January, 2005 mein, Wall-Mart ne apne sheersh 100 aapoortikrtaaon ke liye sabhi ladaan par RFID lebal lagaana jaroori kar diya. is aavashyakta ko poora karne ke liye, vikretaaon ne dabbon aur pailet par jismein Wall-Mart ke liye EPC taig ki aavashyakta thi, lebal lagaane ke liye RFID printar/inakodar ka upayog kiya. ye smart lebal, saamagri ke andar RFID inlej jad kar aur uske baad lebal ki satah par baar code aur dikhaai dene waali anya jaankaari mudrit kar ke nirmit kiye gaye hain.
2002 mein bees pratishat yuva kishor (13-15) duniya bhar mein dhoomrapaan karte the. jismein se 80,000 ke 1,00,000 bachchon ne roj dhoomrapaan karna shuroo kiya tha- jinmein se lagbhag aadhe Asia mein rahate hain. jinhonne kishor umr mein dhoomrapaan shuroo kiya tha unamein se aadhe logon ke 15 se 20 saal tak dhoomrapaan jaari rakhane ka anumaan hai.[7]
He initiated the Munnar eviction mission. Massive portions of land allegedly grabbed over the years by resort owners and multinational companies like Tata Tea Limited. Later, the demolition team landed in the city of Kochi, and other cities in Kerala and recovered huge parts of land. Then the mission stalled when it caught CPI(M) and even the team which led it was orphaned. The District Collector Raju Narayana Swamy, Inspector General of Police and the Person in charge were replaced. As the opponents claim, this may cause to have lost some credibility of the government. Meanwhile, Achuthanandan said that the Munnar mission would continue vigorously and extended to other areas[25][26][27]
dendaari lekha ek aisa faail ya khaata hai, jismein vyakti ya company dvaara aapoortikrtaaon ko bakaaya, lekin ab tak adatt (karj ka ek roop) paisa hota hai. jab aapko beejak praapt hota hai, to aap use faail se jodte hain aur bhugataan karte samay use hataate hain. is prakaar, A/P rin ka ek aisa svaroop hai, jo aapoortikrta apne khreedaaron ko pesh karte hain, jiske jriye pehle se hi praapt kisi utpaad ya seva ke liye baad mein bhugataan anumat hota hai.

In 2017 Sarvekshak became the 1st ship of Indian Navy ever to deploy solar power. It has innovatively deployed the zero-maintenance solar power system, capable of generating 5.4 kW electricity and replacing the ship’s traditional 4.4 kW emergency diesel alternator.[12] The installation cost was around Rs. 19 lakh and the generation cost is Rs. 12 per kv per hour. The estimated savings for a lifespan of about 15 years is around Rs. 1 crore. The current diesel generator consumes a litre of diesel to produce five units of electricity. Captain Rajesh Bargoti, the commanding officer of the ship, said It took about six months to put the entire system in place. We are now using solar energy for lights and a couple of air conditioners.'[13] The estimated profit generated in a ship service life of 25 years is Rs 2.7 crore in this small project alone. "Even if the system is used for 25 days in one year, the system can repay its cost in less than 10 years while protecting the nature," the Navy said.
ek digital pranaali mein, ek adhik sateek sanket ke pratinidhitv ke liye adhik baainari ankon ka upayog kiya ja sakta hai. haalaanki is prakriya ke liye ismein adhik aankik paripth ki aavashyakta hoti hai, choonki pratyek ank ek hi prakaar ke haardaveyar dvaara sambhaala jaata hai nateejatan ek aasaan maapaneeya tantr ka nirmaan ho jaata hai| ek enaalaug system mein atirikt rejlushan raikhikta mein buniyaadi sudhaar aur sanket shrrunkhala ke pratyek charan ke shor ke abhilkshan mein buniyaadi sudhaar ki aavashyakta hoti hai.
kuchh pranaaliyon mein yadi digital deta ka ek bhaag lupt ho jaae ya galat tareeke se vyavahrut hon, to sambandhit deta ke vishaal khandon ka arth poori tarah se badal sakta hai. kyonki kleef ifekt ke kaaran, upayogakartaaon ke liye bataana mushkil hai ki koi vishisht system vifalta ke kagaar par sahi tha ya fir vah asafal hone se pehle bahut adhik shor ko sahan kar sakta hai ya naheen.

