NADRA ne RFID aadhaarit chaalak license viksit kiya hai jis par license dhaarak ki vyaktigat jaankaari aur yaataayaat ullanghan, jaari kiye gaye ticket aur bakaaya dand ke baare mein data sangrahit hote hain. license card is tarah se dijaain kiye gaye hain ki driving adhikaar ko gambhir ullanghan ke maamale mein electronic tareeke se radd kiya ja sake. [49]
kendreeya vidyut anusandhaan sansthaan (angreji : central power research Institute, laghu: si.pi.aar.I) jo aamtaur par si pi aar I ke naam se jaana jaata hai, sanprati vighut mantraalaya ke adheen ek svaayatt society hai. Bhaarat sarkaar dvaara 1960 mein iski sthaapana ki gayi tatha 1978 mein svaayatt society ke roop mein usaka punagarthan kiya gaya. sansthaan ka prabandh shaasi nikaaya karta hai jiske sadasya sarkaar, vidyut upayogitaaon, udyogon, shaikshink sansthaaon aadi ka pratinidhitv karte hain. sachiv vidyut mantraalaya, Bhaarat sarkaar shaasi pirshad ke adhyaksh hain. sansthaan ke mukhya adhishaasi mahaanideshak hain, jo shaasi parishd ke sadasya sachiv bhi hein.
sigaar sookhe aur kinvit tambaakoo ko kas kar bandal kar banaaya jaata hai jisse tambaakoo ko prajvalit kar uske dhuen ko munh tak kheencha ja sakta hai. aam taur par dhuen ka uchch kshaareeya tatv saans ke jariye andar naheen kheencha jaata kyonki vah jald hi shvaasanali aur fefadon ke liye pareshaani ka sabab ho sakta hai. iske bajaay aam taur par ve munh mein lete hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein] sigaar peene ka prachalan sthaan, aitihaasik kaal, sarvekshan ka aadhaar banaayi gayi aabaadi aur sarvekshan ke aakalan ki apanaayi gayi paddhati par nirbhar karta hai. sanyukt raajya America ab tak sheersh upabhokta desh hai, uske baad Germany aur United Kingdom hai, duniya bhar mein sigaar ki bikri ka yogadaan 75% America aur pashchimi Europe mein hai.[42] 2005 mein 4.3% purush aur 0.3% mahilaaon ke sigaar peene ka anumaan hai.[43]
Parakala was appointed to the NSUI central committee as All India Vice President in 1984. It was almost like a token of appreciation by the Congress High Command of his performance as President of the JNU unit and his contribution to the establishment of the organisation in the citadel of left wing student politics. As an office bearer of the central committee of NSUI, he toured several states and universities to organise the activities of the students' wing of the Congress Party. He took up a massive campaign against drug abuse in the university campuses all over the country. With his departure for United Kingdom in October 1986 to pursue his higher studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), there was a break to his political activity. On his return to India in May 1991 he resumed political activity in his native place Narasapuram in West Godavari District. Tragic political events in the country resulted in dramatic political developments. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in the midst of the election campaign and P V Narasimha Rao was elected to lead the Congress Party. After the elections, Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister at the head of a minority government. Parakala family was closely associated with P V Narasimha Rao for a long time, Parakala Seshavataram, Prabhakar's father, being a close political associate of Rao. Narasimha Rao assigned the task of conceiving, designing and building a grand institution to perpetuate the memory of Rajiv Gandhi. He made Parakala as Officer on Special Duty to oversee the implementation of the project 'Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD). It is conceived as an institution to train the youth of India and impart to them skills that are necessary to them to play a vital role in building a modern nation in the 21st century, a theme that was dear to the heart of Rajiv Gandhi. Parakala went around the country to study various institutions, their constitutions, structures, course content etc., and designed the Institute which is functional now under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Around this time Parakala was nominated by the Congress High Command to represent the Congress Party at the French Communist Party's Plenary in Paris.
poore Europe mein aur vishesh roop se peris mein (pranaali RATP dvaara 1995 mein shuroo ki gayi), lion, bordo, grenobal, nainsi aur maarsile France mein, poore purtagaali raajamaarg vyavastha mein aur kai purtagaali saarvajanik car park mein, Milan, turin, Italy mein nepals aur floreins aur Belgium mein brasels, kailipso antararaashtreeya maanak ke anuroop RFID paas ka saarvajanik parivhan pranaali ke liye upayog kiya jaata hai. unka upayog ab Canada (mauntriyl), maiksiko, isaraail, Columbia mein bogota aur parera, naarve mein stavaangar, laksamabarg, aadi mein bhi kiya jaata hai.
