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He initiated the Munnar eviction mission. Massive portions of land allegedly grabbed over the years by resort owners and multinational companies like Tata Tea Limited. Later, the demolition team landed in the city of Kochi, and other cities in Kerala and recovered huge parts of land. Then the mission stalled when it caught CPI(M) and even the team which led it was orphaned. The District Collector Raju Narayana Swamy, Inspector General of Police and the Person in charge were replaced. As the opponents claim, this may cause to have lost some credibility of the government. Meanwhile, Achuthanandan said that the Munnar mission would continue vigorously and extended to other areas[25][26][27]
Through his involvement in social, political issues and continues fight against corruption and sex, land, lottery mafias, he made lot of enemies from politics, religion, caste etc. and his political enemies reacted against him. A Kerala high court verdict undermined this - "Kerala High Court quashed the FIR against him in a land allotment issue, holding that framing a case against him on 'false and frivolous' charges was unworthy of any merit." The court said some features presented in the case were 'too disturbing', that in fact 'gives enough room to generate suspicion that the machinery of vigilance is misused and abused to silence political opponents.'

prativedan ke liye engineer digital system ke prakaaron par vichaar karte hain. adhikaansh digital system "sanyojan system" aur "anukramik system" mein vibhaajit ho jaate hain. sanyojan pranaali mein hamesha jo input diya jaata hai vahi aautaput vah deta hai. yeh mool roop se laujik prakriya ke set ka pratinidhitv karta hai aur jiski charcha pehle hi ki ja chuki hai.
veparaaijr ek upakaran hai jiska upayog paudhe ki saamagri ke sakriya tatv ko parishuddh karne ke liye hota hai. vanaspati ko jalaane ke badle sambhaavit pareshaani paida karne vaale jahareele ya Cancer paida karne vaale up utpaad ko tambaakoo se door karne hetu veparaaijr, saamagri ko ek aanshik vaikyoom mein itna tapaata hai ki paudhe mein upasthit sakriya yaugik khaulakar bhaap ban jaayein. dhoomrapaan saamagri sambandhi chikitseeya prashaasan seedhe paudhe ki saamagri ko garm karne mein aksar is vidhi ka upayog karta hai.
khudara vikretaaon ke maadhyam se bikne vaale utpaadon ke nirmaata khudara vikreta ko beche gaye apne utpaadon ko badhaava dene ke liye ek seemit avadhi ke liye is ummeed ke saath chhoot deta hai, ki khudara vikreta bachat ko apne graahakon tak pahunchaaega. haalaanki, khudara vikreta aamtaur par forward baaing mein vyast ho jaate hain aur chhoot avadhi ke dauraan adhik utpaad khareedne lagte hain jitna ki ve prachaar avadhi ke dauraan bechne ka iraada naheen rakhate. kuchh khudara vikreta ek prakaar ke antarapanan mein sanlagn ho jaate hain aur riyaayati utpaad ko anya khudara vikretaaon ko bechne lag jaate hain, is abhyaas ko daaivarting ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. is abhyaas ka mukaabala karne ke liye, nirmaata, prachaarit maal par RFID taig ke prayog ki sambhaavanaaon ko talaash rahe hain taaki ve track kar sakein ki vaastav mein kaun sa utpaad poori tarah se riyaayati keematon par aapoorti shrrunkhala ke maadhyam se becha gaya hai.[27]
ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.
theem park (jaise United Kingdom mein eltan taavars) RFID ka upayog karte hain taaki unhein raaid ke upayogakarta ki pehchaan karne aur park mein unke bitaaye samay ki ek DVD banaane mein madad ho. din ke ant mein fir ise upayogakartaaon ke liye khareedne ke liye upalabdh karaaya jaata hai. yeh upayogakartaaon ke liye svaichhik hai jo park mein unhein diye jaane vaale kalaai band ko pahan kar aisa kar sakte hain.
veetaakraaft dvaara dijaain, RFIQin, ek svat: khaana pakaane ka upakaran hai, jismein teen bhinn aakaar ke bartan hain, ek portebal indakshan heetar hai aur resipi card hai. pratyek pain mein antarnihit ek RFID taig hai jo bhojan ki pratyek sekend mein 16 baar jaanch karta hai jabki paaen ke haindal mein laga MI taig indakshan heetar ko taapamaan ko samaayojit karne ke liye sanket sanchaarit karta hai.