Parakala resigned his RGNIYD assignment in 1994 in order to contest the Legislative Assembly elections from the constituency which was earlier represented by both his father and mother. That election saw the return of N T Ramarao to power with a landslide victory.Congress party was decimated in the state. Parakala lost the election with over 20,000 votes margin. Although unsuccessful, his imaginative campaign was admired and talked about throughout the state. Perhaps for the first time a constituency-level manifesto was released for Narasapuram. A short campaign video specially shot for the election was released and exhibited throughout the constituency by moving television sets and video cassette players manually from place to place. Audio cassettes of Parakala's public speeches were widely circulated in the constituency. Such campaign techniques were quite rare, although not completely unknown, during those days when even the television penetration was very low.

RFID praudyogiki ke upayog ne kaafi vivaad ko janm diya aur yahaan tak ki upabhokta gopaneeyata pairokaaron dvaara utpaad bahishkaar bhi hua. CASPIAN (kanjyoomar ageinst suparamaarket praaivesi invejn end nambaring) ki sah-sansthaapak Cathrine albrekt aur lij maikintaayar is praudyogiki ki do pramukh aalochak hain jo RFID taig ka ullekh "spaaichips" ke roop mein karti hain. RFID sambandhit do mukhya gopaneeyata chintaaen hain:
tambaakoo ke sevan ka sabse aam tareeka dhoomrapaan hai aur tambaakoo dhoomrapaan kiya jaane wala sabse aam padaarth hai. krushi utpaad ko aksar doosare yogaj ke saath milaaya jaata hai[8] aur fir sulagaaya jaata hai. parinaamasvaroop bhaap ko saans ke jariye andar kheencha jaata hai fir sakriya padaarth ko fefadon ke maadhyam se koshikaaon se avashoshit kar liya jaata hai.[9] sakriya padaarth tantrika ant mein raasaayanik pratikriyaaon ko shuroo karti hai jisse hrudaya gati, smruti aur satarkata[10] aur pratikriya ki avadhi badh jaati hai.[11] dopaamaain (Dopamine) aur baad mein endorfin(endorphin) ka risaav hota hai jo aksar aanand se jude hue hain.[12] 2000 mein dhoomrapaan ka sevan kuchh 1.22 billion log karte the. purushon mein mahilaaon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki sambhaavana adhik hoti hain[13] tathaapi chhote aayu varg mein is laingik antar mein giraavat aati hai.[14][15] gareebon mein ameeron ki tulana mein aur viksit deshon ke logon mein ameer deshon ki tulana mein dhoomrapaan ki sambhaavana adhik hoti hai.[7]