In 2006 Parakala contested the for the Graduates constituency of East and West Godavari Districts of the newly constituted Legislative Council of the state. He polled about 12,000 first preference votes but narrowly missed to make it to the second round in the single transferable preferential voting system. That was the fourth electoral defeat of Parakala. That election also led to Parakala breaking away from BJP. Parakala claimed that there was an informal understanding between him and the party leadership that he would contest as an independent candidate as the election was not fought on party symbols. This was a tactical move necessary to attract voters who were antagonistic to BJP among the educated sections. He claimed that the party reneged on the agreement and put up an official candidate. Parakala resigned from BJP and went ahead with the campaign. In the event the official BJP candidate did not poll more than 200 votes while Parakala polled over 12,000 first preference votes.

Canada mein cigarette par karon ne jyaada mahange braandon ki keematein CAD$10 se bhi jyaada badha di hai.[krupaya uddharan jodein]United Kingdom mein 20 cigarette ke packet ki keemat £a4.25 aur £a5.50 ke beech hai jo khareede gaye brand aur is par nirbhar karta hai ki vah kahaan se khareedi gayi hai.[90] Britain mein cigarette ka kaala baajaar bahut majboot hai jiska kaaran uchch karaadhaan hai aur yeh anumaan hai ki cigarette ka 27% aur 68% haath se lapetne waali (handrolling) tambaakoo ki khapat Britain kar ka gair-bhugataan (NUKDP) waali hai.[91]

Parakala took his Ph.D from renowned London School of Economics. He submitted a thesis "Security Doctrines and Foreign Policy Behaviour: A Study of Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia". He worked for his thesis in the International Relations Department under the supervision of Dr Christopher Coker. Before joining the LSE, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University (School of International Studies) for his MA and MPhil degrees. He did his graduation from Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. First year of his Intermediate was from Hyderabad and for the second year of the course he went back to his native town Narasapuram. In Hyderabad he attended Nampally Junior College and in Narasapuram he went to Sri YN College. His schooling was also in two places. His primary and secondary education was in Narasapuram. He went to Lakshminarasamamba Municipal school for his primary education. He went to Mission High School for his High School. He did his tenth partly in Narasapuram and partly in Peoples' High School in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.

praarambhik ekeekrut paripth ek aanandadaayak sanyog the. unhein paise bachaane ke liye nirmit naheen kiya gaya tha, balki vajan bachaane ke liye aur Apollo gaaideins computer ko ek antariksh yaan ko ek inarshial gaaideins system ko niyantrit karne ki anumati dene ke liye banaaya gaya tha. pehla ekeekrut paripth laujik gate ki keemat kareeb $50 thi (1960 dollar mein, jab ek engineer $10,000/varsh kamaata tha). sabhi ko aashcharyachakit karte hue, jab sarkit ka thok mein utpaadan hone laga to ve digital laujik nirmaan ki sabse sasti vidhi ban gaye. is praudyogiki mein sudhaar ne laagat mein sabhi baad ke sudhaaron ko prerit kiya.

