In what can be considered as a near repeat of the 2006 pre-election build-up, the Politbureau of CPI-M impressed upon the state leadership to permit VS Achuthanandan to contest elections for the April 2011 Assembly election in Kerala.[16] VS Achuthanandan contested from the Malampuzha Constituency and won with a margin of around 25,000 votes. It was the VS factor that had created history in the 2011 elections with the Opposition front UDF winning the elections on the margin of 72-68 assembly seats. This is considered as loss for UDF as they were ahead in 100 constituencies during the 2009 Lok Sabha Election. After this election VS has been considered the man behind the Uprising of LDF after the 2009 Parliament and 2010 Municipal election loses.[17]

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baithakon aur sammelanon mein bhi upasthiti baij mein RFID praudyogiki laagoo ki ja rahi hai taaki sammelanon mein logon ko track kiya ja sake. isse jo aankada upalabdh hota hai usase pata chalta hai ki logon ne din ke samay kis kamre mein pravesh kiya aur baahar gaye.[51] yeh data aayojakon ko dikhaane ke liye upalabdh hota hai taaki sammelan ki saamagri aur dijaain mein sudhaar karne mein unki madad ki ja sake. pradarshaniyon mein pradarshakon ke liye netrutv bahaali prakriya mein sudhaar karne ke liye bhi RFID ka upayog kiya ja raha hai.

V.S started his early political life by organising the agricultural workers in Kuttanadu. He was a well dedicated organizer of coir factory workers at the age of 16 under A.K. Gopalan and A.V. Kunjambu. Even though V.S. Achuthanandan lacked formal education, he was noted for his simplicity, dedication and deep reading. He was initiated into the political movement by P. Krishna Pillai. Later he participated in the freedom movement and the Communist Movement. V.S was in the forefront of the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising and Freedom Struggle against the policies for C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, Divan of Travancore who wanted to establish an American model government in Travancore. He was arrested on 28 October 1946 and was taken to Poonjar police station. He was beaten up severely in the lock – up. Policemen pierced his sole in both legs with bayonet. V.S spent five and half years in jails and four years underground during his political life.
Parakala took his Ph.D from renowned London School of Economics. He submitted a thesis "Security Doctrines and Foreign Policy Behaviour: A Study of Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia". He worked for his thesis in the International Relations Department under the supervision of Dr Christopher Coker. Before joining the LSE, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University (School of International Studies) for his MA and MPhil degrees. He did his graduation from Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. First year of his Intermediate was from Hyderabad and for the second year of the course he went back to his native town Narasapuram. In Hyderabad he attended Nampally Junior College and in Narasapuram he went to Sri YN College. His schooling was also in two places. His primary and secondary education was in Narasapuram. He went to Lakshminarasamamba Municipal school for his primary education. He went to Mission High School for his High School. He did his tenth partly in Narasapuram and partly in Peoples' High School in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.
2009 ki garmiyon ke baad se, do kredit card companiyaan vishesh maaicroSD card ke vikaas ke liye dalaas, Texas aadhaarit divaaisafideliti ke saath kaam kar rahi hain. jab ise ek mobile phone mein daala jaaega to yeh microSD card, ek nishkriya taig aur ek RFID reedar, donon ho sakta hai.[11] microSD daalne ke baad, ek upayogakarta ka phone bank khaate se jud jaaega aur usaka upayog mobile bhugataan mein kiya jaaega.
EPCglobal ke abhiyaanon mein se ek tha 1990 ke dashak mein RFID duniya mein prachalit protokaul ke kolaahal ko saral karna. do taig air intarafes (ek taig aur ek reedar ke beech soochana ka aadaan-pradaan karne ke liye protokaul) ko EPCglobal dvaara 2003 se pehle paribhaashit (lekin pushti naheen) kiya gaya. in protokaul ka, jinhein saamaanyat: class 0 tatha class 1 ke roop mein jaana jaata hai, 2002-2005 mein mahatvapoorn vyaavasaayik kaaryaanvayan hua.

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dhoomrapaan karne vaale kai kishoraavastha mein ya aarambhik yuvaavastha ke dauraan shuroo karte hain. aam taur par praarambhik avastha mein dhoomrapaan sukhad anubhootiyaan pradaan karta hai, sakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran ke ek srot ke roop mein kaarya karta hai. ek vyakti mein kai varshon ke dhoomrapaan ke baad parihaar ke lakshan aur nakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran use jaari rakhane ka pramukh utprerak ban jaata hai.

