se, do kredit card companiyaan vishesh maaicroSD card ke vikaas ke liye dalaas, Texas aadhaarit divaaisafideliti ke saath kaam kar rahi hain. jab ise ek mobile phone mein daala jaaega to yeh microSD card, ek nishkriya taig aur ek RFID reedar, donon ho sakta hai.[11] microSD daalne ke baad, ek upayogakarta ka phone bank khaate se jud jaaega aur usaka upayog mobile bhugataan mein kiya jaaega.
Through his involvement in social, political issues and continues fight against corruption and sex, land, lottery mafias, he made lot of enemies from politics, religion, caste etc. and his political enemies reacted against him. A Kerala high court verdict undermined this - "Kerala High Court quashed the FIR against him in a land allotment issue, holding that framing a case against him on 'false and frivolous' charges was unworthy of any merit." The court said some features presented in the case were 'too disturbing', that in fact 'gives enough room to generate suspicion that the machinery of vigilance is misused and abused to silence political opponents.'
dendaari lekhon mein, ek saadhaaran glati se adhik bhugataan ho sakta hai. ek saamaanya udaaharan mein dupleeket beejak shaamil hain. ek beejak asthaai roop se glat jagah rakha ja sakta hai ya abhi bhi anumodan star par ho sakti hai, jab vikreta uske bhugataan ki sthiti maaloom karne ke liye sampark karta hai. A/P staaf sadasya chhaan-been karta hai aur paata hai ki usaka bhugataan abhi naheen hua hai, to vikreta dupleeket beejak bhejata hai; is beech mool beejak ka pata chalta hai aur usaka bhugataan ho jaata hai. uske baad dupleeket beejak aata hai aur anajaane mein usaka bhi bhugataan ho jaata hai, shaayad kisi alag beejak sankhya ke adheen.
richrd daul ne 1950 mein british medical journal mein anusandhaan prakaashit kiya jismein dhoomrapaan aur fefade ke Cancer ke beech kareebi sambandh pradarshit kiya gaya.[35] chaar saal baad 1954 mein british doctoron ke adhyayan mein, jise 20 varshon tak lagbhag 40 hajaar doctoron ne kiya tha, is sujhaav ki pushti ki, jiske aadhaar par sarkaar ne salaah jaari ki ki dhoomrapaan aur fefade ke Cancer ki dar ka aapasi sambandh hai.[5] isi tarah 1964 mein dhoomrapaan aur svaasthya par sanyukt raajya America ke surgeon general ki report dhoomrapaan aur Cancer ke beech sambandh par sujhaav se shuroo hui.
Parakala had a chequered public life and an unsuccessful electoral career. Born into a political family, he became familiar with electoral politics since his childhood. His debut as a political activist started when he was elected as the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi unit of the Congress Party affiliated students' organisation National Students' Union of India (NSUI). He contested the Students' Union Elections of JNU and lost to the CPI(M) affiliated organisation SFI candidate. However, it was for the fist time that NSUI polled a respectable number of votes for the central panel of candidates and could win a Councillor seat. Parakala's participation in May 1983 students' agitation on the campus agains the highhanded attitude of the university authorities lent political respectability to NSUI on the Campus. till then Congress affiliated NSUI was treated as political untouchable in the left dominated student politics of the university.