After four consequent electoral defeats, Parakala withdrew from the electoral arena. He concentrated on public discourse through the current affairs programmes on television and his profession as a policy analyst. But in 2008 some like minded people approached Parakala with an intention to start a new alternative political platform. Popular matinee idol Chiramjivi was to be the face of the party. Parakala lent his support to the idea and worked to establish the party. He was one of the signatories to the application for the registration of the Political Party 'Prajarajyam' and one of its founding General Secretaries and spokespersons. But the experimented turned out to be another disappointment for Parakala. He found that there was no clear agenda and party tickets were given in exchange of money. Several local leaders openly hurled accusations at the party leadership. Parakala held a press conference at the party headquarters and launched a scathing attack on the party leadership for betraying the ideals for which the new platform was to stand for. Terming the party as Poisonous Ivy (Vishavruksham), he announced his resignation. That address to the press was telecast live and thousands viewed it across the state. That spelt the doom for the party. A party that was hoping to have an impressive performance ended up with securing just 18 seats with the charismatic Chiramjivi himself losing one of the two seats he contested from his native place. Many people still question the moral and ethical basis of Parakala holding a press conference at the party headquarters to criticise the party and its leadership. Opinion is still bitterly divided on this. The Prajarajyam seems to have put an end to the party and electoral political career of Parakala.
kuchh deshon mein bhi tambaakoo utpaadon ki paikejing par kaanooni aavashyakataaon ko laagoo kiya. udaaharan ke liye Europeeya sangh ke deshon Turkey, Australia[96] aur dakshin Africa mein cigarette ke packet par pramukhata ke saath dhoomrapaan ke kaaran svaasthya ke saath jude jokhim ke ullekh ka lebal anivaarya hai.[97] Canada, Australia, Thailand, aaisalaind aur Brazil mein bhi cigarette ke packet par dhoomrapaan ke prabhaav ki chetaavani ke lebal ki anivaaryata laagoo ki hai aur usamein dhoomrapaan ka svaasthya par padne vaale prabhaavon ke rekhaachitr ko bhi shaamil kiya hai. Canada mein cigarette ke packet mein card bhi daala jaata hai. ve solah hain aur unamein se keval ek packet mein aata hai. unamein dhoomrapaan chhodne ki vibhinn vidhiyon ko samajhaaya gaya hai. iske alaava United Kingdom mein kai graafik NHSvijnyaaapan hain, ek mein dikhaaya gaya hai ki cigarette mein vasaayukt jamaav bhara hota hai aur yeh ek cigarette dhoomrapaan karne vaale ki dhamani ka prateek hai.
parirkshan, fir ek prayukt ki ja rahi freekveinsi ka kaarya hai. lo frikvesnsi LowFID taig, jaise jo manushya aur paalatoo jaanvaron ke liye pratyaaropan yogya upakaranon mein istemaal hote hain, parirkshan ke prati apekshaakrut pratirodhi hain, haalaanki mote dhaatu ki panni adhikaansh pathan ko rokegi. haai freekveinsi HighFID taig (13.56 MHz - smart card aur abhigm baij) parirkshan ke prati samvedansheel hain aur jab ye kisi dhaatu ki satah ke kuchh seinteemeetar ke andar hote hain to inhein padhna mushkil hota hai. UHF Ultra-HighFID taig (pailet aur dibbe) ko padhna kathin hai jab unhein kisi dhaatu ki satah ke kuchh meeleemeetar ke bheetar rakha jaae, haalaanki unki pathan seema vaastav mein badh jaati hai jab unhein kisi dhaatu se 2–4 cm par rakha jaata hai aur iska kaaran hai taig par pratibinbit tarang aur insideint tarang ka sakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran. UHFID taig ko sthaitik-virodhi plastic bag ke andar rakh kar adhikaansh pathan se safalataapoorvak parirkshit kiya ja sakta hai.[sandigdh – charcha karein]
digital bhangasheelata ko ek digital pranaali ke roopaankan dvaara majabooti ke liye kam kiya ja sakta hai. udaaharan ke liye ek pairiti bit ya anya truti prabandhan paddhati ko signal path mein daala ja sakta hai. yeh paddhati system ko, truti ka pata lagaane mein madad karti hai aur ya to trutiyon ko sahi karti hai ya fir kam se kam deta ki ek nai pratilipi ke liye poochhati hai. ek state machine mein state traanjishn laujik ka aprayukt state ko pakadne aur ek reeset anukram trigr ya anya niyamit truti vasooli ke liye design kiya ja sakta hai.