Vyapar will help a business owner know the exact status of his daily business accounting, receivable/payables and stock/inventory, party ledger. He can send invoices to his parties using whatsapp, sms, email. Track… · More the balances of every party separately and remind them regularly for payment. It has the automatic reminder functionality which helps a business to get paid faster. Helps business owner get the exact status of his stock quantity, get the stock value in hand, share party statement with his parties and a lot of other daily business transactions.
dhoomrapaan ke alaava dava ke roop mein bhi tambaakoo ka upayog hota hai. ek dard nivaarak ke taur par yeh kaan ke dard aur daant ke dard aur kabhi-kabhi ek pralep ke roop mein bhi istemaal kiya jaata hai. registaan mein rahane vaale bhaarateeya kehte hain ki dhoomrapaan karne se jukaam theek ho jaata hai, khaaskar yadi tambaakoo mein tejapaat ke chhote patte tejapaat ki dori ya bhaarateeya gulameinhadi ya khaansi mool Leptotaenia multifida mila diye jaayein, jo iske atirikt asthama aur tapedik ke liye vishesh roop se achha maana gaya.[20]
2002 mein rog niyantran aur rokathaam kendra ne kaha ki sanyukt raajya America mein beche gaye cigarette ke ek packet par dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ki chikitsa aur utpaadakata mein kshati ke roop mein desh ke 7 $ (dollar) se adhik kharch hote hain, jo prativrsh dhoomrapaan karne vaale prati vyakti par prativrsh $ 2000 se adhik baithata hai.[70] svaasthya arthashaastriyon ke ek dal ne ek anya adhyayan mein paaya ki unke parivaaron aur samaaj dvaara sanyukt pradatt moolya cigarette ke prati packet par 41 dollar hai.[83]
↑ Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus; Reichel, William Cornelius (June 1971) [1876] (PDF), History, manners, and customs of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighbouring states, The Historical society of Pennsylvania, pa॰ 149, aai॰aऍsa॰abee॰aऍna॰ 978-0405028533,, abhigman tithi: 2009-03-22
cigarette se utpann ek paroksh saarvajanik svaasthya samasya durghatanaavash lagne waali aag hai, jo aamtaur par sharaab ke sevan ke saath judi hai. cigarette ki kai dijaainein prastaavit hain, kuchh swayam tambaakoo companiyon, jo cigarette ke ek ya do minute tak istemaal na kiye jaane par bujhaane se judi hain, taaki aag lagne ka jokhim kam ho jaaye. ameriki tambaakoo companiyon ke alaava kuchh ne is vichaar ka virodh kiya hai, jabki anya ne ise apnaaya hai. aaraje renolds 1983 mein in sigreton ke prototaaip banaane ke netrutvakarta the[99] aur ameriki baajaar ke sabhi sigreton ko 2010 tak aag se surakshit bana diya jaayega.[100] Phillip mauris iske sakriya samarthan mein naheen hai.[101] desh ki teesari sabse badi tambaakoo company lorillaard (Lorillard) asamanjas mein lagti hai.[101]