RFID praudyogikiyon ko ab antim-upayokta anuprayogon mein sangrahaalayon mein bhi laagoo kiya ja raha hai. sen Francisco, California mein ek vigyaan sangrahaalaya, eksaploretoriam mein custom-dijaaind anuprayog "eXsport" iska ek udaaharan hai. sangrahaalaya mein pravesh karne vaale aagantuk ko ek RF taig diya jaata hai jise ek card ya haar mein lagaaya ja sakta hai. eXspot pranaali, aagantuk ko pradarshan ke baare mein jaankaari praapt karne mein aur giftashaup par ekatr ki jaane waali tasveerein lene mein saksham banaati hai. baad mein ve apne niji web prushth par ja sakte hain, jis par vishesh jaankaari jaise ki yaatra ki taareekh, dekhi gayi pradarshaniyaan aur li gayi tasveeron ko dekha ja sakta hai.[40]
pitsabarg mein seint kleyar aspataal ke ek RFID aur baarakod aadhaarit bedasaaid dava satyaapan pranaali laagoo ki hai jo dava trutiyon ko kam kar ke rogi suraksha mein sudhaar karti hai. IV pampon ke maadhyam se di gayi davaaon sahit koi bhi dava dene se pehle, narsein rogi ke ID aur davaaon ki jaanch ke liye ek portebal RFID reedar aur baarakod skainar se yukt ek PDA ka prayog karti hain.[60]
In 2006 Parakala contested the for the Graduates constituency of East and West Godavari Districts of the newly constituted Legislative Council of the state. He polled about 12,000 first preference votes but narrowly missed to make it to the second round in the single transferable preferential voting system. That was the fourth electoral defeat of Parakala. That election also led to Parakala breaking away from BJP. Parakala claimed that there was an informal understanding between him and the party leadership that he would contest as an independent candidate as the election was not fought on party symbols. This was a tactical move necessary to attract voters who were antagonistic to BJP among the educated sections. He claimed that the party reneged on the agreement and put up an official candidate. Parakala resigned from BJP and went ahead with the campaign. In the event the official BJP candidate did not poll more than 200 votes while Parakala polled over 12,000 first preference votes.
kreteks ek cigarette hai jo tambaakoo, laung aur ek svaadisht chatani ke ek jatil mishran ke masaale se bani hai. yeh pehli baar kudus, jaava mein 1880 ke dashak mein pesh ki gayi, jo fefadon ko laung ke aushadheeya yugenol (eugenol) dene ke liye banaayi gayi thi. tambaakoo ki gunavatta aur vividhta ne kretek ke utpaadan mein mahatvapoorn bhoomika ada ki kyonki kretek mein 30 se adhik prakaar ke tambaakoo sammilit ho sakte hain. laung ki kaliyon ke kiye gaye chhote-chhote tukado mein tambaakoo ka 1/3 vajan ka mishran uske svaad ko badhaata hai. sanyukt raajya America ke kai raajyon mein kreteks par pratibandh hai[krupaya uddharan jodein] aur sanyukt raajya America mein 2004 mein tambaakoo aur menthaul ke alaava anya masaalon ka "vishesh svaad" hone ke kaaran kreteks ko cigarette mein vargeekrut na kar use nishiddh kar diya gaya.[44]
sooparakandaktiviti ki khoj, raipid ekal flaks kvaantam (RSFQ) ke vikaas sarkit praudyogiki ko sambhav kar pai hai joki traanjistar ke bajaay josefasan jankshan ka upayog karta hai. haal hi mein, aise shuddh optikl kanpyooting pranaali ko banaane ka prayaas kiya gaya, joki naunaleeneear optikl tatvon ka prayog karke digital soochana sansaadhit karne mein saksham hai.
NADRA ne RFID aadhaarit chaalak license viksit kiya hai jis par license dhaarak ki vyaktigat jaankaari aur yaataayaat ullanghan, jaari kiye gaye ticket aur bakaaya dand ke baare mein data sangrahit hote hain. license card is tarah se dijaain kiye gaye hain ki driving adhikaar ko gambhir ullanghan ke maamale mein electronic tareeke se radd kiya ja sake. [49]
kuchh pranaaliyon mein yadi digital deta ka ek bhaag lupt ho jaae ya galat tareeke se vyavahrut hon, to sambandhit deta ke vishaal khandon ka arth poori tarah se badal sakta hai. kyonki kleef ifekt ke kaaran, upayogakartaaon ke liye bataana mushkil hai ki koi vishisht system vifalta ke kagaar par sahi tha ya fir vah asafal hone se pehle bahut adhik shor ko sahan kar sakta hai ya naheen.