↑ Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus; Reichel, William Cornelius (June 1971) [1876] (PDF), History, manners, and customs of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighbouring states, The Historical society of Pennsylvania, pa॰ 149, aai॰aऍsa॰abee॰aऍna॰ 978-0405028533,, abhigman tithi: 2009-03-22
shalya chikitsa, yahaan tak ki ek chhote paimaane par bhi, apne jokhim saath laati hai. RFID chip pratyaaropan bhi koi apavaad naheen hai. "yoojing radio freekveinsi aaidenteefikeshan (RFID) teknolaaji in hyumans in the United states for total control,"[12] ke lekhak David bi smith ke anusaar, smith svaasthya jokhimon ka udaaharan dete hain jaise "... pratikool ootak pratikriya, pratyaaropit traansapondar ka pravaas, samjhauta soochana suraksha, pratyaaropit traansapondar ki vifalta, pratyaaropan ki vifalta, electronic skainar ki vifalta, vidyut chumbakeeya hastakshep bijli ke khatre, chunbakeeya anunaad imejing asangati aur needal stick"(38). is tarah ke jokhim kisi ko bhi ho sakte hain.
laujik gate ke haaidrolik, vaayaveeya aur yaantrik sanskaran maujood hain aur aisi sthitiyon mein istemaal kiye jaate hain jahaan bijli ka upayog naheen kiya ja sakta. pehle do prakaar ko fludeeks ke tahat maana jaata hai. fludeek laujik ka ek prayog, sainya haardaveyar mein hai jiske ek vidyut chumbakeeya pals mein ujaagar hone ki sambhaavana hai (parmaanu EMP, ya NEMP) jo bijli ke sarkit ko nasht karta hai.
nirpeksh sankhya mein duniya bhar mein, RFID sanyukt raajya America mein sabse adhik istemaal kiya jaata hai (apne 300 million nivaasiyon ke saath), jiske baad United Kingdom aur Japan ka sthaan hai. anumaan hai ki duniya bhar mein 30 million se adhik pustakaalaya saamagriyon par ab RFID taig laga hai jismein rom mein Vatican laaibreri mein kuchh shaamil hain.[29]
san 2000 mein 1.22 log dhoomrapaan karte the. prachalan mein parivartan ka koi anumaan na lagaate hue yeh bhavishyavaani ki gayi hai ki 2010 mein 1.45 billion log aur 2025 mein 1.5 se 1.9 billion log dhoomrapaan kareinge. maan lein ki prasaar ek saal mein 1% kam hota hai aur aay mein 2% ki maamooli vruddhi hoti hai to dhoomrapaan karne vaalon ki sankhya 2010 aur 2025 mein anumaanit 1.3 billion hogi.[13]
hamesha ki tarah ek tulyakaalik anukramik state machine ko ek sanyojan laujik mein vibhaajit karke laagoo karne ka vyaavahaarik tareeka hota hai aur flip flop ke set ko "state rajistar" kaha jaata hai. har baar ek ghadi tik tik ki signal deti hai aur state rajistar sanyojan laujik ke pichhle state se utpann pratikriya par kabja kar leti hai aur state machine ke sanyojan bhaag mein aparivrtineeya input ke roop mein fir se ise daal deti hai. sanyojan laujik mein samay ke khapat vaale adhikaansh laujik aakalan dvaara ghadi ki sabse tej dar set hoti hai.
uber (aur “uber ____” hone ke aadhaar par banaaya gaya staartaps ke parinaamasvaroop paagalapan) jaise braandon ke lie dhanyavaad, logon ko phon eplikeshan ke maadhyam se maang par sab kuchh karane ke lie upayog kiya ja raha hai 2017 mein, mujhe ummeed hai ki yah dekhane ke lie ki yah aage bhee vikasit ho. hamaare paas savaaree, bhojan vitaran, aur yahaan tak ​​ki ek ke lie hamaare paas upalabdh hajaaron aip hain
↑ Null, Linda; Lobur, Julia (2006). The essentials of computer organization and architecture. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. pa॰ 121. aai॰aऍsa॰abee॰aऍna॰ 0763737696. "We can build logic diagrams (which in turn lead to digital circuits) for any Boolean expression..."