computer niyantrit digital system ko software dvaara niyantrit kiya ja sakta hai jo ki haardaveyar ko badle bina nae fankshan ko jodne ki anumati deta hai. aur aksar ise adyatan utpaad ke software ke dvaara kaarkhaane ke baahar kiya ja sakta hai. jisse utpaad ke design ki trutiyon ko graahak ke haath mein utpaad ke aane ke baad sanshodhit kiya ja sakta hai.
INS Sarvekshak had previously visited Mauritius in February 2006 and March 2007 to undertake hydrographic surveys. The survey work by INS Sarvekshak was of immense help to Mauritius with regards to fishing, ecosystem preservation and management, establishment of artificial reefs, delimitation of the Continental Shelf of Mauritius and safe navigation of ships and crafts.[8] In 2007 the ship surveyed Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, which was last surveyed 133 years ago.[9] In 2011 the ship was also deployed in Seychelles to carry out hydrographic surveys off the atoll of Aldabra, Picard Island, Polyminie and part of Malabar Island and Grande-Terre island on the request of Government of Seychelles as the last survey of the area was done back in 1960s.[10] As part of goodwill tour 20 students from Jammu and Kashmir also toured the ship in 2011.[11]
January 2004 mein, CASPIAN ke gopaneeyata ke pairokaar aur jarman gopaneeyata samooh FoeBuD ko Germany mein METRO future store mein aamantrit kiya gaya, jahaan ek RFID pilot pariyojana laagoo ki gayi thi. sanyog se yeh khulaasa hua ki METRO "pebaik" graahak lauyalti card mein graahak ID vaale RFID taig shaamil the, ek tathya jise na to card praapt karne vaale graahakon ko bataaya gaya aur na hi gopaneeyata ke pairokaar is samooh ko. yeh METRO dvaara is aashvaasan ke baavajood hua ki kisi graahak pehchaan deta ko track naheen kiya ja raha hai aur sabhi RFID upayog ko spasht roop se bataaya gaya hai.[75]
Wall-Mart aur ameriki raksha vibhaag ne un aavashyakataaon ko prakaashit kiya hai jo unke vikretaaon ne aapoorti shrrunkhala prabandhan mein sudhaar ke liye ladaan par RFID taig par lagaaya hai. in do sangathanon ke aakaar ke kaaran, unka RFID adhidesh duniya bhar mein hajaaron companiyon ko prabhaavit karta hai. samay seema ko kai baar badhaaya gaya hai kyonki kai vikreta RFID pranaali ko laagoo karne mein mahatvapoorn kathinaaiyon ka saamana karte hain. vyavahaar mein, vartamaan mein safal pathan dar keval 80% chalti hai, utpaadon aur paikejing ki vajah se hone vaale radio tarang ksheenan ke kaaran. bhavishya mein yeh aasha ki jaati hai ki chhoti companiyaan bhi baahar jaane vaale apne ladaan par RFID taig lagaane mein saksham hongi.
In the 2016 Kerala Legislative Assembly election, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) secured a huge win with a total of 91 seats in 140 assembly constituencies. At the age of 92, VS travelled across the state campaigning for the party with much vigour. V S Achuthanandan also contested this election from Malampuzha constituency, where he won by a margin of 27,142 votes. Being the face and most recognizable leader of the front, he staked his claim to be the next Chief Minister. However, the State and Central leadership appointed Pinarayi Vijayan as Chief Minister instead.
July, 2004 mein, America ke khaadya evam aushadhi prashaasan ne ek aadesh jaari kiya jo aavashyak roop se ek antim sameeksha ki prakriya shuroo karta hai jo tay karega ki kya aspataalon mein rogiyon ki pehchaan karne aur/ya sambandhit aspataal ke staaf ko medical record ka upayog karne ki anumati dene ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog kiya ja sakta hai. tab se, America ke kai aspataalon mein mareejon mein ek RFID taig pratyaaropit kiya jaata hai aur aamtaur par kaaryapravaah aur soochi prabandhan ke liye RFID pranaali ka upayog shuroo kiya gaya hai.[58] kuchh aise saboot bhi hain ki aspataalon mein RFID pranaali ke kaaryaanvayan ke parinaamasvaroop nurse aur aspataal ke anya karmachaariyon ki gatividhiyon par adhik nigraani rakhi ja sakti hai.[59] IVF kleenik mein shukraanu aur ande ke beech ghaalamel ko rokane ke liye RFID ke istemaal par vichaar kiya ja raha hai. [10]

sooparakandaktiviti ki khoj, raipid ekal flaks kvaantam (RSFQ) ke vikaas sarkit praudyogiki ko sambhav kar pai hai joki traanjistar ke bajaay josefasan jankshan ka upayog karta hai. haal hi mein, aise shuddh optikl kanpyooting pranaali ko banaane ka prayaas kiya gaya, joki naunaleeneear optikl tatvon ka prayog karke digital soochana sansaadhit karne mein saksham hai.
sabse chhoti RFID chip ka record hitaachi ke naam hai jo 0.05mm x 0.05mm hai. Mu chip taig, nae RFID taig se 64 guna chhote hain.[7] vinirmaan silikaun-on-insuletar (SOI) prakriya ke upayog dvaara saksham hota hai. "dhoolakan" ke aakaar ke ye chips, 128 bit reed onli memori (ROM) ka upayog karke 38 ankon ki sankhya ko sangrahit kar sakte hain .[8] ek badi chunauti entena ko jodna hai, is prakaar pathan seema ko keval kuchh mileemeetar tak seemit kar diya.
prativedan ke liye engineer digital system ke prakaaron par vichaar karte hain. adhikaansh digital system "sanyojan system" aur "anukramik system" mein vibhaajit ho jaate hain. sanyojan pranaali mein hamesha jo input diya jaata hai vahi aautaput vah deta hai. yeh mool roop se laujik prakriya ke set ka pratinidhitv karta hai aur jiski charcha pehle hi ki ja chuki hai.