udaaharan ke liye, kuchh laujik parivaaron mein, NAND gate, nirmaan hone vaale saralatam digital gate hain. anya sabhi laujik waali kaarravaai NAND gate dvaara kaaryaanvit ki ja sakti hain. yadi ek sarkit ko pehle se hi ek NAND gate ki aavashyakta hai aur ek ekal chip aam taur par chaar NAND gate rakhata hai, to baaki ke gate ko anya laujik kaarravaaiyon ko jaise laujikl end laagoo karne ke liye prayog kiya ja sakta hai. yeh, un vibhinn prakaar ke gate se yukt chip ki aavashyakta ko samaapt kar sakta hai.
naaji Germany mein tambaakoo virodhi aandolan dviteeya vishv yuddh ke dauraan shatru rekha ke paar naheen pahunch paaya, jiske kaaran dhoomrapaan virodhi samoohon ne jaldi hi apni lokapriyta kho di. dviteeya vishv yuddh ke ant tak ameriki cigarette nirmaata ne jaldi hi Germany ke kaala baajaar mein fir se pravesh kiya. tambaakoo ki avaidh taskari ka prachalan ho gaya[33] aur dhoomrapaan virodhi abhiyaan ke naaji neta khaamosh ho gaye.[34] maarshal yojana ke ek hisse ke roop mein sanyukt raajya America ne Germany ko 1948 mein 24,000 tan aur 1949 mein 69,000 tan tambaakoo muft mein bhej diya.[33] yuddh ke baad ke Germany mein prati vyakti vaarshik cigarette ki khapat 1950 mein 460 se badhkar 1963 mein 1,523 ho gayi.[4] 1900 ke dashak ke ant tak Germany mein dhoomrapaan virodhi abhiyaan 1939-41 mein naaji yug ke ant mein apni prabhaavasheelata badha paane mein asafal raha aur jarman tambaakoo svaasthya anusandhaan ki vyaakhya raabart N. prauktar dvaara ek "mandit" ke roop mein ki gayi.[4]
Through his involvement in social, political issues and continues fight against corruption and sex, land, lottery mafias, he made lot of enemies from politics, religion, caste etc. and his political enemies reacted against him. A Kerala high court verdict undermined this - "Kerala High Court quashed the FIR against him in a land allotment issue, holding that framing a case against him on 'false and frivolous' charges was unworthy of any merit." The court said some features presented in the case were 'too disturbing', that in fact 'gives enough room to generate suspicion that the machinery of vigilance is misused and abused to silence political opponents.'
dhoomrapaan ke alaava dava ke roop mein bhi tambaakoo ka upayog hota hai. ek dard nivaarak ke taur par yeh kaan ke dard aur daant ke dard aur kabhi-kabhi ek pralep ke roop mein bhi istemaal kiya jaata hai. registaan mein rahane vaale bhaarateeya kehte hain ki dhoomrapaan karne se jukaam theek ho jaata hai, khaaskar yadi tambaakoo mein tejapaat ke chhote patte tejapaat ki dori ya bhaarateeya gulameinhadi ya khaansi mool Leptotaenia multifida mila diye jaayein, jo iske atirikt asthama aur tapedik ke liye vishesh roop se achha maana gaya.[20]
laujik gate ke haaidrolik, vaayaveeya aur yaantrik sanskaran maujood hain aur aisi sthitiyon mein istemaal kiye jaate hain jahaan bijli ka upayog naheen kiya ja sakta. pehle do prakaar ko fludeeks ke tahat maana jaata hai. fludeek laujik ka ek prayog, sainya haardaveyar mein hai jiske ek vidyut chumbakeeya pals mein ujaagar hone ki sambhaavana hai (parmaanu EMP, ya NEMP) jo bijli ke sarkit ko nasht karta hai.
2005 ke roop mein lagbhag sabhi digital masheenein tulyakaalik design hote hain kyonki tulyakaalik design ko banaana aur satyaapit karna bahut aasaan hai-vartamaan mein digital masheenon ki nakl karne vaale sauftaver, atulyakaalik design ko naheen sanbhaalate. tathaapi, atulyakaalik tark ko behtar samjha jaata hai, yadi usase kaam nikaala ja sake to, kyonki usaki gati ghadi dvaara manamaane dhang se gati seemit naheen hai, bajaay, yeh un laujik geton dvaara anumat gati par saamaanya roop se chalti hai, jinse inka nirmaan kiya gaya hai. tej bhaagon ke upayog dvaara ek atulyakaalik sarkit nirmaan, apratyaksh roop se sarkit ko teji se "daudaati" hai.