apni adyatan sanrachana aur suvijnyaata ke saath si pi aar I ne desh ke vidyut kshetr ko unnat yojana, prachaalan tatha vidyut pranaaliyon ke niyantran ke liye paryaapt yogadaan diya hai. aantarik anusandhaan va vikaas ke alaava, si pi aar I suvijnyaata ke vibhinn kshetron mein nirmaataaon aur anya abhikranon se praayojit anusandhaan pariyojanaaon ko sveekaarata hai.
INS Sarvekshak had previously visited Mauritius in February 2006 and March 2007 to undertake hydrographic surveys. The survey work by INS Sarvekshak was of immense help to Mauritius with regards to fishing, ecosystem preservation and management, establishment of artificial reefs, delimitation of the Continental Shelf of Mauritius and safe navigation of ships and crafts.[8] In 2007 the ship surveyed Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, which was last surveyed 133 years ago.[9] In 2011 the ship was also deployed in Seychelles to carry out hydrographic surveys off the atoll of Aldabra, Picard Island, Polyminie and part of Malabar Island and Grande-Terre island on the request of Government of Seychelles as the last survey of the area was done back in 1960s.[10] As part of goodwill tour 20 students from Jammu and Kashmir also toured the ship in 2011.[11]
The Vyapar - Accounting & Invoicing has 8 plans - Basic - Desktop INRUSD 38 (Device/Year),Saver Plan - Desktop INRUSD 68 (Device/ 3 Years),Super Saver Plan - Desktop INRUSD 98 (Device/ 5 Years),Ultra Saver Plan - Desktop INRUSD 167 (Device/ 10 Years),Basic - Android INRUSD 11 (Device/Year),Saver Plan - Android INRUSD 27 (Device/ 3 Years),Super Saver Plan - Android INRUSD 42 (Device/ 5 Years),Ultra Saver Plan - Android INRUSD 74 (Device/ 10 Years).
Dr. Parakala Prabhakar born in Narsapuram into a well known family of freedom fighters and social reforms is a trained and qualified political economist and a well known commentator on political, economic and social affairs. He served as Communications Advisor, held a cabinet rank position in Andhra Pradesh Government between July 2014 and June 2018. He is a well-known public personality in Andhra Pradesh. For several years he presented a current affairs discussion programme on television channels from Andhra Pradesh. His programmes Pratidhwani on ETV2 and Namaste Andhra Pradesh on NTV were popular and widely watched for their insightful discussion and commentary. [1] He was also a former spokesman and one of the founding general secretaries of Praja Rajyam Party.[2] In the early 2000s, Dr Parakala was the spokesperson of the Andhra Pradesh unit of the BJP.

July, 2004 mein, America ke khaadya evam aushadhi prashaasan ne ek aadesh jaari kiya jo aavashyak roop se ek antim sameeksha ki prakriya shuroo karta hai jo tay karega ki kya aspataalon mein rogiyon ki pehchaan karne aur/ya sambandhit aspataal ke staaf ko medical record ka upayog karne ki anumati dene ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog kiya ja sakta hai. tab se, America ke kai aspataalon mein mareejon mein ek RFID taig pratyaaropit kiya jaata hai aur aamtaur par kaaryapravaah aur soochi prabandhan ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog shuroo kiya gaya hai.[58] kuchh aise saboot bhi hain ki aspataalon mein RFID pranaali ke kaaryaanvayan ke parinaamasvaroop nurse aur aspataal ke anya karmachaariyon ki gatividhiyon par adhik nigraani rakhi ja sakti hai.[59] IVF kleenik mein shukraanu aur ande ke beech ghaalamel ko rokane ke liye RFID ke istemaal par vichaar kiya ja raha hai. [10]
lekha-pareekshak aksar kaate gaye chekon ke samarthan mein anumodit beejakon, vyaya riporton aur anya samarthak pralekhanon ki maujoodagi par dhyaan keindrit karte hain. aapoortikrta se pushtikran ya bayaan ka hona, khaate ke astitv ka samuchit pramaan hai. yeh asaamaanya naheen hai ki lekha-pareeksha ke chaaloo hone tak, inmein se kuchh pralekhan kho jaaen ya glat faailon mein rakhe jaaen. aisi sthitiyon mein lekha-pareekshak namoone ke aakaar ko badhaane ka faisala kar sakte hain.
ek safal pilot ke baad, aavaas evam vikaas board (HDB) Singapore ne 2006 mein kaagaj season parking ticket (SPT) ko pratisthaapit karte hue RFID ko laagoo karne ke liye do nividaaon ko jaari kiya. safal nividaakaaron ne March 2007 ke baad se SPT dhaarakon ko RFID taig vitrit kiya.[14] viytanaam mein, futek ke paas is desh mein kai bilding ke liye svachaalit jaanch ticket pranaali laagoo hai.