After the Iranian Revolution, Pakravan was among the first of the Shah's officials to be executed. He was not allowed to have access to a lawyer and the charges filed against him were vague. Given the fact that he was retired at the time of the revolution, his execution seemed all the more unjust. Pakravan was a key player in convincing the Shah to commute the death sentence on Khomeini in 1963 and instead sending him to exile. Khomeini was first sent to Turkey, and then to Iraq, where he stayed until his expulsion and relocation to France in 1978.
cigarette se utpann ek paroksh saarvajanik svaasthya samasya durghatanaavash lagne waali aag hai, jo aamtaur par sharaab ke sevan ke saath judi hai. cigarette ki kai dijaainein prastaavit hain, kuchh swayam tambaakoo companiyon, jo cigarette ke ek ya do minute tak istemaal na kiye jaane par bujhaane se judi hain, taaki aag lagne ka jokhim kam ho jaaye. ameriki tambaakoo companiyon ke alaava kuchh ne is vichaar ka virodh kiya hai, jabki anya ne ise apnaaya hai. aaraje renolds 1983 mein in sigreton ke prototaaip banaane ke netrutvakarta the[99] aur ameriki baajaar ke sabhi sigreton ko 2010 tak aag se surakshit bana diya jaayega.[100] Phillip mauris iske sakriya samarthan mein naheen hai.[101] desh ki teesari sabse badi tambaakoo company lorillaard (Lorillard) asamanjas mein lagti hai.[101]
gharelu svaasthya dhokhaadhadi ka mukaabala karne ke liye, Medicare end Medicaid sarvises ne haal hi mein gharelu svaasthya dekhbhaal udyog ki jaanch karne ki ghoshana ki. March 2009 mein, New York mein ek tikaaoo chikitsa upakaran aapoortikrta, eleet medical saplaai, chikitsa dhokhaadhadi se ladne ke liye hastaakshar karne vaalon mein pratham tha. unhonne is prakriya ko aage badhaane ke liye CYBRA ke EdgeMagic RFID aur baar code software ka chayan kiya. [11]
bahirmukhata ek aisi visheshata hai jo jyaadaatar dhoomrapaan se judi hai aur dhoomrapaan karne vaale milnasaar, aavegi, jokhim uthaane vaale aur uttejana ki chaahate rakhane vaale vyakti hote hain.[65] haalaanki vyaktitv aur saamaajik kaarak logon ko dhoomrapaan ke liye prerit kar karte hain, vaastavik aadat prabhaav daalne ki anukoolata ki kriya hai. praarambhik charan ke dauraan dhoomrapaan sukhad anubhootiyaan pradaan karta hai (iske dopaamaain-dopamine pranaali par prabhaav ke kaaran) aur is tarah sakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran ke ek srot ke roop mein kaarya karta hai. ek vyakti dvaara kai varshon tak dhoomrapaan karne ke pashchaat parihaar ke lakshan aur nakaaraatmak sudrudheekaran pramukh utprerak ho jaate hain.[krupaya uddharan jodein]
ekeekrut paripthon ki vruddhi ke saath, prayukt chips ki nirpeksh sankhya ko kam karne se laagat bachaane ka ek aur tareeka pesh hua. ek designer ka lakshya sirf aasaan sarkit banaana naheen hai, balki ghatak ki ginti kam rakhana hai. kabhi-kabhi yeh antarnihit digital laujik ke sambandh mein thode adhik jatil dijaain mein parint hota hai, lekin fir bhi ghatakon ki sankhya, board aakaar aur yahaan tak ki bijli ki khapat ko kam kar deta hai.
prativedan ke liye engineer digital system ke prakaaron par vichaar karte hain. adhikaansh digital system "sanyojan system" aur "anukramik system" mein vibhaajit ho jaate hain. sanyojan pranaali mein hamesha jo input diya jaata hai vahi aautaput vah deta hai. yeh mool roop se laujik prakriya ke set ka pratinidhitv karta hai aur jiski charcha pehle hi ki ja chuki hai.