January 2004 mein, CASPIAN ke gopaneeyata ke pairokaar aur jarman gopaneeyata samooh FoeBuD ko Germany mein METRO future store mein aamantrit kiya gaya, jahaan ek RFID pilot pariyojana laagoo ki gayi thi. sanyog se yeh khulaasa hua ki METRO "pebaik" graahak lauyalti card mein graahak ID vaale RFID taig shaamil the, ek tathya jise na to card praapt karne vaale graahakon ko bataaya gaya aur na hi gopaneeyata ke pairokaar is samooh ko. yeh METRO dvaara is aashvaasan ke baavajood hua ki kisi graahak pehchaan deta ko track naheen kiya ja raha hai aur sabhi RFID upayog ko spasht roop se bataaya gaya hai.[75]
aam taur par dendaari lekhon ke karmiyon dvaara gban rokane ke liye, durupayog ke khilaaf vividh jaanch maujood hain. kartavyon ka pruthakkaran ek aam niyantran hai. lagbhag sabhi companiyon mein check ke sansaadhan aur mudran ke liye ek junior karmachaari aur check ke punareekshan aur us par hastaakshar karne ke liye ek varishth karmachaari hota hai. aksar, lekhaankan software pratyek karmachaari ko keval unhein saunpe gaye kaarya ko nishpaadit karne tak hi seemit karte hain, taaki aisa koi jriya maujood na ho, jisse koi karmachaari - niyantrak bhi - akele koi bhugataan kar paae.
enbeded software design imyooniti aveyar prograaming ka prayog karta hai, jaise avarodh nirdesh ke saath aprayukt kaaryakram smruti ke roop mein bharne ka prayaas karta hai jo truti ke pun: praapti kaaryakram ki or sanket deta hai. is vifalta ke khilaaf raksha mein madad karta hai jo micro kantrolar anudesh soochak ko bigaad sakte hain, jo anyatha yaadruchhik code ke nishpaadit ka kaaran ban sakte hain.
Parakala had a chequered public life and an unsuccessful electoral career. Born into a political family, he became familiar with electoral politics since his childhood. His debut as a political activist started when he was elected as the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi unit of the Congress Party affiliated students' organisation National Students' Union of India (NSUI). He contested the Students' Union Elections of JNU and lost to the CPI(M) affiliated organisation SFI candidate. However, it was for the fist time that NSUI polled a respectable number of votes for the central panel of candidates and could win a Councillor seat. Parakala's participation in May 1983 students' agitation on the campus agains the highhanded attitude of the university authorities lent political respectability to NSUI on the Campus. till then Congress affiliated NSUI was treated as political untouchable in the left dominated student politics of the university.
adviteeya pehchaan, RFID taig ke liye ek anivaarya aavashyakta hai, number yojana ki vishesh pasand ke baavajood. RFID taig deta kshamata itni badi hogi ki har vyaktigat taig mein ek adviteeya code hoga, jabki vartamaan baar code, kisi vishesh utpaad ke liye ek hi prakaar ke code ke liye seemit hain. RFID taig ki vishishtata ka matlab hai ki kisi utpaad ko ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par jaate samay track kiya ja sakega, jo antat: upabhokta ke haathon mein samaapt hoga. isse chori aur utpaad nuksaan ke anya roopon se nipatne mein madad milegi. utpaadon ka anurekhan ek mahatvapoorn visheshata hai jise taig ki ek anoothi pehchaan aur vastu ki kram sankhya vaale RFID taig se achhi tarah se samarthan milta hai. isse companiyon ko gunavatta ki kami aur parinaamasvaroop smruti abhiyaan se nipatne mein madad milegi aur saath hi bikri ke baad upabhoktaaon ki traiking aur rooparekha ke baare mein chinta bhi badhegi.
Japani shahar osaaka mein school prashaasan ab ek praathamik school mein bachchon ke kapde, back paik aur chhaatr ID mein chip laga raha hai.[38] donkaastar, England mein ek school, chhaatron ki vardi mein radio chips traiking karke ek nigraani pranaali ka parikshan kar raha hai taaki vidyaarthiyon par najar rakhi ja sake. [39] vest London, England, mein sitmbar, 2008 mein shuroo seint Charles siksth firm college mukhya dwaar se baahar jaane aur andar aane ke liye ek RFID card pranaali ka prayog kar raha hai, taaki upasthiti ka khaaka aur anaadhikrut pravesh ko roka ja sake. jaisa ki klekaheetan England, mein vhitklif mount school mein hai jo RFID ka upayog karte hue ek vishesh prakaar se dijaain kiye gaye card ke jariye imaarat ke baahar aur andar maujood vidyaarthiyon aur karmachaariyon ko track karta hai. fileepeens mein, kuchh schoolon mein pustak lene ke liye pehle se hi ID mein RFID ka upayog kiya jaata hai aur us vishesh school mein dwaar par RFID ID skainars lage hain. ye school hain kvijon city ka klairat school, Colegio de San Juan de Letran aur anya niji school.
praarambhik ekeekrut paripth ek aanandadaayak sanyog the. unhein paise bachaane ke liye nirmit naheen kiya gaya tha, balki vajan bachaane ke liye aur Apollo gaaideins computer ko ek antariksh yaan ko ek inarshial gaaideins system ko niyantrit karne ki anumati dene ke liye banaaya gaya tha. pehla ekeekrut paripth laujik gate ki keemat kareeb $50 thi (1960 dollar mein, jab ek engineer $10,000/varsh kamaata tha). sabhi ko aashcharyachakit karte hue, jab sarkit ka thok mein utpaadan hone laga to ve digital laujik nirmaan ki sabse sasti vidhi ban gaye. is praudyogiki mein sudhaar ne laagat mein sabhi baad ke sudhaaron ko prerit kiya.
Dr. Parakala Prabhakar born in Narsapuram into a well known family of freedom fighters and social reforms is a trained and qualified political economist and a well known commentator on political, economic and social affairs. He served as Communications Advisor, held a cabinet rank position in Andhra Pradesh Government between July 2014 and June 2018. He is a well-known public personality in Andhra Pradesh. For several years he presented a current affairs discussion programme on television channels from Andhra Pradesh. His programmes Pratidhwani on ETV2 and Namaste Andhra Pradesh on NTV were popular and widely watched for their insightful discussion and commentary. [1] He was also a former spokesman and one of the founding general secretaries of Praja Rajyam Party.[2] In the early 2000s, Dr Parakala was the spokesperson of the Andhra Pradesh unit of the BJP.
paanv ki daud mein, dhaavak nishkriya taig pahanate hain jo track ke donon chhoron ya track ke aar-paar bichhe Matt par rakhe enteena dvaara padha jaata hai. nyoon ya uchch freekveinsi antim peedhi taig ke bajaay UHF aadhaarit taig, vishesh roop se design kiye gaye entena ke dvaara sateek reeding pradaan karte hain. rash truti, laip kaaunt trutiyaan aur durghatanaaon se bacha ja sakta hai choonki bina ek batch mod mein rahe koi bhi kabhi bhi shuroo aur khatm kar sakta hai.
sabse chhoti RFID chip ka record hitaachi ke naam hai jo 0.05mm x 0.05mm hai. Mu chip taig, nae RFID taig se 64 guna chhote hain.[7] vinirmaan silikaun-on-insuletar (SOI) prakriya ke upayog dvaara saksham hota hai. "dhoolakan" ke aakaar ke ye chips, 128 bit reed onli memori (ROM) ka upayog karke 38 ankon ki sankhya ko sangrahit kar sakte hain .[8] ek badi chunauti entena ko jodna hai, is prakaar pathan seema ko keval kuchh mileemeetar tak seemit kar diya.
purushon mein mahilaaon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki lat paanch guna adhik hoti hain,[13] haalaanki chhote aayu varg mein is laingik antar mein giraavat aati hai.[14][15] viksit deshon mein purushon mein dhoomrapaan apne charam par pahunch chuka hai aur usamein giraavat aani shuroo ho gayi hai haalaanki mahilaaon ke maamale mein vruddhi barkaraar hai.[53]
2004 mein haardaveyar action group ne ek nae protokaul, class 1 janareshan 2 intarafes nirmit kiya jisne kai samasyaaon ko sulajhaaya jiska anubhav class 0 tatha class 1 ke saath kiya gaya tha. EPC Gen2 maanak, December 2004 mein manjoor hua tha aur sambhaavana hai ki yeh aage badhte nishkriya RFID taig maanakon ka aadhaar banega. ise Intermec se ek vivaad ke baad ki is maanak se unke RFID-sambandhit kai peteint ka ullanghan ho sakta hai, manjoori di gayi. yeh faisala kiya gaya ki sirf maanak se unke peteint ka ullanghan naheen ho raha hai, balki yeh ki yadi taig ko ek vishesh tareeke se padhna hai to ho sakta hai ki Intermec ko kuchh rauyalti ka bhugataan karna hoga. EPC Gen2 maanak ko ISO 18000-6C ke roop mein maamooli sanshodhanon ke saath 2006 mein apnaaya gaya.
jis tarah se main ise dekhata hoon, vahaan 2017 mein ham saat pramukh takaneek pravrttiyon kee dukaan mein hain. yadi aap ek sektar mein najar rakh rahe hain jisamen koee vyavasaay shuroo karane ke lie, inamen se koee ek bahut achchha shart hai yadi aap pahale se hee ek udyamee hain, to is baare mein sochen ki aap apane lakshit darshakon tak nae tareeke se pahunchane ke lie in praudyogikiyon ka laabh kaise utha sakate hain.